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Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 for Dog


The Dog is the 11th sign of the Chinese zodiac. The Pig Year 2019 presages a Year full of energy when the Dogs will get involved in different activities. The Dogs have special opportunities to progress to change their plans or the future and to find new avenues both in their personal and professional life during the year. It is very important for the Dogs to plan everything with great care and not to overlook the projects which are beneficial. However there is a major risk of losing money and fall in trap of debt in this year of Pig 2019.

Love, Romance & Marriage

The Pig year 2019 will bring satisfaction in the personal affairs of the Dogs. The family life of the Dog will remain favourable this year. Though out the year they will encourage and support everyone around them. If you are a single and looking for a companion you need to attained more social activities because your true love may be there waiting for you. If you are already in love then you and your partner will maintain affectionate relationship during the year. If you are married, you should be expressive and appreciate and care each other to maintain the romanticism in life.

Work and Social Life

As far as social life is concern the dogs will prefer less activity and they like to meet few friends. The Dogs should always keep in mind that they have only few loyal friends worthy of their trust to whom they can turn for help in case of any problem. You will be able to work in congenial atmosphere this year and your colleagues will be quite supportive and cooperative. However, you need to be alert also because some of your colleagues may try to harm you due to jealousy.

Career & Competitive Exam

The Pig Year 2019 brings good opportunities in career for you. If you are offered any new position then you can opt for it. However if you feel any confusion then you can skip the opportunity even and stay in your current job because you are going to get promotion along with good appreciation in your present job also. The year will invoke new enthusiasm to the students preparing for the competitive exams and they will be able to perform well in their endeavours.

Travel and Transfer

There may be much official tour along with some personal work sponsored by your employer as a reward of your good work. Due to your capability and sincerity you may be asked to take the responsibility of some other branch located in other city but it will be for a short duration.

Good Luck and Well-Being For The Dog in 2019

The Year of Pig 2019 has some good surprises for the Dogs who are looking to ensure financial security in the long term. Your investment is going to yield good dividends in near future.

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