Doors and Windows of Other Rooms


Doors and windows are a medium of contact with outside world as well as they give isolation and freedom. They do not work as a guard by putting obstructions.

The open doors give the idea of outside world in the room while a closed door isolates the room as well as the house from outside world. This harms the Chi flowing around the house. Chi gives achievements and gives shapes to dreams.

Doors that are whining, decayed, withered, have broken latches, have handles near the edge indicate misfortune. These should be kept upright.

Doors, other than main door should be in even numbers.

Size of doors of rooms should be in proportion to size of rooms. Doors of a big room should not be small and doors of a small room should not be big.

Feng Shui believes that doors of toilets, bath rooms and kitchens should be in proportion of space, neither too big, nor too small.

Doors should not overlap each other.

The undesired door may be corrected by keeping a picture or mirror facing it.

Doors should not hit each other. Such doors increase family disputes.


The flow of Chi is determined by size and parameters of windows. Windows act as eyes of the home.

More windows generate Yang, due to which Chi is filled up abundantly in the house. Less number of windows obstruct the flow of Chi. Less windows develop Yin. The flaps of windows should open outside so that beneficial Chi may enter. Flaps opening inside harm Chi and progress is hindered. The position of windows influences the health of family members.

Windows should not be near the floor. The upper edge of the window should be minimum of man height. The view of sky should be visible from the window and residents should remain attached with nature.

Number of windows should be neither more, nor less because when Yang and Yin will be balanced, auspicious Chi will flow inside. The curtains in windows should be thin and transparent. Heavy curtains will deprive from the outside view and flow of Chi will be obstructed.

Coloured glass may be used in windows for privacy. Protection from eyes of outsiders is necessary.

Size of windows should be in proper proportion with size of doors. Relation of a window and a door is like a child and parents. If the size of the window is bigger than the door, Chi entering window will be more powerful than the door. This will create turmoil in the home; children will not obey their parents.

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