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Akshay Tritiya Pujan Vidhi and Shubh Muhurat

5/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

The auspicious festival of Akshaya Tritiya comes with a 24-hour window of powerful Yogas and combinations which promise never-ending wealth and prosperity! The day that promises wealth and fortune, Akshaya Tritiya boasts of 6 powerful Wealth Yogas that hold the power to fulfil any and every wish that one has. The everlasting fortunes due to the divine and mystical combinations with the grace of Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi. In the ancient texts, this day has also been commemorated for the brilliant things that happened; Lord Kuber was made the Treasurer in Heaven, Goddess Parvati took the form of Annapurna Devi to bless the entire universe with abundant food & grains.

Akshay Tritiya 2019 will be celebrated on the 7th of May 2019. The date of Akshaya Tritiya in 2019 will mark the occurrence of the ‘sarva siddhi Yoga’ as well- which is believed to be the most auspicious yoga to perform any good deed without even the Muhurat. As per the Hindu Calendars, Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be a propitious Muhurat for any good deed- be it purchasing land, gold, or even tying the knot. On this day Sun and Moon are exalted for some time, thus no special puja is required to start something new on this day!

The word ‘Akshaya’ means which cannot be finished or which cannot end, the word Tritiya means the third lunar day. So things started on this day cannot be destroyed and will only aid in adding up to your fortune earned. This s the reason why people purchase land, vehicles, gold, jewellery on this day.

It is believed to be a favourable day to start a new venture, buy something significant, and most importantly, the best day or muhurta to get married. So, as per Vedic Astrologers, it is prescribed to get married under this auspicious time, where there isn’t any need of muhurats or hawan.

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Akshay Tritiya is considered to be an auspicious day to buy gold and jewellery. There is a story behind every Hindu festival. So, Akshay tritiya also has a religious significance behind it.

Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya means "eternal" and Tritiya stands for the "third day". This day falls on the third day of the bright lunar fortnight of the Hindu month of Vaishakh, thus giving substance to its name. It is believed that karma like holy rites, rituals and any other form charity activities brings eternal grace, bliss and prosperity.

Why is Akshaya Tritiya celebrated?

The chronicles of Hindu Mythology witnessed the story behind the celebration of the festival of Akshaya Tritiya. It is said that the God of wealth and the treasurer of all deities, Kubera, prayed to Goddess Lakshmi on this special day, and was granted the gift of perpetual wealth and prosperity. That is why, this day is so auspicious for starting new ventures, buying new property or gold, or getting married, as it assures prosperity and benefits.

As per the ancient scriptures, the holy river Ganges descended from heaven on earth on this day. The followers of Lord Krishan practice fast on this day. Lord Krishna’s childhood friend Sudama, visited Dwarka to him and offered him a humble gift of poha (rice flakes). Therefore, Vaishnavas (worshippers of Lord Vishnu) fast throughout the day and open their fasts with rice.

Why is Akshay Tritiya considered an auspicious day for Hindus?

As per ancient Hindu Scriptures, Goddess Madhuri got married to Lord Sundaesa (incarnation of Lord Shiva) on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. This holy matrimonial garnered the day the status of being propitious for all things good. Those who get married on this day get immense happiness, prosperity, love and passion in their married life. Akshaya Tritiya always sees an unprecedented rush in the number of marriages taking place in the country. In India, Akshay Tritiya is on the top of the booking list days for wedding vendors during the wedding season. It is believed that even the couples with mismatched horoscopes can get rid of all the negativity by getting married on Akshaya Tritiya. In many states, mass community marriages are held to the help grooms and brides to have a perfect decent wedding in the auspicious Akshay Tritiya day to attain the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Akshaya Tritiya is the festival, which is considered as a Golden Day for Hindus and Jains. This festival is celebrated mainly in the Hindu and Jain households, therefore not considered as a public holiday nor is celebrated anywhere else in the world.

Importance of buying Gold on Akshaya Tritiya

The most important part of this day is to buy gold, it is also known as the golden day wherein purchasing the yellow precious metal would enhance your luck and bring affluence in your life.. Buying gold on this day brings golden fortune for buyers. Akshaya Tritiya is the day when the great God of Wisdom, Lord Ganesha, started writing the epic, "Mahabharata".

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat 2019

05:40 to 12:18

Duration of Akshaya Tritiya Muhurat: 6 hours 37 minutes

Auspicious Time to Buy Gold on Akshaya Tritiya (Akha Teej)

Akshaya Tritiya Tithi Begins7th May 2019Starts at 3:17 AM
Akshaya Tritiya8th May 2019Ends at 2:07 PM

Akshay Tritiya Puja Vidhi

  • You can offer your prayers to Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi or Kuber to bring luck and affluence in life with the blessings of the Goddess of wealth.
  • Use a wooden platform and lay down a yellow or red coloured cloth over it.
  • Now carefully place an idol of Lakshmi and Narayan or Lakshmi and Kubera on the platform. Make sure Lakshmi is to be placed on Vishnu’s left and to the right of Lord Kubera. In case you do not have the idols of the deities, you can also use images.
  • Light an earthen, brass, or silver lamp with ghee or oil and a few incense sticks.
  • Invoke the God and the Goddess to accept your offerings and prayers. Ask the supreme power to accept your humble offering and welcome them inside your home & heart.
  • Apply Haldi (turmeric), Kumkum (vermillion), and Chandan(sandalwood) and put Akshat on the image of the deity.
  • Offer banana, coconut, paan supari, sweets and water to the Gods.
  • Meditate for a while and then seek the blessings of the divinity.
  • Now perform the Aarti by ringing the bell and conclude the puja by asking the Lord to forgive all your sins and bless you with abundance in life.



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