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Tarot Services

Yes or No through Tarot Reading

Are you worried that where your life is heading? Are you facing the problem of indecisiveness? Confused about decisions regarding your job, studies, partnership, business line, marriage etc? Will things be positive in life?


Options Spread of Tarot

Sometimes you are in dilemma for making the right choice between 2 equally attractive options like choosing between 2 jobs, 2 marriage prospects, 2 career options etc.


Professional Advice through Tarot Card Reading

Are you facing delays & obstructions in your professional life? Not happy with your current job?


Tarot Card Reading for Business Prospects

Want to know what to expect from your business in the coming future?


Ask a Question: Tarot Analysis with Remedies

If you have some specific question in your mind regarding some issue or goal of life then you can ask our tarot expert the answer of which shall cover the complete analysis with remedies.


Relationship Analysis through Tarot Report

Relationship spread of Tarot gives you an analysis about the depth of the relationship, feelings about each other and causes of conflict in relationships and future of the relationship.


Tarot Reader

Mrs. krishna-kapoor

Experience: 20 Years

Expertise : Tarot

Distinguished and experienced Fortune Teller, Mrs. Krishna Kapoor is a specialist in Tarot reading and recommends remedial measures for problems related to personal, professional, progeny, and married life. She was born in the year 1952 in Baraut, UP. Mrs. Krishna Kapoor experienced a keen interest and intense curiosity towards predictive and remedial nature of astrological sciences and its offshoots since her early years. She has obtained Jyotishacharya Degree in Astrology. She has studied Vastushastra, Numerology, Palmistry, Ramal, and Reiki also.Read More..

Service :

Detailed Analysis


Basic Analysis



Experience: 14 Years

Expertise : Tarot

She has been awarded with most prestigious award in the world of ASTROLOGY by Swarnim Bharat Nirman for her exceptional divine qualities Her life mission is to build more awareness about the Alternate Sciences and educate the modern generation about the wonders of accurate Tarot and Astrology. Participated in NAKSHATRA EXHIBITION where lots of people benefited by her advice & consultation.Read More..

Service :

Detailed Analysis


Basic Analysis


Future Point

Experience: 30 Years

Expertise : Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Vastu, Numerology

Future Point Inhouse PredictionsRead More..

Service :

Detailed Consultancy


Basic Consultancy


Acharya Rachita Gupta

Experience: 10 Years

Expertise : Tarot

For her Astrology and Tarot began as a personal journey to seek answers and soon spiralled into a passion when she saw accurate predictions and satisfied clients. She provides convincing analysis and Remedies/Solutions for variety of issues like Marital Problems, Marriage, Love-Affairs, Career Decisions, Financial Problems, Illness, Personal Relationships , Foreign Travel. Read More..

Service :

Detailed Analysis


Basic Analysis


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Tarot Consultation

Get Tarot Reading from our Top Tarot card Readers and Famous Tarot readers online. Ask about Tarot to get paid Consultation on Tarot.

Tarot Reading is gaining immense popularity and as females are considered to be more intuitive then men therefore majority of mystics who choose medium of future reading through Tarot are females as the various meaningful images of these cards work as a big spectrum to provide wings to one's intuition. In that way the Tarot cards provide indications of the hidden messages of universe and eventually a good Tarot Card Reader can get to know about the will of almighty.

We have a team of Top Tarot Card Readers. Our famous tarot card readers can also be contacted online. All top tarot card readers are equipped with the faculties of imagination, intuition and visualization. When a person visits a Tarot reader for getting answers to a specific question, the reader asks the seeker to pick up a few cards at random according to the need of the question and then the tarot reader analyses all the cards chosen for answering the question.

ASK TAROT .............

Consult our best Tarot Card reader if you find yourself stuck in a situation and are clueless about your next move. Our best Tarot consultant can give you answer to all questions related to any area like health, wealth, inflow of money, love life, children, education, career etc.

When a person visits a Tarot reader for getting answers to a specific question, the reader asks the seeker to pick up a few cards at random according to the need of the question and then the tarot reader analyses all the cards chosen for answering the question.

Tarot consultations offer guidance, clarity, and the opportunity to use the symbolic language of Tarot reading go deeper to find wisdom and insight. Our top tarot card readers answer questions for all types of issues, such as relationship compatibility, spiritual growth, career choices, life choices, family, school and education, where to live, health, and other topics. Whenever you have a question they ask tarot cards to get an answer for your question.

A person’s life is a combination of that which is destined and that which can be controlled; but who is actually responsible for the complex? Occurrences in one’s life cannot be ascertained. The tarot card is able to reflect and throw light upon these issues as well. They can be interpreted as the message of God, a true voice of God. It is a tool for revealing what is in its truest sense. Our top tarot card readers are well versed in the art of tarot reading.

Top Tarot card readers all over the world opine that tarot cards are mirrors of our emotions, feelings, soul and our wellbeing.

It is pure thought directed from the source itself. Tarot cards speak through the Archetypal symbols and language. The Tarot reading is a way of developing our intuitive skills that we can draw upon when we need either insight or guidance. When we consult the tarot reader we are attempting to better comprehend both ourselves and the forces that are at work within our psyche and in our outer lives.

From a tarot reader the querist can ask any question related to any area of life. Ask tarot has become a very famous word now days as whenever somebody becomes the victim of some kind of confusion, people give the advice to ask tarot.

Some people believe the ability of tarot reading is divination or magic, while others believe the skill is more intuitive and relies on the consultant’s ability to understand and interpret the complex symbols of the tarot.

There are hundreds of different Tarot card decks. One needs to know the archetypal symbols and the language through which Tarot speaks. We have the traditional packs and popular decks such as The Rider Waite. It is a universal deck and the most used one. The classic decks are Mythical Tarot, Egyptian Tarot, Allister Crowley based on the traditional Tarot reading system. Some of the new and popular decks are Osho Zen Tarot based on elemental theory, Angel cards which give messages and talk about the charka system in our body, Guidance cards for solving problems and situations, Relationship cards, Crystal Cards, Health Cards, Karma Cards, Golden Tarot, Gilded and Dream Tarot etc. The Mystic Cards of the Tarot deck are the archetypal cards - the cards with the most complex and profound symbolic qualities, which incorporate universal themes. They are regarded as doorways to the soul and are often used for meditation or visualization.

For hundreds of years, the tarot reading has been one of the most important western mystical pathways for fortune telling, divination, self development and self awareness. It is a mirror of the human soul.

Each card has an image, a name and a number which are potent symbols and have specific meanings. Each card is believed to have 78,000 meanings. Tarot is a universal language that speaks through a variety of archetypal symbols. Tarot reading is a unique tool for self -understanding and for making choices about the future. Tarot reader provides an instant and direct way to understand the rhythms or patterns at work in your life. Tarot readers also predict patterns or events that are about to happen.

The tarot cards reflect our hidden desires, actions and goals so that that we can make conscious choices, understand the reasons behind a situation or give guidance as to the next stage of our personal life journey. The cards reveal the energy and mood that surround you and give you insight into you at any given movement, to open you to choices and most of all, to self discovery. It is a symbolic path way you can walk along on at any movement in life to see the truth about yourself through the looking glass. It is simply a series of stepping stones or secret pathways to self discovery.

Ask tarot by getting your tarot reading done from our top tarot card readers.

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