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"Astrology is a science of probabilities but what the future has in store for us is not known to anybody except the creator of this universe however, the savants of astrology can guide us by guessing and calculating these probabilities and that only is the real objective of astrology because with the help of this knowledge the native can prepare himself for the future accordingly."

The best Love Problem Solution Astrologer & career guide, Mr. Yashkaran Sharma has always been at the top of his field and rightly earned the title of the ‘Best Astrologer for Marriage in India’. And rightfully so, the man has bagged plenty of accolades and laureates for the work he has done in the marriage and love astrology domain. With over 31 years of expertise in his sphere, his knowledge on the subject of Astrology & Palmistry, and how it relates to love and relationship has termed him as the most famous Astrologer in Delhi. He provides astrology consultation on phone and is also available for face-to-face Palmistry & Love Astrology Consultation when need be.

Best Career Astrologer & Palmist In India

Mr. Yashkaran Sharma is a celebrity Astrologer, career counselor, and motivational speaker with over 31 years of expertise in predictive Astrology and Palm Reading. Having penned down the most famous Astrology book, the Encyclopaedia of Astrological Remedies he has become the most consulted astrologer for love marriage solution and career problem solution. His knowledge and wisdom have traveled far and wide to make him the #1 searched Astrologer near me. Being the best Astrologer in Delhi NCR, Mr. Yashkaran Sharma has served thousands and provided Astrology Remedies for all their problems. He is equally accepted as the famous Astrologer India for Marriage-related consultation.

  • Author of the bestselling Astrology Book "Encyclopaedia Of Astrological Remedies"
  • Best Career Counselor, Motivational Speaker & Remedy Expert
  • Propagator of Astrology, Tantra & Other Vedic Sciences
  • Senior Astrologer at Future Point
  • Former Editor of "Future Samachar" & "Research Journal of Astrology"
  • Member of Examination Committee at AIFAS
  • Participated in several astrology conferences, workshops & seminars
  • Senior Faculty Astrology & Palmistry at AIFAS
  • Actively contributes astrological articles & write-ups
  • MA in English from HP University

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His love for Astrology and its related occult field stemmed from his youth when he traveled in the pursuit of knowledge and cryptic information revealed by world-renowned Astrologers, Yogis, and Saints. He studied Tantra and Vedic Astrology by burning the midnight oil to gain as much knowledge as possible. He is the most authentic and genuine Astrologer in India, who is well versed in all the systems of Astrology.

As the Business Problem Solution Astrologer, he has provided his assistance in thousands of cases wherein he made sure that his wisdom and pragmatic approach helped solve the issues his clients were facing. He has proved to be an asset in the field of Love Marriage Specialist Astrology.

Mr. Yashkaran Sharma needs no introduction when it comes to career solving aesthetic. Having served over thousands of clients, he plays by the rules, only to make sure that his knowledge of Vedic Sciences leaps boulders for the individuals who come seeking help.

Astrologer Yashkaran is the most genuine and reliable Astrologer in India for love, marriage, family, career, and education-related problems. His modern outlook helps him to connect to his clients and understand their problem better in order to provide the best remedy possible.

He is the Senior Astrologer & a Faculty member of AIFAS (All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies), wherein he teaches Jyotish Vidya and Palmistry to research scholars. His knowledge earns him early admiration from his students as well as his seniors.

Mr. Yashkaran Sharma is the editor and honorary contributor of the Astrology Magazines, Future Samachar and Research Journal of Astrology, wherein he has pitched plenty of Astrological Articles in different periodicals. Love marriage specialist astrologer, Mr. Sharma is well versed in Parashari, Jaimini, Lalkitab, Horary, Muhurat, Remedial Astrology, Energy Balancing, Aura Reading, Palmistry, and Vastu. Online love astrologer & family problem solution astrologer Mr. Yashkaran Sharma is the best astrologer in South Delhi India.

Astrology Services Offered

Mr. Yashkaran Sharma renders his services in multiple areas of Vedic Astrology due to his expertise that spawns wide. You can avail Talk to Astrologer for Phone Consultation, or consult astrologer for a personal consultation, whichever suits you the best.

Mentioned below are some of the prime services offered by Mr. Yashkaran Sharma in the field of Vedic Astrology and Palmistry.

  • Horoscope Consultation: Consult Mr. Yashkaran for a personalized reading of your Horoscope. One of the leading Astrologers in India, the man is a genius when it comes to foretelling the future. From Basic Horoscope Analysis to Detailed Horoscope Analysis, to the Ask me a question service, the predictions, and remedies provided by Mr. Yashkaran are unerring.
  • Palmistry Consultation: Consult Mr. Yashkaran for a personalized palm reading for a deep analysis of your future. One of the most renowned palmists in India, Mr. Yashkaran Sharma can be consulted through Future Point for a palm reading online.
  • Career Astrology Consultation: Confused about what career choice you must opt for?! Don’t let your tough times get to your head. Take Astrology Consultation from one of the best Career Astrologer and decipher where your true potential lies.
  • Finance Astrology Consultation: The Finance report Astrology Consultation section deals with your finances and how you can maximize them with the help of Astrology under the guidance of Mr. Yashkaran Sharma. This service will help you understand your investment sphere and dedicate the proper sources to where they are needed.
  • Marriage Astrology Consultation: Whether you want to remarry, or are facing issues getting a good proposal, the best Love & Marriage Astrologer- Mr. Yashkaran Sharma provides perfect antidotes to overcome any and all problems related to marriage. This section would include all the problems one might face before marriage, in marriage, and during a marital union.
  • Love Astrology Consultation: Mr. Yashkaran Sharma is renowned in the field of Love & Marriage consultation. Along with counseling and therapy through Astrology, Mr. Sharma provides solutions for all Love and Relationship related problems with effective remedies and tips that will surely benefit you and your partner.
  • Transit Reports: When it comes to studying the 9 planets of Vedic Astrology, Mr. Yashkaran Sharma is next to royalty. With over 31 years of expertise in the field of Astrology and related Occult Sciences, he predicts with utmost conviction on his knowledge. Rahu Transit, Ketu Transit, Jupiter Transit, Saturn Transit or Shani Transit, Sun Transit, Moon Transit, Mercury Transit, Mars Transit, & Venus Transit all come under one umbrella when one compares the merit of Mr. Sharma.
  • Remedial Astrology Consultation: Our problems are numerous and there’s no way out from them. No matter how far we have come and how far we plan on going, a little part of us will always be trapped in one or another trouble that will only find closure once we face it head-on! Mr. Yashkaran Sharma is a pioneer when it comes to analyzing one’s horoscope with respect to his/her problems and finding solutions with remedies that will help the native to come out victorious. The consultation is specially curated for those who have different questions in different areas of their lives. This service would provide you with an option to ask the astrologer all your problems and provide him with your birth details so he can analyze it and suggest you the proper remedy to rectify the issue.


Mr. Yashkaran Sharma is a celebrated author of numerous Astrological books and journals. His bestsellers include the ultra-famous, “ Encyclopaedia of Astrological Remedies” to name just one. He is also the senior faculty member of AIFAS and is the one who conducts Jyotish and Palmistry courses there.

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