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Festival time is approaching now

Dear member,

Festival time is approaching now. This month Shradh Karma will be observed in the first half of it and Navratras will be celebrated in the second half.

There are so many questions in the mind of new generation for Shradh Karmas or Shradh. This time this will be observed from 4th September to 18th September 2009. Shradh is performed every year on the anniversary of the death of the person as per the Hindu Calendar (Panchang). Shraddh is the name of the ceremonies performed by relatives to help the departed soul. Shraddh is a Pitri-Yajna or worship of departed ancestors.

Shraddh must be performed with faith, devotion and reverence. The son who does not perform Shraddh and Tarpan is an ungrateful son. The sacred scriptures declare: "He who does not perform Shraddh will lead a miserable life and suffer from poverty". The ceremonies performed during Pitr-Paksha have very special effects. According to a legend, the offerings of libations of water-tarpan, arghya etc. to the departed reach the Pitris immediately, due to a boon from Lord Yama (the God of death).

It is believed that during this period “Pitra” ancestors from previous life times are able to approach the earth planet and their descendant. They feed on the willing offerings made to them by descendant or else they take good fortune energies from their unwilling or ignorant descendants. Hence it is advised that to help themselves, descendants should perform Shradh Karmas during this fortnight.

Shradh offers can be made to ancestors through a Brahmin. This is done on the same tithi when the ancestor had expired. If it is not known then it is performed on the last day i.e. Amavasya, which is falling on 18th September 2009. It is believed that these offerings will not only give relief to the ancestor but also bring additional positive benefit to the descendant.

After this comes the Navratras. This is the festival of nine  days dedicated to the worship of 9 forms of The Divine Mother Goddess Durga. This festival is celebrated in each Hindu family. This time Navratras will be celebrated from 19th September to 27th September 2009. These are considered to be very auspicious days for all Hindus. The Shrimad-devi Bhagwat and Shri Durgasaptshati mentions the significance of puja done during the Navratri. Devi Mahaatmya and other texts invoking Goddess Durga are cited during this period of nine days.

According to Surya Puraan, if a person worships Goddess during this period then he is blessed with virtues of all kinds and all his sins are forgiven.

During Navaratri, we invoke the energy aspect of God in the form of universal mother Maa Durga, which literally means the remover of miseries of life. Maiya is also known as Shakti as she is the source of all energies in the world. It is this energy, which helps God to proceed with the work of creation, preservation and destruction.

Durga or the destructive aspect of the divine mother is worshipped during the first three nights. On the succeeding three nights, her protective aspect of Lakshmi and on the last three nights, her knowledge aspect or Saraswati are worshipped. The significance of this order is that first durga destroys all the evil propensities lurking in the minds of her devotees; then lakshmi implants divine qualities in the devotees' minds and finally saraswati bestows true knowledge to her devotees. The tenth day known as Vijaya Dasami, commemorates the victory of knowledge over ignorance of goodness over evil.

Lot of people observe fast these days and recite Navchandi Path. Do daily pooja and recitation of any Durga Mantra brings great relief and prosperity to the native. If it is not possible to do any thing at least light a Deepak in the home temple and recite one mantra which is easier for you. Goddess Durga eradicates poverty, sorrow, bad luck, obstacles, diseases and enemies. Some of the mantras are being given here.
  • “Om Hreeng Dung Durgaayai Namah”

    Mantra should be recited for acquiring salvation and to get success in all areas of life. This Mantra helps one in attaining all types of Siddhis. Recitation of this Mantra can make one powerful and landlord too. In addition to that it is good for acquiring eloquence, male offspring, victory over enemies and destruction of diseases and for getting all sorts of pleasures in one's life. It is considered most effective and secret Mantra.

  • “Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundaayai Viche”

    This is Navaran Mantra and is very popular Mantra of Goddess. Recitation of this Mantra is essential in performing worshipping ceremonies of Goddess. Before performing Durgasaptashatichandimahayagya it is essential to recite this Mantra. By reciting this Mantra one gets intelligence, beauty and prosperity. It helps in the realisation of self.

