Mars Transit in Virgo 25th September

By: Future Point | 24-Sep-2019
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Mars Transit in Virgo 25th September

As per Vedic Astrology, planet Mars is addressed as the governor of courage, might, and energy. The strengthened position of Mars in a native’s Kundli symbolizes his/her strong will power and determination. According to Vedic astrology, planet Mars is the ruling lord of Aries and Scorpio zodiac sign. Any planet’s movement from a particular zodiac sign to another is known as a transit. The duration of Mars transit in a zodiac sign is approximately 45 days. Due to its malefic effects, an individual witness delays in marriage and childbirth. This Dosha or defect present in the first, fourth, seventh and twelfth house is also known as Mangal Dosha. There are many remedies prescribed in Vedic astrology to pacify planet Mars and control its malefic effects. On the other hand, if the influence of Mars is positive in a native’s Kundli, then he/she attains mental and physical strength.

Impact of 2019 Mars Transit

Mars is considered as the strongest planet and quite violent as per the Shastras. Planet Mars stands for aspects like courage, self-confidence, energy, anger, and war. Its direct impact is apparent in the nature and self-confidence of human beings. Due to its positive influence, virtues like courage, valor and confidence increase.

On the other hand, its negative influence can decrease these virtues in a native’s personality. Its negative impact can also give birth to blood-related ailments in a native’s life. Mars transit effects can deeply influence the life and the events that follow in the life of the native.

Manglik Dosh Due to Mars

Planet Mars creates Manglik Dosha in a native’s Kundli, which can hamper his/her marital life. Along with delaying a native’s marriage, it also creates other marriage related problems for a native. According to expert astrologers, Mars’ placement in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house creates a direct Mangal Dosha in a native’s kundli. It is highly recommended to observe specific remedies in order to get rid of or remove the effects of Mangal Dosha.

Mars Transit 2019 Date and Time

In the year 2019, Mars is making its transit in the zodiac sign Virgo on 25 September 2019 at 5:56 AM in the morning. It will remain posited there until 13:31 PM on 10 November 2019.

Mars transit 2019 in Virgo will also cast an effect on all the 12 zodiac signs.

  • Aries
    During its transitory motion, Mars will remain posited in your sixth house. The specific effect of this transit will be visible on your intellectual abilities and professional life. You will be able to attain profitable results in both of these fields. This transit will also enable Aries natives to concentrate on their work and produce the necessary and aspired results. Your senior officials and associates will praise your work, which will boost your confidence. Other than this, you will also be able to outshine your rivals and attain great heights of success. On the economic front, the native will also gain benefits from foreign sources but stay careful while spending your monetary resources. Health may also remain unstable during this time period, as you might fall prey to any medical condition. It is highly advised to observe precautionary health measures. The overall calculations suggest that this transit will bring forward average results for the natives of Aries Zodiac Sign.
  • Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday to attain the inflow of positive and favorable results.

  • Taurus
    During the transitory motion of planet Mars, it will remain posited in the fifth house of Taurus natives. At this point in time, one may be subjected to mental tensions. On one hand, your children will be a reason for your concern, while on the other, you may get affected in a fight with a close acquaintance. Challenges are waiting ahead for individuals who are in love. One may get into a war of words with his/her partner, that is why one should respect the feelings of his/her partner so, try to keep the bond of love intact between you and your partner. Due to the malefic effects of planet Mars, you may undertake shortcuts to earn money and success, which will only bring negative results in your life. Thus, it is advised to think twice before arriving on such conclusions. During this transitory period of Mars, Taurus natives are also advised to keep a check on their enemies. Married natives will earn benefits, which are economic in nature because of their respective mates. It’s better to pour love and affection over your life partner during this period of time. As far as your economic status is concerned, this period may disturb the balance of your budget. However, you are also likely to receive unique profits. Also, monetary transactions should be done cautiously. Taurus natives will witness average results during the transit of planet Mars.
  • Remedy: Native should donate Copper vessels on Tuesdays for specialized results.

