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Dr. Nath is not only a doctor but also a Renowned Remedial Astrologer. From last 35 years his predictions helping the persons who are hopeless in their life. He met Dr. Lalita Gupta and was initially inspired by her to learn astrology who is the Chief of All India Astrological Society. But he has had the intuitions even before he met her. A few incidents were astonishing like he predicted Mr. Mikhail Garbachaufe’s resignation 6 months before.

He could see the bird’s eye view of Iran Iraq war and also predicted about the casualties which took place later. He even predicted about the restoration of peace. He has the knowledge of Prashariye jyotish Gemini, Bhrigu and other astrology literatures. He has a different way of kundli perusal. Dr. Nath has done a deep study of Lal Qitab.

Pt. Devagaya Maharishi Krishan Ashant Ji has been his teacher for the Lal Qitab study. His parasharya jyotish guru is Pt. Ram Niwas Shastri and Pt. Arun Jaitley has been his guru in hora shastra. Through Hora Shastra and his integrated astrological knowledge, his predictions are mostly accurate. He has the specialization in the remedial astrology.

He doesn’t discourage people if he sees any unfortunate event on the perusal of kundli but he instead tries to pacify and advise about a proper remedy to get rid of the situation. Along with that he also encourages the people to change their attitude according to the nature of the grahs. And the remedies which he advise are not time or money consuming and are simple to do.

As he has been doing Gayatri Upasana from the age of seven under the guidance of his father and with the inspiration of Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya ji (the founder of Gayatri Parivar), his spiritual powers enhanced. Confirmation of the intimate conversation which held between his Guru and Gurumata (guru’s wife) was done by Gurumata herself.

This was for the time when Gurudev left his body. He was even able to visualize that when, where and how the cremation will take place. Because of these events in his life, Dr. Nath take the help of astrology , inspires and encourages people to do meditation and increase their spiritual powers through Gayatri Upasana and Yagya Anushtans, etc.

Yog Ratan Award in Vishw Yoga Conference 1986 Certificate of excellence from Indian Medical Association 13th Oct, 2015 Guest of Honor A to Z Brand Communication Group 20th May, 2018 Owner from Prajapati Mahasabha Delhi Pradesh 14th Nov, 2010 Award Astrology Maharishi Parashar Award Medical Astrologer from Astrology Society Sanskriti Stamph Award from Nirali Social Welfare Organization Dr. Nath has gained the knowledge of various systems of treatment.
  • DR. ANUP NATH as a Doctor Holistic Healer, Famous Astrologer, Social Worker& Motivational Speaker
  • As a Doctor He is MBBS from Delhi University (India) previously he did DPH (Diploma in Pharmacy
  • MSC – Master in Science, Science of living
  • Yoga Doctorate Philosophy in Ph.D. in Vedic Sciences in Yoga
  • N.D.D.Y – Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Yoga DI.Hom – Diploma of Institute Homoeopathy from UK
  • H.MD – Doctorate in Homoeopathy from UK DHM – Diploma Practice in Homoeopathy M.D. (AM) – Doctorate in Alternative Medicine
  • YIC - International Yoga Instructor Course from SVYASA – Bangalore PGDYT-D – Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy Doctor.
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