  • Mantra for getting suitable husband

    "He Gauri Shankarardhangi! Yatha Tvam Shankarpriya Tatha maam Kuru Kalyani! Kantkaantam Sudurlabhaam"

  • Mantra for wealth

    "Durge Smrita Harasi Bhitimshesh jantoh Swasthaih Smritamati Mateev Shubhaam Dadasi Daridray Duhkh Bhayaharini ka Twadanya Sarvopakarkaranay Sadadrachitta

  • Mantra for welfare

    "Sarv Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvarth Sadhike Sharanye Trayambke Gouri Narayani Namostute”

  • Mantra for overcoming problems

    "Sharanagat Deenart Paritranaparayane Sarvsyartihare Devi, Narayani Namostute"

  • Mantra for health and good luck

    "Dehi Saubhagyamaarogyam Dehi Me Paramam Sukham Rupam Dehi Jayam Dehi, Yasho Dehi Dwikho Jahi"
Wish you happy Durga Puja!

Abha Bansal

Future Point

Marriage Compatibility Through Palmistry

For a successful married life, the general characteristics of both the bride and the bridegroom are that they should have long life span, normal cleverness, good fortune and love towards life mate and family members. To assess these qualities, the life line, head line, the fate line and the heart line of both are to be examined.

If both have a good life line without faults, a moderate head line, a good fate line and a good heart line without faults, the married life will be happy. The heart line should be more specific than the head line in the hands of both the bride and the bridegroom. Then only they will be able to love each other.

Besides these general qualities there are some special characteristics, which are to be examined for the successful married life. These are described below:

  • For a successful married life, the main quality required is respecting the whims and fancies of the life mate and to adjust oneself to suit the occasion. To asses this quality the index finger of both is an indicator. The index finger (the finger of Jupiter) indicates ego. If it is long, one will exhibit command and will not care for other’s ideas. One will be always a master and will not follow others. So much so if both bride and bridegroom have long index fingers, one will not care for the other and chaos will prevail. So it is desirable to have a normal index finger for good married life or even a short index finger.

  • The couple should have mental peace. They should not be preoccupied with tension, suspense, hopelessness and pessimistic attitude. For assessing these qualities, the lines in the hand are to be examined. If the hands of both the bride and bridegroom contain numerous small and long lines and appear like the web of a spider, then all the above mentioned bad qualities exist for both and as such the alliance will not be successful. So the lines in the hands of both the bride and bridegroom should be limited. Then only the alliance will be fruitful.

  • The couple should follow established norms, discipline, discrimination and a methodical approach to face any event in the life. To assess this, the shape of the hand and fingers are to be examined. To have the above qualities it is desirable that both the bride and the bridegroom should have a square hand and square fingers. They should have a good thumb also. It should not be short, curved and stiff. Then their married life will go smoothly.

  • It is desirable to have a strong desire to serve others. Then the couple will lead a harmonious married life. This can be assessed by the presence of Medical stigmata on the mount of Mercury. If there are 4 or 5 short vertical lines on the mount of Mercury, then they willingly serve others. So it is a good sign for the couple to have medical stigmata in their hands.

    Love, affection, delicacy should be in normal proportions for a successful married life. These can be assessed by the little finger and the mount of Venus. For a successful married life both the bride and the bridegroom should have a long little finger and well developed mount of Venus.

  • For a successful married life neither of the two should have abnormal qualities or characteristics. To assess these qualities, there should be a good fate line in the hands of the both. The axial tri radius should be in its normal position.

  • Especially for ladies, the fate line should be examined. The behaviour of the bride can be assessed from the fate line. If the fate line starts inside the life line(that is towards thumb) or it touches the life line, then she will depend upon her father for her needs during childhood. Naturally after marriage, she will depend upon her husband and if the husband treats her with love and affection and fulfils her desires then the married life will be successful. If the fate line starts in the middle of the palm without connection to life line, she will have independent nature. She will try to be independent and she may not behave as per the whims and fancies of her husband. So there will be problems in the married life.

