Bio Rhythmic Chart

Our efficiency, intelligence, health do not not remain stable because of the biochemical reactions undergoes in our body. One day we feel we are at the top, ready to win the whole world while another day we may feel so much weak that we wish to confine ourselves in a closed room. It is clear from astrology that our finance, health and emotions vary low and high in a particular span of time. The cycle time is 23 days for health, 28 days for emotions and 33 days for finance. This cycle is Bio Rhythmic Cycle.

The rise fall of the three cycles namely health, finance and emotions for the next month are shown in a chart called Bio Rhythmic Chart.

This chart consists of three curves of different colors each for your health finance and emotions.  The green curve is for health, red for emotions and blue for finance. The span of the three curves is different as the cycle period of these three categories is different. The graphs starts from the current date and the curves are shown for the next one month. The user can recognize the low and high dates from the curves itself but for the ready reference we have provided the dates on which the value is high or low in all the three categories. Users can take help of these Bio Rhythmic Cycles in monitoring their health and finance.

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Please be patient as it may take some time to download the graph containing your Bio Rhythmic Chart. if you cannot view chart please install java virtual machine component.

Bio Rhythmic Chart

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