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Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 for Dragon


Dragon is courageous and brave and hence represents authority. It is also the symbol of good fortune. Dragon holds 5th position amongst the Chinese Zodiac Animals. The Dragons are powerful, kind hearted, successful, innovative, brave, healthy and enterprise. In spite of these quality the Dragons tend to be conceited, ill-tempered and over confident.

Love, Romance & Marriage

If you are a single then you have good chance to find you soul mate. In order to find your love you need to attain more social activities. Your ideal partner will appear in front of you very soon. If you are already in love your partner will accompany you and pay maximum attention to you. Due to this you may feel little entangle in the relationship without freedom. If you are already married your spouse will care for you and so more concern about the lively married life.

Work and Social Life

During this Year of Pig you own feel any problem in dealing with the people in the professional front. Your social meetings will remain focused on career and money during your leisure time you will devote more time in your hobbies, food, books, travel, entertainment and sports etc. However, you must control yourself to take advantage of the people to meet your own selfish ends.

Career & Competitive Exam

This year you have good career opportunities coming towards you. Good job opportunities will bring you good income but get ready also to take the job pressure because with the substantial increase in perks the burden of work will also increase substantially. The students aspiring for competitive exams will feel some limitations as the extreme hard work may not yield desired fruit this year.

Travel and Transfer

To fulfil the requirement and commitment of promising and challenging opportunity. You must be ready to move hither and thither very frequently. You may also witness frequent transfers sometimes at desirable place and at the other time the place which you hate.

Good Luck and Well-Being For The Dragon in 2019

This year money making opportunities will keep coming. Don't invest the money anywhere without careful examination because the risky investment may bring you losses. You also need to avoid money related disputes as it may harm your reputation.

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