If the fate line starts from the mount of luna, she will have obedience, respect to others and loving nature. As such if the husband treats her with loving care, then the married life will be very happy.

If the fate line starts from the mount of luna and stops just before reaching head line, then she is most obedient and worships her husband as God and serves him well irrespective of his merits and demerits. This type of fate line for the bride makes the married life very happy.

On the other hand if there is no fate line in the hand of the bride then it will not be possible to assess her behavior and conduct. Similarly the married life of a couple will not be happy, if both do not have good fate lines. The married life will not be happy if both have faulty fate lines.

Thus marriage compatibility can be determined with the help of palmistry.

Numerology Power Of Number

Every number has a certain power based on the mysterious relations among the things and the mysteries of the nature. The man came to know this when he gave an order to the numbers as 0,1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9 and fixed a symbol for every of these numbers. Here the power of each number is given below:

0 (Zero) 


This represents the infinity. It is both Sookshma and Brihad i.e. subtle and vast. It has unending (Anant) and unlimited (Aseem) power and it is the source of origin of every thing. All the stars in the sky, mass of light, entire solar system, galaxies, reproductive power, transit of planets, their orbits are the matters of the unlinited Universe. The energy of the whole world is embeded in it. You may go on a trip around the world or the globe, you will come to the point, from where you had started. So, the zero has the unlimited power since there is every thing there in it.



Number 1 is used as a symbol of theory of positivity and dynamism. This number is used in word also that expresses the infinity and unspoken. This represents ego. It represents, soul Atmatva, self-dependence, excellence, sanctity and administration. From religion point of view, the Sun, the lord of all the planets, is thought to be the God Almighty. Therefore, this number represents God also. This denotes synthesis and integrity of the things. A man is a unit and part of life, so this number represents the man also. This has originated from Zero and represents the Sun.



Number 2 represents contrariety. So, both dynamism and idleness are there in it. This indicates both masculine and feminine. This represents both success and failure. Besides, it represents win and defeat, profit and loss, positivity and negativity and Poornima and Amavasya also.



Number 3 is a 3 dimensional number. It represents three qualities of a man-wisdom, strength and consciousness. It represents Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the protector and Mahesh, the destroyer. This represents also three members of a family-mother, father and the child. The number symbolises the soul, body and the mind. This denotes vastness. This represents planet Jupiter.



Number 4 represents reality and stability. It is a square-shaped and cubical number and represents the world. It indicates materialistic outlook, mundane trends, logic, cause and science. It signifies feeling and wisdom of a person. This is a combination of Swastik, Vidhi Chakra and the order of numbers. This signifies the difference between conciousness, wisdom, conscience, spirituality etc. Herschel/ Rahu is its planet.



Number 5 is the symbol of vastness. This represents the mutual relation of the mental faculty and decision-making capacity a person. This renders wisdom, conscience and thinking power. This symbolizes justification, seed sowing, reaping of harvest and food grains. In the mundane world, it is the symbol of reproduction, Pitritva and punishment. So, this number is like the bead of a pomegranate having many qualities in it. This is the symbol of Mercury.



Number 6 symbolizes mutual cooperation. This enables the conjugal life of a couple and indicates the reciprocal love between the two. It keeps the mutual understanding balanced. This represents world, worldly pleasure, spiritual world and spiritual pleasure. This makes the mental faculty and physical capability blossom. This shows the divine quality, to examine the mental faculty, sympathy, etc. This represents para psychology, telepathy etc. It gives capacity to cooperate, peace, harmony and quality of satisfaction. This signifies aestheticism and truth. This helps achieve goal and symbolizes the cohabitation and mutual relation between a man and a woman. Venus is its planet.



Number 7 signifies completeness. This also signifies the time, space, place and distance. By this number, one may predict weakness, senility, tolerance, steadiness and immortality. This symbolizes Saptadwip, Saptayug and seven days of a week. This signifies the seven kinds of promises, maturity of a man or a woman and different forms of sound and colours. Completeness of a man or a woman, his or her progress, wisdom, balance of mind etc. are also indicated by this number. This is the symbol of planet Neptune or Ketu.



