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"Astrology is an empirical science of probabilities & experiences wherein we study the effect of planets on human beings. Happenings on this earth are not random but fully controlled & planets play an important role by virtue of their gravitational & unknown cosmic forces."

Dr. Arun Bansal is a hot favourite of those who seek consultancy in astrology & Vastu as he has gained limitless clout by way of his uncanny predictions, interpretations & research work. His disarming simplicity endears him to all and sundry. He is globally acclaimed best astrology & Vastu consultant.

Dr. Arun Bansal, the Chairman of Future Point was born and brought up in Delhi. Besides doing B.Sc. in Physics from Delhi University, he also did M.Phil and research in computer science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. He was a bright student of his time & topped in M.Sc. & M.Phil. From the very beginning he had interest in Occult Science. After his studies, he started his career in computer astrology & developed the first ever program on Astrology in 1978, when computers were not so popular in India. Right from his early days, he was fired up by the turns and twists of occultism. His fascination rested in bringing the subject of astrology out in the open from its wraps. He knew that by virtue of his acumen in the Computer sciences, he would be able to develop techniques which would facilitate quick and accurate calculations of as tricky a subject as astrology. Therefore, he set his eyes on designing user-friendly software on astrology. This necessarily meant that he masters the subject himself first. This he did with grit and determination. That is how he could incorporate in the software concepts propounded by Parashara, Jaimini, Tajik, Lal Kitab etc. Destiny became the bridge between his technical qualifications and his ultimate profession.

He named his company very appropriately as FUTURE POINT (P) LTD. Founded in 1985 and by constant upgradation, the company has acquired an enviable stature in the field of Astrological Software today. He developed the most popular programs in the name of Leo-1, Leo-99, Leo Gold and now Leostar based on various systems of Astrology like Parashar, Jaimini, Tajik and K.P. He has introduced his astrological software on Palm Organizer and Android based mobiles.

He has research dominated thinking. By conducting various surveys on astrological groups, he has tried to prove that planets behave in a special manner at a particular angle or in influence of other planets. He has developed highly accurate software to predict rain forecasting, share market, commodity market & money markets based on the last market values & planetary position. He has also developed programs to accurately suggest about matching, profession or illness.

He stands tall in the portals of astrology, commanding respect and recognition at various levels. His great ambition is to disseminate knowledge of Indian Vedic sciences all over the world. It goes to his kitty of accomplishments that he has been successful in organizing international seminars on astrology in Mauritius, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Netherlands, Srilanka, Switzerland Colombia, Switzerland and London etc. between 2001 and 2017.

Mr. Bansal is the President of "All India Federation of Astrologers Societies", the largest Indian Federation teaching Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Vastu in over 100 cities of India. He is also the publisher and Chief Editor of popular astrological magazines "Future Samachar" and "Research Journal of Astrology". He has written and published many books on astrology.

  • Founder of Computer Astrology in India
  • Author of Best Astrology Softwares LeoStar & LeoTouch Series
  • Biggest Propagator of Astrology & Other Vedic Sciences
  • Organized several successful national & international astrology conferences
  • Chairman of Most Reputed Astrological Organization FUTURE POINT
  • President of All India Federation of Astrologers Societies
  • Chief Editor of "Future Samachar" & "Research Journal of Astrology"
  • Authored several books & articles on astrology
  • Author of "Shatabdi Panchangam"
  • MSc Topper in Physics from Delhi University
  • M Phill in Computer Science from JNU


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