Lucky Number 5: Mercury

Due to lucky number 5, such natives witness their luck rising owing to their own intelligence and consciousness. Planet Mercury provides acumen for trade, commerce and art. Such natives do well in maths, writing, craft, medicine, accounts, etc. But trade acumen is the high point in their life. Such people are smart talker with good reasoning. They are eloquest. Such people keep innovating schemes in the field of engulfment and this keeps them on track of progress. They are well-versed in art of trade and accomplish their job efficiently. They are quite capable getting things done by others.

Inclined towards commerce such natives are up to amassing wealth whenever there is a need and possibility. Economically they are in top-middle class. Well-versed with legal matters such natives accomplish everything smoothy and so others bow down respectfully before them.

Natives under influence of lucky number 5 scale heights of fate at 23; rise through up to 32 and at 42 their fate reaches the culmination point.

The years, sum total of which is 5, are lucky for the people of this category. The years are : 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59, 66, and 77.

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