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Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 for Ox


Ox occupies the 2nd position amongst the Chinese Zodiac Animals. Ox likes domesticity and is much attached to his family and likes to follow traditional values. Ox is extremely hardworking and persevering but jealous also. The year 2019 may bring few small jolts in his personal life. However, he will be able to manage and demonstrate his resilience and determination throughout the year of the Pig. Many new opportunities will come in the life of the Ox and he will be able to grave the opportunities with both hands. The Ox will be able to initiate many projects. Though, his efforts may not yield fruit immediately but ultimately it will fruitful towards the end of the year 2019.

Love, Romance & Marriage

If you are single then it is good time to look for ideal companion during this year of Pig. If you are eager for a love relationship, you must attend more social activities because it is only social circles where you can find your soulmate. If you are already in love then you will have a sweet love relationship. You may even think for engagement or marriage. If you are already married your relationship will be blessed with harmony and romanticism.

Work and Social Life

This year the Ox must recognised his main professional activities. He may also confront with the positive or negative consequences of past decisions which he must accept without flinching. Since Ox is valorous and courageous endowed with great fighting spirit, he will be able to confront and defuse the various conspiracies that gradually, discreetly find by jealousy and ambient mediocrity developed in the office by the fellow colleagues. In social circle the Ox will be able to maintain harmonious relationships and will be liked by the people in group. During the year you will be involved in more social events with your relatives, colleagues or classmates.

Career & Competitive Exam

The Year is going to prove rich and interesting time for the Ox. However, the Ox must think several times before starting a new project this year. The students may feel limitation during the year and a result of this may have the feeling of frustration. The scope for them during this year to crack any competitive exam is meager.

Travel and Transfer

Since this year is going to give you several career and wealth opportunities, you may have promotion in the job coupled with transfer and good perks. You will be more proactive about your job and will take the travel as an opportunity for growth in career perspective. You may also plan a trip with your family including your parents to any worth seeing place.

Luck and Well-Being For The Ox In 2019

Your productivity will increase substantially due to your vigorous, energetic and earnest spirit resulting in the increase of profit. During the year you will get unlimited money making opportunities.

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