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First letter of name has a great significance in numerology. This decides zodiac sign and Nakshatra. In some parts of India there is a tradition of changing bride's name according to the name of her husband. In some parts of south India as well as in Britain, some royal families the eldest grandson is named after his grandfather. In Jews culture, name of a patient on deathbed is kept in their temple with this hope that the patient will recover health. While taking Sanyas or during Poornabhishek, a person's name is changed with this hope that all his earlier Samskaras will drop dead.

People mostly have two names. One is that of sign while other nickname. In any auspicious function, deciding a Muhurt for long journeys and while weighing pros and cons of result native should pronounce Rashi-name. On other occasions nickname is used. But prediction is made on the basis of the nickname of the people whose time and date of birth are not known. Similarly in numerology if date of birth is not known latters of the name of the native serve the purpose. Since most of the books on numerology come from western scholars alphabets of English are used for this purpose. A table is given below is which we see how letters of a name get converted in numbers. It is also dealt we what number is assigned to which letters according to Cheiro and Sapharial.

Which is a preferable name in this mathematical calculation? The name that awakes a sleeping person is the answer to this question . The person's name should be converted in numbers according to the name that appears in his signature. The day Napolean Bonaparte changed spelling of his name proved to be beginning of his downfall. But the day I myself (the author) changed my name turned out to be beginning of my fateful days. This is a fact. I used to write my name as Harishchand Agrawal. But in 1978 I changed it under influence of numerology. Two months later I got promoted as an officer.


512135 35154 1312613 = 52


51235 3515421 1312613 = 55

I added only two letters 'R' and 'A' in CHAND. It became CHANDRA. Numbers 2 and 1 assigned respectively to 'R' and 'A' got added up to 52 which ultimately became 55. Now see below the results and you will appreciate why this change was must.

52 : This is an inauspicious number. Failures, hurdles, quarrels, fights, revolts, etc. are the results of this number.

55: This is a number of leadership. Such natives are over intelligent and religious and leader of others. A table in given below that may be helpful in converting alphebets of any name in numbers. It is based on the theories of Cheiro, Chaldian, Sepherial Pythagorus. I, the author, find Cheiro more accurate. Way of converting Hindi letters in numbers is also suggested in the table. This way one can convert Hindi name in English and number.

Table Book page 68

Numbe Hindi Hindi Cheiro's Sapharial's Pythagorian

Script Letter Opinion Opinion/ Hibru Opinion

A , v 1 1 1

B ch c 2 2 2

C lh l 3 2 3

D Mh n&M 4 4 4

E bZ b 5 5 5

F ,Q Q 8 8 6

G th t&x 3 3 7

H ,p g 5 8 8

I vkbZ bZ 1 1 9

J ts t 1 1 6

K ds d 2 2 1

L ,y y 3 3 2

M ,e e 4 4 3

N ,u u 5 5 4

O vks vks 7 7 5

P ih i 8 8 6

Q D;w d 1 1 7

R vkj j 2 2 8

S ,l l 3 3 9

T Vh V 4 4 1

U ;w Å 6 6 2

V Ogh o 6 6 7

W MCyw ; 6 6 5

X ,Dl {k 5 6 3

Y ok; ; 1 1 4

Z tsM t 7 7 5

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