Mercury retrograde in Cancer 8th July-10th August 2019

By: Future Point | 11-Jul-2019
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Mercury retrograde in Cancer 8th July-10th August 2019

With one’s birth, the fate and happenings that will take place with an individual are determined. But, with good deeds and constant hard work the individual can bring a great change in his/her life. If we talk in simple words, human beings are mere puppets that are controlled by God, in which planets play the role of threads that are required to control the planets. A person experiences a change in life when any planetary position changes. The Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 2019 will surely have a huge impact on the lives of people. Mercury is the most beneficial planet for communication, media industry, meetings, oratory skills, etc. Planet Mercury will retrograde in Cancer from 8th July to 10th August and it will be combusted from 10th July to 30th July.

Mercury Retrograde 2019 effects on zodiac signs:

Aries: The natives of this zodiac sign don’t like anyone’s advice. But, in this period they can feel uncomfortable in taking decisions. In this case, taking the advice of elderly people in the workplace will solve their problems. The Aries ascendants can face a lack of cooperation from the family that will be very dissatisfying. They will focus more on planning the future.

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Taurus: The Mercury Retrograde will create problems for the natives at their workplace. At this time, the individual might come across new and attractive things from the outside world. Lack of communication with relatives can affect the relationship. So, the Taurus ascendants are advised to share things with their relatives and talk with them as much as possible. You may spend money on things which are related to communication.

Gemini: The natives of this zodiac sign should take care before speaking and not indulge in an argument with their seniors at their workplace because they can create problems for them. Although financially this time can be beneficial for the Gemini ascendants as there are chances of gaining huge profits. They can also recover the money which is stuck somewhere.

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Cancer: These natives should change their attitude and should always show sympathy and gratitude towards others. They should be a bit vigilant if they are engaged in a new love relationship. There may be a major change in the career. Avoid interfering in the matters of others and focus on your work should be their mantra fo this period. Problems can arise if the individual is engaged in some economic activity. The lack of patience can make one angry frequently. This can also affect the relations with the loved ones.

Leo: The Leo ascendants can suffer from financial ups and downs in the mercury Retrograde 2019. A lot of obstacles can arise while completing a task. The plans for the promotion will be postponed. One should keep in mind his/her health and well being before eating. The are chances that the individual may have to spend money on the means of communication. A student can face problems like lack of concentration and learning problems while studying.

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Virgo: The natives of this zodiac sign will get full support from their family and friends. They can also get the things back which they have kept somewhere and forgotten. One can also get in a very sweet and happy relationship. But, one should avoid involving in an argument with his/her partner. This time is not suitable for the couples who want to have children as it can cause problems in the pregnancy.

Libra: Questions can be raised on the work done by the natives of this zodiac sign. However, work-related activities can increase. There are chances that the native can create problems for him/her by getting in an argument with seniors. Family prospects might get better in this period. Libra ascendants need to be more careful if they belong to the field of journalism, education, banking, finance, brokerage, data related to the government departments, legal advice etc.

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Scorpio: In this period, the fate of the natives who belong to this zodiac sign will support them. Their relationship with their senior can get better. One can also receive gifts from the father or teacher as a sign of appreciation. Scorpio ascendants can go abroad for higher studies. On the professional front, there will be opportunities for getting into a new contract or foreign trips. However, take precautions when getting into a contract with any partner.

Saggitarius: For those who are interested in secret mysteries, research, spiritual knowledge, and astrology. Its the best time for them to gain immense knowledge. The students who are involved in education can face problems in learning and understanding things. Be careful about health and well-being because health comes first. One can also face a huge loss in the financial sector.

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Capricorn: There are chances that the native's residence will get changed. The romantic relationship between the native and his/her partner can get stronger. They can also get a break in movies. The Capricorn ascendants can go out on a vacation with their partners. In this period, foreign trade can increase. Talking about the professional front, the native will be able to gain huge profits with his/her intelligence and business contacts.

Aquarius: The natives of this zodiac sign should pay attention to their health. Especially, the patients who are suffering from any disease related to the digestive system. These people should not indulge in an argument with their seniors because they can create problems for them. They should respect the thoughts of others. They should make the decisions related to business wisely and after thinking from all the angles.

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Pisces: These people Students can get favorable results if they study with full dedication and curiosity. It is the best time for the couples as it will increase the trust and love between them. However, the natives of this zodiac sign should not force their partners to do something in a relationship that they don’t want to do. Take care of the arguments that take place between you and your partner. Avoid taking risks at this time. Be careful while purchasing anything major or making huge investments.

This retrograde will affect all the zodiac signs either in a positive or a negative way. One can check the Mercury Retrograde dates and times to take the necessary precautions on time. One can talk to our panel of world-famous astrologers for getting 100% assured remedies. Talk to an Astrologer Online and get 5 minutes extra talk time added in your consultation time, automatically.

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