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Keshava Chandra Pandey, is a professional and experienced Vedic astrologer from Lucknow, India, with more than 22 years of proudful experience, his experiences and remedy in fields like Career, Money, Health, Love & Relationships, Marriage & Kundli has always proved to be accurate.

Keshava Chandra Pandey is the only astrologer in the Nation who is specialized in resolving your severe problems and riskiness. He is able to solve all your problems related to Family, Financial, GemStone Consultation, Match-making, Travel Abroad Consultation, Legal Matters, Business, Education, Health, Job, Politics, Vastu & even in all other important fields with his accurate remedial solutions. Even he is the astrologer with knowledge of Vehicle Astrology, who may help you to know about your vehicle’s future just by their Vehicle Number. Although very few people know that as a person has a horoscope, in the same way, your Vehicle has its vehicle number which is its horoscope if numbers will be bad, it may cause Accidents with you. He is also famous for his unique and accurate solutions which gives you those results which you desire. People may buy a costly vehicle (like a vehicle of crore rupees) but for consultation of how that vehicle may keep them as well as their family secure, they ask us.

  • Many journals of the country have published about him and have appreciated his work.
  • As people remark about him that with his accurate solution, everyone has got freedom from their problems in a very small span of time.
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Vastu is also a part of Astrology, under it, Mr. Pandey is specialized in resolving all problems caused by bad construction of your house, shop, workplace, industry and all without even any destruction. While he was pursuing Post-Graduation in Philosophy during 1984 from Allahabad University as a result of some incidents that occurred he developed a high interest in the study of Astrology and even started working in this field. He is already from a family-background of Astrology and Tantra-Mantra experts. Later on, he lived in contact with some of the great scholars of Astrology and Tantra Shastra. Today, various famous personalities from different fields like Film, Politics, Industry, Journalism and social work, often keep taking his astrological consultation.

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