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"Origin of Astrology is Astronomy which is an accepted science therefore astrology which specifically deals with the impact of heavenly bodies on human beings and earth should also be accepted as science. Astrology is the way by which centuries ago our great masters explained the difficult & intricate aspects of science by connecting it with the religion so that it becomes intelligible for common man"

Vastu Expert and Astrologer Mr Vinay Garg need no introduction when it comes to finding the best Astrologer in Noida. With over 25 years of experience in the esoteric knowledge of Astrology and Vastu Shastra, Mr Garg comes under the category of Top Astrologer in Delhi.

Best Astrologer and Vastu Consultant In India

He uses scientific techniques of Vastu for balancing the vibes and bad energies of a living and work space. His keen interest in studying how the energies work has influenced his work a great deal. One of the most renowned astrologers in Delhi, Mr Vinay Garg mainly focuses on creating an aura of prosperity through his techniques. With his focus being on rejuvenating the spaces by studying and calculating the inflow and outflow of energies that surround us. His energy balancing techniques and applications have proven him the best astrologer in Delhi, when one searches for an astrologer near me.

He is the successful published author of tens of books, including the Astrology Bestsellers - "Transit of Planets", "Medical Astrology", "Dashaphal Sutra", "Astrological Tables", "Longitudes & Latitudes", "Future Panchang", "Shatabdi Panchang" & "Brihat Shatabdi Panchang" which are incorporated in the course curriculum of AIFAS. He is also the senior faculty of AIFAS and is responsible for conducting Jyotish and Vastu courses in the institute.

  • Author of several bestselling Astrology Books
  • Co-Author of "Brihat Shatabdi Panchangam"
  • Editor of "Future Samachar" & "Research Journal of Astrology"
  • Member of Examination Committee of AIFAS
  • Participated in several Astrology conferences, workshops & seminars
  • Senior Faculty Astrology & Vastu at AIFAS
  • Regular author of numerous research-oriented Astrological articles
  • Graduate Degree in Mathematics Hons from Garhwal University
  • Mechanical Engineering from UP Technical Board
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All the laureates that he has won have been the fruit of his hard work in providing the Best Vastu Remedies to the people. His knowledge on Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra knows no bounds and utilizes it to its optimum. Served over thousands of clients, Mr Vinay Garg is the most genuine Astrologer in Delhi who provides authentic and reliable services. His ardent supporters would battle over why they believe he is best at what he does because of the happy and prosperous lives that are living due to the remedies prescribed.

Astrology Services Offered

You can talk to Astrologer on the phone or go for a face to face astrology consultation with Mr Vinay Garg. Below mentioned are the astrology services that are offered by Vinay Garg in the field of Vedic Astrology. He believes in the science and logic behind Kundli and Horoscope and is an ardent believer of the philosophy of trusting the miracle of Astrology and Occult Sciences.

  • Career Astrology Consultation: Decipher your true inclination through Career Horoscope prepared by the best Career Astrologer Mr Vinay Garg for you. Each service offered in this section will cover all the career problems that one might face in life.
  • Marriage Astrology Consultation: The re-marriage report, delay in marriage, or facing a tough time in your relationship, every facet of your love and married life will be covered in the services offered under this section of Online Astrology Services offered by Mr Vinay Garg.
  • Finance Astrology Consultation: Share Market Predictions, Finance predictions and how investments can help you bring wealth in your life will all be addressed in the Finance Astrology services offered by Mr Vinay Garg. You can be assured that your wealth and finance is in good hands through the Astrology consultation provided under this.
  • Child Astrology Consultation: Childbirth, child’s education, the future life, and problems and queries related to children are featured in this section of reports provided by Mr Vinay Garg.

Vastu Consultation

Vastu for Bedroom, Vastu for drawing Room, Dining table vastu, and Vastu for living room all fall under his umbrella of services provided. Mr Vinay Garg is also the man behind several services that require diligent and meticulous labour, like Vastu for Commercial spaces and Vastu for Residence. For every type of Vastu Remedies, Vinay Garg has set the bar so high that people have labelled him as the ‘Best Vastu Consultant in India’. He renders his services for Astrology as well as Vastu consultations, along with them- as a Finance Astrologer, Love Astrologer, and a Career Specialist Astrologer too. Despite his busy schedule, he maintains a low profile and his humble attitude works like a charm when it comes to Online Astrology Consultation.

He’s gifted with a psychic sense which enables him to have a keen observational power; which in turn helps him foretell what kind of problems are stopping the inflow of money in the household or what problems are influencing which corner of your home. Through his impeccable predictions and calculations, he is able to predict a happy and prosperous life for all his clientele. The Vastu Rectifications thus prescribed work as a mantra for ensuring bliss in all the facets of life.

Vastu Services Offered by Vinay Garg

  • Vastu For Domestic Flat: Mr Vinay Garg offers Vastu Consultation for domestic flats and apartments. This service is excellent for those who own a flat or an apartment and are looking for ways to incorporate the principles of Vastu Shastra in their homes.
  • Vastu for Stand-alone houses: Vastu Services offered for Stand-alone houses by Mr Vinay Garg for the benefit of those who are striving to bring positive changes in their lives by adapting Vastu Shastra in their residence.
  • Vastu for Small Factory: Vastu service offered for Small factory and businesses so that they can increase their revenue generation and amass wealth and fortune in their lives. Mr Vinay Garg is the best Vaastu Consultant in India who’s a master in their field.
  • Vastu for Big Factory: Mr Garg also offers his impeccable Vastu service for Big Factory so that it can multiplicate the profits and earn a handsome revenue on top of it. You can get on-site Vastu consultation and remedies in the Vastu services offered.

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