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Durgashtami & Ram Navami 2018

3/21/2018 12:00:00 AM
Durga Ashtami

Durgashtami Muhurat

Durgashtami24th March 2018Starts at 09:06 AM
Durgashtami25th March 2018Ends at 07:02 AM

Determination of Date

Durgashtami is celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Ashtami connected with Navami covering atleast three muhurtas. If Ashtami falling on two days covers or does not cover three muhurtas then it is celebrated on first day only.

Ram Navami Muhurat

Ram Navami25th March 2018Starts at 07:02 AM
Ram Navami26th March 2018Ends at 05:54 AM

Determination of Date

In Ayodhya Ramnavami is celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Navami falling during Noon (madhyahan). If Chaitra Shukla Navami gets extended to two days and falls or does not fall during Madhyahana then it is celebrated on second day.

Durgashtami is on 24th and Navami is on 25th but the fast shall be observed on 24th whereas Durgashtami Festival shall be celebrated on 25th because on that day Ashtami is falling at Sun rise. Kanjak Pujan (Kanya Pujan) can be done on 24th as well as 25th as per 12th Chapter of Durgasaptashti. If somebody is doing Durgasaptashti Chandi Anushthaan then this year ideally the Havan should be performed on the night of 24th so that the Kanjak Pujan can be scheduled for 25th morning.

Those who wish to do simple Puja should perform Durgashtami and Navami Pujan on 25th March only as Durgashtami fast shall continue till the morning of 25th therefore fast opening Puja & Kanjak Pujan both can be performed on 25th in that way Ashtami and Navami both can be celebrated on 25th although Ashtami fast shall start from 24th March.



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