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Selection Of Land
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Abha Bansal

There is a trend of making New Year Resolution on first of every January. People make various resolutions and there are articles in news papers showing which celebrity has made what resolutions. Naturally this inspires the common man also to follow the same pattern and make some resolution for him.

I really wonder that do we really try our best to fulfill these resolutions or they are just for the sake of it because on first January we make resolution with unusual gusto but if it is too high to achieve, we always have one or the other excuse to forget that.

According to me it’s good to make a resolution but it should be a simple one which we really want to do and surely want to follow. It should not be some other person’s idea. We should have great urge to stick to our resolution so that it satisfies us and serves some purpose.

Generally the most popular resolution is to loose weight. Now this is a long process. We can not loose our weight just in few days, we should rather think of some thing like simple ways of weight reduction which can be daily morning walk, less consumption of oily food and more intakes of fruits. If this is done regularly we will achieve our target of loosing weight easily. It is really easy to follow a simple and non taxing resolution. The more difficult is this; more excuses will be there to avoid it.

Now if we want to be more spiritual in life we can not achieve this in a day. We have to take out time from our daily routine. Sit for meditation for 5 minutes first and then only increase it gradually because it is tedious task. Do it in a pleasant manner so that it can give you satisfaction and happiness and not the tension or guilt of not following what you have promised to yourself.

On this New Year I will suggest one small thing. If possible do take out 5 to 10 minutes time after bath and sit for meditation or perform your pooja in your house temple. No need to go anywhere. Just sit in a neat place in a comfortable position and recite any mantra for 108 times or 5 to 10 times which suits you more. This will really make you feel more pious, more optimistic, contented and closer to almighty.

Wishing You All A Very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year.

Abha Bansal

Future Point

The Year 2010 for You

All the slow moving planets have changed their signs for the New Year like Saturn has enteredArun Bansal into Virgo, Jupiter in Aquarius, Rahu in Sagittarius and Ketu in Gemini. In the beginning of New Year Mars shall also stay in its debilitation sign Cancer for next five months. Jupiter and Mars both shall be changing their signs in May 2010.

Venus shall be combust in the beginning of the year after that Jupiter shall be combust, then Sun shall be in Pisces and after that there shall be extra month (Malmaas). Therefore there won't be any suitable Muhurat for marriage till 15th May. In the beginning of the year there won't be aspect of Jupiter on debilitated Mars therefore there shall remain the malefic impact of malefic planets in first four months which shall create an atmosphere of anarchy and lack of peace all over the world. After May there shall be an improvement in planetary transit which shall get consolidated by the end of the year and there shall be all-round peace and progress all over the world.

The later half of the year shall be auspicious for India. Common wealth games shall be organized with peace and dignity and India shall succeed in making its mark in these games by making several records.

In 2010 the rainfall shall be below normal. The chances of rains are almost negligible in the month of March, April and May. There shall be probability of sufficient rains in July only. Monsoon shall come very late this year and there shall be rains only from the mid of July till the end of August. The climate shall be hotter. The games shall be held in the month of October and there is no indication of disruption of games by rains.

In money market dollar shall become expensive gradually however in the mid of the year its value shall depreciate to a reasonable price level.

In the year 2010 gold shall not be that expensive. Chances of rise in its price are very less and if at all it goes up it would come down also. In the months of February, May, June and August the cost of gold shall be pretty much under control whereas in January, April, July and November there shall be an increase in it. Share market shall catch up new heights but there shall be probability of fall in it in February, March, May and November. The months of July and September are showing boom in market.

AriesAries: The year 2010 shall be better as compared to 2009. You shall get benefited by going on long journeys and in addition to that you shall be able to make new beneficial investments. Your enemies shall get defeated. You will also go for pilgrimage.

TaurusTaurus: This year shall be beneficial for you. Be cautious about stomach related disorders. You might undertake some new tasks. Those doing job might get transferred or promoted. You shall be getting good news from children. Abstain from unnecessary fights. Your influence shall increase.

GeminiGemini: For the people of Gemini sign the year 2010 shall bring good time after so many years. There shall be all-round improvement and tasks shall start settling and there shall be new gains and success by the end of the year. So, start working with strong will power and determination, you shall be successful.

AriesCancer: The year 2010 shall bring new achievements after so many years however you shall have to wait for some time to enjoy the beneficial results. Your time period shall be very auspicious after April. Be alert towards your work and duties, you shall get auspicious results very soon. There are indications of your going on long journeys.

