Solar Eclipse on 22nd July 2009


Solar and Lunar Eclipse do change our lives a bit and our lives are affected by them to some extent in a sure way.

The solar eclipse that will take place on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 will be a total eclipse of the Sun with a magnitude of 1.080 that will be visible from a narrow corridor through northern India, eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the Pacific ocean, including the Rukyu Islands, Marshal Islands and Kiribati. China will be the only country where this solar eclipse can be seen in its totality.

This solar eclipse is the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the twenty-first century, and will not be surpassed in duration until June 13, 2132. Totality will last for up to 6 minutes and 39 seconds.

Due to solar eclipse there shall be atmosphere of war, destruction and increase in prices and metals such as gold, silver and gems shall become expensive. Grains, jaggery, sugar, oil, ghee, juices, fruits and milk shall become expensive after 2 months. There is probability of storms, landslide, floods which might cause loss of life and property.

People shall be worried because of political instability and increasing terrorism in China, Japan, Russia, Afghanistan, Eastern India, Burma, Bangladesh and muslim counties like Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. Saints, poor people and Brahmins shall have to face lot of difficulties.

According to astrologers children, elderly people, pregnant ladies, diseased persons should not have food during the solar eclipse and those who are engaged in spiritual progress should not have food during Sutak Kala which would commence 12 hours before this solar eclipse. They can have food in the form of liquid but during eclipse they should not have anything.

The impact of solar eclipse on the entire world shall be from its time of commencement i.e 5:28 am till 07:40 am

At few places an atmosphere of a dark and cold evening shall be created the duration of which shall be 1 to 4 minutes.

The effects of Solar Eclipse occurring on 22nd July 2009 on different Signs could be like as under:


For Ariens key word is progress.

Some good news might pour in on your professional front. You shall work hard however you are advised to give yourself room and some time to relax.


Taureans shall enjoy financial gain

You shall be happy and pleased. Your social life shall improve. Your social reputation shall improve and in addition to that you might go on a journey.


Expenditure of Geminai might increase

Unexpected financial loss and family problem might intervene. Family is going to be supportive. You might spend money on family and friends.


Cancerians might suffer from body pain

You shall have slight stress and worries. You might cry for companionship. Your confidence might decrease. You are advised to keep your courage and patience intact.


They are likely to get losses

You shall be worried, confused and tense. There shall be unnecessary struggle and useless journeys too.


They shall earn gains

You can expect increase in inflow of money. You might get an opportunity to create a new source of income. You shall be happy and pleased with people around you and you shall work li9ke a professional.


They might become victim of misfortunes

You shall be disturbed and stressed out but you can expect some betterment on your professional front followed by struggle and obstructions.


Their worries might increase

This solar Eclipse might make you confused or stressed. There shall be some slow but good rise towards a happy future ahead. Your friends are going to support you more than you expect. Finances will rise


Sagittarians might face difficult time

Finances will be slow, property matters have to be sorted out. You must not make any fast decisions, in case of payments or big purchases. You should try to delay in making any big decisions.


They might suffer from problems in married life

Finances and personal reputation will increase. You might face problems in finance and partnership too.


You might become victim of disease

This solar Eclipse might make you much more careful about life and family matters. You shall get cooperation from friends and relatives.


Pisceans might face the problem of loss of reputation

You need to do more than what you think. You shall be worried about children but there shall be financial gains.


  • You are advised to donate grains for which TULA DAAN is best. Keep Tulsi (basil leaves) and Durva(green grass) in temple, water milk or other liquids etc.
  • Do meditation with the mantra of your choice because solar eclipse is considered to be the best for mantra siddhi.
  • The pregnant ladies should give away the clothes worn during this eclipse.
  • After solar eclipse take your bath, clean your whole house and kitchen and then sprinkle gangajal all over and after that only we should cook food for ourselves.

    Yashkaran Sharma

     Future Point

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