The number of 8 signifies disintegration. It is the symbol of cycle of development and the spirituality of the nature. It symbolizes action, reaction and disintegration. It is the symbol of cycle of development and spirituality of the nature. It symbolizes action, reaction, disintegration, separation, destruction, chaos, bifurcation etc. It helps a man or a woman explore intuition in him or her, development of wisdom etc. With the help of this number, the unsteady nature of the person gets pacified but on the contrary, it inspires the mankind commit mistakes. This also causes mental distress. Saturn is its planet.



Number 9 causes reproduction. This signifies spirituality, rebirth, development of organs of senses, progress, sense of premonition and voyage. This also signifies state of dreaming, events to take place and helps listen to the sound in atmosphere. With the help of this number, one can develop vibration, sensitivity, waves and current in him. The number makes a person adept in the art of archery and bellicosity and enables him simplify the mysteries of Astrology. This is the symbol of thinking, evil spirits and mysteries and Mars as well.

Tip Of The Month (Keep The House Energy Living)

Along with keeping the crystals in the southwestern corner of the house, keep the entire house well lighted up. Make sure that not a single corner of the house remains dark. Even the store-room and the garage should be kept clean and tidy as well as lighted up.

In this way, you can bring about a magical increase in 'Feng-shui' and 'Yang', the energy of the light, of the house.

In the south-western corner of the house, keep beautiful and artistic vases made of China clay or simple clay. You can also keep pots instead of vases in this corner of the houses. These two things also strongly in crease the Chi energy of the house.

In the south-western corner of the house, keep seven kinds of clean and clear crystals. These will also magically increase the land-energy and this will help to maintain happiness, peace, unity, discipline and under standing in the family.

Do keep this in mind that the crystals should not be ugly-looking or of the kind that may prick the eyes.

  • In order to increase the Feng-shui energy of the crystals, keep them in salt-water for one week. Then take them out and wash them with Ganga water and then keep them in the open sunlight for 4-6 hours to be able to use them again. In this way, these crystals destroy all kinds of negative energy.
  • These kinds of crystals when kept in the south western corner of the house, not only increase the Positive energy of house but they also lead to the marriage of unmarried girls/boys. along with keeping the crystals in the south western corner.

Product Of the Month
Parad Durga

Parad  (Mercury, Quicksilver) has received lot of importance in vedas. Its religious importance is known to everybody. It is equally important in ayurveda and modern medical science too. Parad products like parad Shivlinga and Parad Sriyantras are made with the mixture of Silver and Mercury. It is solid. Mercury alone doesn't have the quality to be in a shape. Mixture of Silver gives Mercury the desired shape. Parad is the most auspicious metal used for the worship of God. Parad is believed to be originated from the sperms of Lord Shiva. Worship of Shivlinga destroys all sins. It is said in Brahma Purana that one who worships parad idols devotedly enjoys all worldly pleasures and at last attains supreme destination (Salvation). During life span they get glory, honour, high office, name and fame, sons, grandsons and learning. It is also considered effective for controlling various diseases like high blood pressure, asthma and increases the sex power. It is believed that parad idols give 1000 times more benefits than the puja (Worshipping ceremony) of any other idol. It is said in Shiv purana that goddess Laxmi, Lord Shiva and lord Kuber reside permanently in those people’s house who keep parad shivlinga in their house.   

Parad idols give 1000 times more benefits than the puja of idols made of other substances. Parad Durga is a miraculous idol which is considered extremely auspicious for the complete eradication of poverty, sorrow, fear, misfortunes, enemies, conspiracies, obstacles, bad dreams, influence of malefic planets, black magic, evil eye and diseases. By worshipping Parad Durga one gets blessings of lord Shiva and Durga. It brings all round prosperity, harmony & happiness at home. It provides protection from misfortunes and enemies. By worshipping goddess Durga one gets rid of all types of troubles. Parad Durga is considered auspicious for overcoming difficulties and fulfill all wishes.

Following mantra should be recited for it -

Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundaayai Viche.
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