AriesLeo: This year shall bring the indication of peace and progress after the turmoil, difficulties and troubles of previous year. Start making lot of efforts for the accomplishment of your task and don't doubt yourself. You shall get benefited from your spouse and there shall be increase in your income. There is probability of your going on journeys too. You are likely to get parental property.

AriesVirgo: This year shall be excellent for your health as compared to the previous year. You shall get rid of all health related troubles. There shall be substantial decrease in expenditure. Mental tension shall decrease. Those who are of marriageable age might get married after May.

AriesLibra: For the natives of Libra sign Sadesati has started but first and second phase of Sadesati won't bring inauspicious results rather it shall prove beneficial only. In nutshell Sadesati shall bring some gains only but don't make big investments and don't take big decisions independently.

AriesScorpio: This year shall yield auspicious results. There shall be an increase in income, make proper use of time. In the beginning of the year there shall be strong probability of sale /purchase of vehicle and change or renovation of house. Your children shall work according to your expectations.

AriesSagittarius: The year 2010 shall be better as compared to 2008-09. New avenues for work shall be opening for you. There are probabilities of purchase of house or vehicle in the later half of the month. Especially students shall be getting more beneficial results in this year. If you are unmarried there shall open up the probability of your marriage in the later part of this year.

AriesCapricorn: This year shall bring financial gains for you. The favorable transit of Jupiter and Saturn shall bring favor of destiny. The 12th house Rahu might bring in the opportunities of long journeys. You need to be cautious about the health and sentiments of your spouse.

AriesAquarius: This year might prove auspicious for reputation and success but there shall be some tensions too. Your health might get deteriorated. There are possibilities of backache and joint pain. Worship lord Saturn to get relief. You shall be able to develop good social connections.

AriesPisces: This year shall be auspicious for you. You shall get into some new venture. There are probabilities of long journeys and big and beneficial investments. Your reputation shall enhance. You might go on overseas journeys. Students shall get good marks. The time period is auspicious utilize it properly.               

Arun Bansal

Future Point

Selection of land
Yashkaran Sharma
There is close relationship between land and vastu. First of all land is selected for the construction of a building. A land which is having lot of green plants and trees on it and suitable for crops should be considered alive and can be selected for constructing residential building. The piece of land lacking fertility should be considered as dead and is inauspicious for the construction of residence. That land which has bones and termite in it or is broken should not be bought at all for the purpose of residence. According to Brihatsamhita thorny land gives troubles, broken land brings death, barren land causes loss of money and rough and rugged land increases the number of enemies. Therefore as pure and vegetarian food is not only good for health but also gives happiness to us similarly auspicious and faultless land keeps our minds cool.

Examination of Land :

Before buying a new piece of land it is essential to get it checked by vastu experts. Following principles should be followed for the examination of land- 
  1. Dig 1 by 1feet deep pit and fill it with the clay that comes out from it while digging it. If clay increases in quantity then it is excellent land, if the pit gets filled till the level land is medium and is inauspicious if the pit remains empty.
  2. Dig one and half feet pit in the northern direction of the land and fill it with water completely and walk 100 steps towards north or watch the pit after 120 seconds. If pit is full with water the land is best, if half consider it medium and if empty it is inauspicious piece of land.
  3. Vishwakarmaprakash gives a unique method of land examination. White wash the pit and light four lamps made of clay in all four directions by pouring ghee in it and see that lamp of which direction gives maximum light. If the lamp of north gives maximum light then that land is Brahmin if the lamp of east gives more powerful light it is Kshatriya land, more prominent light of east denotes Vaishya land and that of south denotes Shudra land.
  4. Plough the land on which you plan to construct a house and sow all types of grains in that. If the seeds of these grains give sprout within three days it is the best land, if sprout come after 5 days it is medium, however it should be considered inauspicious land if sprout come after 7days. If seeds of different types are not available in that case the seeds of paddy can se sown. House should not be constructed in that part of the land where these paddy seeds do not grow.
  5. There are 7 aushadhees (medicine) i.e, Vreehi, green lentil, wheat, mustard, saathi, sesame, and barley. These are known as all seeds. After sowing these seeds you must see their results. The land where there are flowers of copper and gold color is considered to be very auspicious.
  6. Sometimes a piece of land is not examined before starting the construction work but it is wrong because it can result in disaster. For example if there are hairs, bones, dirty clothes, egg shells, termite and eggs of boa in a land then the house constructed at that place always brings sorrows only. Burnt coal brings disease, begging bowl and iron are the symbols of death. Bones, skull and hairs etc decrease the life span of the owner of the house.
But if there are articles like conch, tortoise and horns of cow in that case it can be considered auspicious land. If we get stones while digging it indicates gain of gold, bricks indicate prosperity; money indicates happiness and metals like copper bring lot of wealth.

