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“Astrology has no more useful function than this, to discover the inmost nature of a man and to bring it out into his consciousness, that he may fulfil it according to the law of light.”

I am Hariharan – Astrologer by profession and I am living in CHENNAI since by birth. I am the only son to my parents. I did my MA in Economics in 1995 With Madras University. My Forefathers were court astrologers in the PALACE of KING of Travancore three generations back. Intuition was a natural instinct and i pursued it with passion. With the blessings of my forefathers and motivation of my father who is my spiritual guru, I enhanced my skills in PARASARA SYSTEM OF Vedic astrology-learnt with passion and devotion. I am having 18 Experience in this field. My father himself is a palm reader and Vasthu expert. I learnt KP ASTROLOGY from Mr. K. Subramanian -in Chennai -Who is Son of LATE PROFESSOR K.S KRISHNAMURTHI- KP SYSTEM FOUNDER Of astrology. My interest in Astrology came to me during 1998-when I was about to attend an interview in PONDICHERY –where the company was located. One day-I got a DREAM at night that I am being killed in a major mishap that was happening in that company and that company was sealed. There was some fraud activities going in that company and with the blessings of almighty-I was able to VISUALISE. Then after I decided not to attend the interview at Pondicherry and my DREAM came true and I got the NEWS that the company was sealed with police raided. After this incident, I developed interest in astrology and pursued the same as my CAREER. I begin to give horoscope predictions seeing charts through blessings of my forefathers out of my own efforts. I started practice and guided people with my consultations via email, through phone and Skype consultations and walk in consultations to my place. I had work experience as Astrologer with Chennai from Sep 2010 to July 2018. I deal with Horoscope predictions through Vedic astrology approach, KP system of Astrology, Prasanam Astrology-KP System Approach, Numerology(Name fixing for babies and companies), Face reading, Marriage matching-compatibility of male and female charts in detail, Fixing Muhurthas for Marriage, Grahaprevasam, child naming etc. I deal with solve problems related to career, finance, love problems through counseling, health and business. Intuition is my main strength and through this- I am able to give useful insights to customers and this is only a blessing for me. I am pleased to share that i have dealth with more 20,000 clients in my astrology career. I give simple remedies and mantras. With the blessings of almighty, I give more confidence to customers who are in state of trouble and make them happy.

I learnt Astrology out of my own self-efforts. The interest in this field was due to the blessings of my forefathers who were court astrologers in the palace of Travancore four generations back. It was in year 1998 when I went to Pondicherry to attend job interview and before going I had a dream not to go as I got that I am being hit and killed by group of people and that company got scaled. My dream came true and the company in Pondicherry was a fraud company. The company was closed due to fraud activities. So from 1998, I developed interest in Astrology and learnt-Vedic Astrology, numerology, nameology, face reading and KP-Prasna Astrology. I also learnt marriage matching-compatibility of charts.

  • Outstanding predictions for Daily predictions-February 2012- Predictions for all signs for the month-accurate.
  • Daily predictions-becoming a big success in Media-like BIG FM, TV etc.
  • I have done Honors Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT india Ltd- from year 1990 to 1993.
  • Also done certified Diploma course in Oracle Version 7.1 with Software Solutions Integerated India Ltd.
  • Have done Course in KP-Astrology-KrishnaMurthi Paddhathi system with Dr K. Subramanian-Son of Professor KSK. It deals with Prasna Astrology based on a number-ranging from 1 to 249 and the reader has to quote number within this range.
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