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Pt. Ramesh Shastri hails from the traditional belt of Garhwal Himalayas, where Indias Rishi and Munis offered penance and Yajna endlessly, ultimately attaining Nirvana. The land of Garhwal is still imbued with rich folklore of the ancient way of Hindu life. The people of Garhwal are simple, serious, structured, studious, superior human beings in more than one way. Their utterances are sheer manna. Wisdom pours forth from their lips. They are cherished all over the globe. From a galaxy of talented astrologers and karmkandis, their tribe has dwindled over the years. Pt. Ramesh Shastri truly fits into the mold of a Garhwali Brahmin. Apart from his predictive abilities, he specializes in prescribing astral remedies.

The content and the spirit of Vedic knowledge is well amalgamated in the educational qualifications acquired by him. It is on the force of these inherent qualifications that Pt. Ramesh Shastri has come to be known for his special skills in the field of astrology and karmkand. He holds a standing experience of more than 15 years in his known field of spirituality, including 3-year stint in Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Sciences and Philosophy, Rishikesh. His recitals carry a blend of magic, because his renditions are backed by flowing melody and lyrical quality. To consult him ends in an unforgettable experience of getting the feel of esoteric and the mythical.

  • He possesses the art & craft of making glaringly correct predictions
  • Regular columinist of Rashiphal in Future Samachar
  • Post Graduate Degree (Acharya) from Varanasi University
  • M.A.(Sanskrit) PG Degree of HNB Grahwal University, Shrinagar(Uttaranchal).
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