Types of Land:

According to ancient books of Vastushastra the land has been classified into four categories:
  1. Brahmin Land: That land the color of which is white and the smell is like Ghee, taste is sweet like nectar and the touch of which makes us feel good is known as Brahmin land. On this type of land there are trees of Kusha and Durva which are used for Homa. This type of land brings spiritual bliss and comforts of all types. This type of land is used for the construction of schools, temples, guest houses and literary institutes.
  2. Kshatriya Land: That land the color of which is red, the smell is like blood, the taste is astringent and the feel of touch is solid is known as Kshatriya land. Snakes are also there on this land. This land enhances kingdom, power and influence. This type of land is useful for the construction of government offices, cantonments, colonies of soldiers and arsenals.
  3. Vaishya Land: That land the color of which is green- yellow, the smell is like nectar or like grain and taste is acidic is known as Vaishya land. There are grains and fruit trees on this type of land. Vaishya land enhances money and wealth. This type of land can be  used for constructing professional buildings, shops and houses of business persons.
  4. Shudra Land: That land the color of which is black, the smell is like wine, and taste is bitter is known as Shudra land. There are bushes and shrubs on this type of land. This type of land causes quarrels and feuds therefore this land is not advisable for the construction of residential building.
In this way the classification of land has been done on the basis of color, taste and smell and according to this the kshatriya land is suitable for military cantonment, arsenals. Vaishya land is suitable for corporate houses and business persons whereas Brahmin land can be used for constructing schools and temples. But in modern times the construction of buildings is not possible practically on the basis of this classification. For instance the soil of Karnatka is red that of Gujarat and Maharashtra is black where as the soil of Dwarkapuri is white. In that way would be appropriate to construct all schools, temples and literary institutes in whole Karnatka? Therefore this fact appears to be away from reality. Therefore in modern times that land only can be chosen for construction which is fertile with lot of availability of water and the soil is also solid and on which the building shall remain stable and strong.

Yashkaran Sharma

Future Point

Tip Of The Month

(Remedies for Enhancing Immunity

  • Sun is the lord of immunity. One should worship Sun by offering water (arghya) and by doing Suryanamaskar.
  • You can wear Ruby on Sunday.
  • Recite the mantra of Sun in front of Surya Yantra.
  • Observe fast on Sunday and don’t eat salt on that day.
  • For getting quick results worship goddess Matangi.
  • Sun is the lord of soul. By propitiating Sun one gets relief from heart disease, fever, womb and eyes related troubles and bones, head or brain related troubles. Immunity level increases and health improves.
  • One faced rudraksha can be worn.
  • Good Health bracelet is made of 8 faced, Good Health Bracelet 7 faced and Good Health Bracelet   Ganesh Rudrakshas. By wearing it your health and immunity shall improve and diseases shall get eradicated. Recite following mantra for it- "Om Namah  Shivay".
  • Astrology can indicate the probability of a health problem in advance. If your horoscope indicates that you are likely to become the victim of any disease, accident, anxiety, disappointment, sadness and sorrow in that case the concerned problem creator planet should be propitiated and if the problem appears to be serious in that case Mahamrityunjaya mantra should be recited daily on a rosary of rudraksha beads in front of Parad Shivling and Mahamrityunjaya yantra and after that Arghya should be offered to Sun.


Product Of the Month

Sampurna Navgraha(Nine Planets) Yantra

Sampurna Vidya Pradayak Yantra On the auspicious occasion of New Year it shall be auspicious to propitiate all the planets to attain more will power, stronger determination, sharp intellect, deep knowledge, good health, powerful destiny, power, position, prosperity, peace, happiness, love, victory, glory and name and fame.

To propitiate all the nine planets it shall be good to worship Navgrah Yantra. It shall be highly helpful for the eradication of all sorts of misfortunes, obstacles and hindrances. Nav Grah Yantra is made up of 9 yantras specially made to propitiate all the nine planets viz, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. By worshipping it the malefic impact of planets get eradicated completely. It can prove instrumental to provide high aid for the accomplishment of tasks if worshipped on regular basis by reciting below mentioned mantra at least 108 or 1008 times daily.

Om Bramha Murari Tripurantkari Bhanushashi Bhumisutau Bhudhashch. Gurushcha Shukra Shani Rahu Ketavah Sarve Grahah Shantikara Bhawantu
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