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Chinese New Year Prediction 2018 for Dog

The Dog is the 11th sign of the Chinese zodiac. Sympathetic and intelligent, he has a binary approach to life and his relationships with others. If you benefit from his friendship or his love, a Dog will never disappoint you. Clearly preferring the countryside to the city, the Dog is not a great traveller like the Horse, and he prefers above all to take care of his home. Honest, faithful and jealous, the Dog is also irascible in nature whenever he lets himself be won over by anguish and pessimism or when his habits are upset. Not loving solitude, seeking safety above all, the Dog is the most conservative and traditionalist of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac.

The Year of the Dog 2018 is an opportunity for the Dog to consolidate his achievements and to renew his motivation. In 2018, happiness is at the door of the Dog, and he only needs to reach out to grasp it. The Chinese New Year 2018 marks the beginning of the renewal of the astral cycle of the Dogs. In recent years, many people born during the Year of the Dog have had to face and overcome many obstacles. Whether at work or in their private life, sometimes painful situations have forged the character of the Dogs, so many of them were constrained to learn how to become less altruistic in order to preserve themselves. Unfortunately, this may also have resulted in increased loneliness or in the loss of essential components of their living environment.

Love, Romance and Marriage

For the single Dog, it is high time to renew his wardrobe, because opportunities of gallant appointments are not going to be scarce this year during the Year of the Dog 2018. However, it is necessary for the Dog to avoid revealing too quickly his altruism and natural kindness. The single Dog who finds a partner among Tigers, Horses or Rabbits is likely to wear an engagement ring on his ring finger before the end of 2018. The Year of the Dog 2018 is indeed highly conducive period to betrothal and marriage.

The sentimental situation of the Dog in couple is slightly different. Indeed, since this is the beginning of a new cycle for Dogs, couples can be weakened by quarrels. Misunderstandings of the past could resurface, which could either result in renewed serenity and a redoubled love after some explanations have taken place or on the contrary, lead to a total blow in the relationship, which may lead to divorce. On the contrary, the Dog in couple whose love relationship is already flourishing, can expect the couples ties to be strengthened even more. The coming birth of a child can be projected for the second half of the year. It is also best for the Dog to pay attention to the compatibility of his partner with the sign of the Pig (2019 is the Year of the Metal Pig).

Work and Social Life

The Dogs business is doing well in 2018, just as he can expect to win a lawsuit or succeed in a contest or exam he is been preparing for a long time. However, without becoming rich as Croesus, as the Dog shall be at the height of his capacity during the Year of the Earth Dog 2018, he should be able to serenely consolidate his place in society during this period. But one shows be careful: it is ill-advised for the Dog in 2018 to embark on new utopian projects, or engage in efforts well beyond his field of expertise. It is better for him to choose professional paths where his experience and skill are paramount, or to content himself with collecting the fruits of his past investments. The Dog must also be careful to preserve a track of all his professional exchanges, especially Emails, in order to prevent himself from any future difficulties.

Career and Competitive Exam

All the past disappointments and misfortunes eventually dry up. In 2018, the Dog can enjoy the protective and benevolent influence of the Year of the Dog 2018. In the inspiring year 2018 career certainly will take a boost and the students must strike the hammer when the iron is hot. Eventuality of success can not be denied in this year of dog.

Travel and Transfer

Pleasant family trip is on the course as a reward of commendable job performed at work place. Such joyous travels must certainly will ease out the tensions of long and tiring hours of work. Spouse and kids will also feel the association of every individual of the family in the togetherness of the trip leading to strong family bonding.

Good Luck and Well-Being for the Dog in 2018

Most favourable periods for the Dog in 2018:

  • Month of the Tiger (February 2018)
  • Month of the Rabbit (March 2018)
  • Month of the Horse (June 2018)
  • Least favourable Period:

    • Month of the Dragon (April 2018)

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