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Vastu Ratna

The preliminary course of Vastu Shastra, the Vastu Ratna course is curated for students who have a knack for Vastu Shastra and its acclaimed branches. The course is beneficial for those who want to become Vastu Consultant in the near future. It is also beneficial for architects, builders and for those who intend to construct a house. For housewives too this course is good for making the interior decoration compatible with Vastu. The Learn Vastu course is made true due to the efforts of AIFAS and its panel of brilliant teachers.

Why enrol in AIFAS?

AIFAS is the leading institute giving students the option to learn Astrology online through its distance learning mode. With an excellent faculty of teachers, the panel contains top Astrologers which provide brilliant guidance in learning the course. With a dedicated team, the student will get the right exposure and learn Vastu effectively. The course is available in two modes, you can either opt for the regular course and attend classes regularly at your chapters, or you can opt for the distance learning mode.

Personalized Level 1 Course

One-on-One Classes taught by master experts at New Delhi`s South Ex. Chapter only. Designed as per your time schedule and catering to your needs, the Personalized Level 1 course is an excellent option for those with a busy timetable.

With the added advantage of learning the course one-on-one by the expert teacher, you will able to grasp the subject much quicker & in lesser time.

For more details regarding the course, send us a query and our customer care executive will be in touch with you right away.

(Course will be Starting Soon)

For enrolling yourself in the Level 1 course of Vastu course, you need to have a deep setting passion towards Vastu and the art of making living spaces magical. Apart from that you are also to have cleared your 10+2 before aplying for the course. For more information regarding this, you can reach us at 011-40541040 or mail us at mail@futurepointindia.com

The Fee for Vastu Ratna course is 10000(INR) for Delhi NCR | 400($) for outside India

The Vastu Ratna course would contain 3 papers. The Paper 1 of this course would contain Home Vastu and introduction to the world of Vastu. The first paper would let you know about the selection of land, and how that affects our future. It’s also great for getting information regarding decoration of the home space. The Paper 2 of the course is for Remedies that revolve around Vastu in Home. This includes Vastu Analysis of the faults present in home space. The paper 3 is solely for practical purpose to test the knowledge thus garned throughout the course.

The modules taught in the Vastu Ratna course are mentioned below:


Intro to Vastu Shastra

Home Vastu and Introduction to Vastu Science, plus the Effect of cosmic energy and its centralization. Vastu Purusuh, directions and use of magnetic compass.

Module 1

Selection of Land

The atmosphere around the land, shape of plot, inclination of land, Angles of land, Pathway to plot, Testing of land, and Direction analysis of the plot.

Module 2

Vastu Vedh

Obstruction of the main gate, obstruction due to tree, shadow, tap, pole, or any other physical hindrance.

Module 3

Home Vastu Analysis

The source of water, storage of water, exit of water, Boundary wall, Doors, Windows and Ventilators, Stairs, Garage, Room of Master Room of House, Bedroom, Study Room, and all other rooms of the house.

Module 4

Home Vastu Decoration

The Vastu of colors, Auspicious Articles of Vastu, Vastu of flowers, climbers and pictures etc.

Module 5

Astrology & Vastu

Remedies of Home Vastu along with Vastu chakra, types of vastu chakra and introduction to deities.Relationship of planets with directions, Nature of Planets, Results of Planets and Remedies.

Module 6

Vastu faults analysis

Problems caused by Vastu faults, Determination of Vastu faults by study of problems of families.

Module 7

Remedies for Rectification of Vastu Faults

Remedies by Vedic Methods, Yantras, auspicious items such as pictures, bells, statues etc.

Module 8


Understanding map, visits to houses and report the vastu dosh & its rectification.

Module 9

About the plot

Shape of Plot, Reduction & Expension of Plot. Sensitive point & Pishach, Dev & Manushya kshetra, Types of Soil.

Module 10
Note: The modules 1 to 5 will be covered in Paper 1, 5 to 8 in Paper 2 and Module 9 & 10 in Paper 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my study material?

As soon as the payment gets processed and we receive your request to enrol in the course, we will prepare a package with all your study material and process it as soon as possible. The time period of this for Pan-India service is 3 days maximum and outside India is 10 days. No additional charges would be incurred on this postal service.

Can I join more than one course simultaneously?

Yes. This is possible only if you opt for a different course. For example, if you have enrolled yourself in the Jyotish Ratna course, and you want to simultaneously learn another programme, you can opt for any other level of either Vastu, Palmistry, or Numerology, but this cannot be teamed up with any other level of Jyotish curriculum.

Will I have to buy the books for the course that I opt for?

No. All the study material would be provided by the chapter that you enrol yourself into. A separate list would also be provided for extra readings.

Whom should I contact in case of any query?

In case of any assistance regarding your course or anything related to it, you can reach out to your chapter. Alternatively, you can contact our AIFAS Headquarters through mail or our helpline number.

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