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Remedial Reports

Let’s get one thing absolutely straight: "Problems are inevitable, but what you do about them, is a choice that you have to exercise"!

What does Remedies in Astrology mean & Why do I need them?

Based on one’s Personal Astrology Report, his/her horoscope is carefully analyzed for finding out the possible astrological remedies that the native could go for, in order to minimize or nullify the problems that are seen in his/her life. While some problems are minor and its likely that the native will not even notice, let alone getting bothered by them but some problems are so devastatingly severe and are capable of making the life of the native: a living hell,, unless brought to the native’s attention through an astrology report for doing timely remedies.

Future Point does not mean any disrespect to anyone in anyway, but generally people do not take the remedial aspect of Vedic Astrology or Ancient Indian Astrology seriously until they are struck with the multiple lightnings of problems arising at a particular time as per their Natal Horoscope. There are a number of problems or flaws or "Doshas" that might be present in your horoscope (Kundli) which, if not treated by an astrological remedy, are capable of bringing a barrage of bad luck to your life such as: Kaal Sarp Dosha or Kaal Sarp Yog (Unending Badluck), Manglik Dosh or Mangal Dosha (Bad for marriage), Pitra Dosh (Curse of the Ancestors) and many more of such unfortunate formations that can be seen in your Astrology Life Report and only an able astrologer can guide in a direction where, by incorporating specific remedial measures, you can transcend those problems in your life.

So the question is only this: What have you chosen for yourself? Getting beaten down to your knees by some troubled past karmic structure OR Bringing the sensible infusion of the remedial aspect of a divine science, called: Astrology? The choice is only & only yours. And even if you are ready to bear the unnecessary brunt of destiny for yourself, atleast be a responsible parent and get a Child Astrology Report for your little ones and make timely efforts to perform astrological remedies that can be done to make their lives free of friction.

So is there some light at the end of this dark tunnel of problems, sufferings and struggles? Well, the answer is: Absolutely Yes! But we at Future Point, ask you: "Why wait for problems to arise first, and then go for their remedies?"

It does not make any sense to wait for problems. Sure, for the problems that are already there, we do not have any option but go for astrological remedies at the earliest. But for those that are yet to come in our lives: "Buckle Up and hurry! Why are you waiting for them to strike?"

Now, since we have spoken so much about the importance of remedies, let’s look at a few types of remedies that an aware & smart individual can do by consulting Future Point:

Astrological Gemstones:

One can know about what are the suitable gemstones for him/her by getting a Gemstone Recommendation Report.


Incredibly powerful blessing of Lord Shiva that should be used as per one’s affinity to a particular type from the many that exist. To know about the features of Rudrakshas: Rudrakshas Report


Divine Geometrical forms that ward off negativity and create a powerful ambience that attracts success and prosperity.


Specific Divine Celestial Chants as per the problem.

Vastu Remedies:

Architectural setting of one’s home that aligns it with the Cosmic Geometry.


Spiritual Rituals for achieving a goal.

And many more as per the specific nature of problems seen in an individual’s horoscope. So we at Future Point, invite to take this meaningful step in your life and give us an opportunity to guide you in this endeavour. Whether its an Online Astrology Prediction that you want to start with or its a Gemstone Recommendation Online that you want, whatever your needs are, our highly experienced and professional astrologers are there for you!

Give us a chance to serve you in this divine goal of bringing health, wealth and success to all.

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