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Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 for Pig


The Pig is the 12th Sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Pig is in general faithful in friendship stylish, perfectionist and hard working. It is tolerant and appreciated by its friends for kindness and generous behaviour. Pig being passionate, care and seductive and has big heart which attracts faithful friends as well as those who want to enjoy his benevolence with impunity. However pigs lack self-confidence therefore it often needs love and affection.

Love, Romance & Marriage

Regarding love everything is fine for the pig in this Pig Year 2019 of the Chinese Calendar whether it be a single Pig or a couple. There are good prospects for love for the Pigs. However the conducive atmosphere for dating may face some trouble to the Pigs who are already in a relationship. The single Pigs may probably need more time to find the soul mate. You need extra courage and creativity to show your sense of humour and cordial attitude to the potential companion. You may find the prospective soul mate during any outdoor social event. If you are already in love you need to prioritize your love relationship first.

Work and Social Life

This year the Pigs will not care much about career development because the Pigs will remain busy in discussing new ideas with the partner about the romantic trips to any hill station or abroad tour. Those Pigs who are looking for a job may face struggle due to stiff competitions by the similar counter parts. The social activities may have substantial increase during the year. You will be busy meeting your old friends and siblings.

Career & Competitive Exam

In this year you won't try to change your job because you are enjoying the current position and work environment there. Although you may have career opportunities but you won't have too much career changes in near future. If you are tired with work load then you can except help and support from your co-workers or some elderly person may guide you to make your job easier. The students will not be able to concentrate full on their studies and hence there are least chances that they will complete in any good exam.

Travel and Transfer

Pleasant family trio is on the cart as a reward of commendable job performed at work place last year. Such joyous travels will certainly is out the tensions of extreme work load in the office. Spouse and kids will also feel the association of every individual of the family in the togetherness of the trip leading to strong bonding amongst the family members.

Good Luck and Well-Being for the Pig in 2019

During the year you will not get significant money making opportunity. You need extra effort and time to make extra money. You are required to invest money carefully because a slight carelessness may give you heavy financial losses and great setbacks.

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