  • Gemini
    The fourth house of your zodiac sign will host the transit of Mars. This particular transit will create obstacles for you in many aspects of life. On the familial front, a close family member may try to harm you. As a result of this, an atmosphere of disturbance and sorrow will prevail over one’s family. Additionally, a fight may also break out between family members. Gemini natives should take the initiative to neutralize such situations and should also try to strengthen the bond between the members of the family. The mode of conversation should be undertaken to resolve family disputes. Natives under the Gemini zodiac sign should also observe precautionary measures while driving, as the chances of getting involved in an accident are quite high during this time. One may also fall prey to certain medical conditions. Ailments associated with blood may trouble you at some point of time, which is why it is necessary to take care of your health and family. Lastly, talking about the economic front, this transit may bless Gemini natives with financial profits. But according to the overall predictions, this transit may prove to be average for natives belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign.
  • Remedy: Donate gram (chana) on Tuesdays to remove the malefic effects of planet Mars.

  • Cancer
    While the transit of Mars is taking place in the Virgo zodiac sign, it will remain posited in the third house of Cancer natives. During this time period, there may be an increase in one’s thinking and intellectual capabilities. An individual will always dominate his/her rivals and can be successful in outshining them. On the familial front, the declining health of the native’s brother may be a reason of tension within the family. You are highly advised to take care of your health and also spend some quality time with your family. On the economic front, your position will become strengthened and the native’s status in the society will also increase. During this time period, one’s debating skills will get refined and he/she will be able to take the right decisions. At your workplace, one may earn benefits from an individual who is working in the government sector. However, it is requested to remain cautious at the workplace because a co-worker is likely to take the appreciation for a task completed by you. Married natives will also experience the inflow of positive results while the transit of planet Mars is taking place. Thus, it can be concluded from the horoscope predictions that the transit of Mars will bring forward positive results for the natives of the Cancer zodiac sign.
  • Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer him vermilion (sindoor) in order to curb the negative impacts of Mars.

  • Leo
    Mars will transit in one’s second house during its transitory motion. As a result of this, native’s personal life may get affected in a negative manner. On one hand, one’s temper may escalate, while on the other, his/her way of delivering speech may become harsh. On the familial front, the native may get involved in verbal spats with your family members, which will disturb things up in the family. You are highly advised to stay calm while encountering such conflicting situations. The individual will manage to get rid of his/her problems by behaving in an amicable manner with everyone. Always remember that the behavior you manifest in front of others is the same behavior that you get in return from them. On the economic front, an individual is likely to earn special rewards that are economical in nature. On the other hand, if you are speculating to make any investments in Share Market or property, then you may not receive favorable results. However, with the aid of one’s devotion and hard work, such difficulties can be taken care of and its due results will be available for him/her in the future. Married natives may experience a decline in the health of their life partners. Additionally, it is advised to handle electrical equipment with care. It can be predicted that this transit of Mars will be not so good for Leo natives.
  • Remedy: One should chant Sunderkand Path to curb the malefic effects of Mars.

  • Virgo
    As the Mars transit is taking place in your own sign, it will remain posited in the ascendant or first house of your zodiac sign. During this time period, it is advised to keep a tab on your anger, as you are likely to remain ill-tempered. Necessary measures should be taken to stay calm, as things which have been resolved may go wrong. Virgo natives may also experience health problems while planet Mars remains posited in their ascendant house. In addition to this, married natives may also experience the health of their respective partners declining. Thus, it is highly advised to take care of each other’s health at this point of time because health is the biggest asset a human being possesses. Virgo natives are also especially advised to drive vehicles cautiously and avoid the consumption of any harmful substances. This transit of planet Mars will bring forward moderate results for the natives of Virgo.
  • Remedy: For favorable results, donate red colored clothes on Tuesdays.

  • Libra
    During this transit, Mars will remain posited in the twelfth house of Libra natives. Mars transit may especially bring forward professional success in the lives of Libra natives. As a result, one may lay his/her hands on a great professional achievement at this point of time. The native may also receive a promotion in order or hike in his/her income. On the familial front too, Mars transit will prove to be beneficial. During this time frame, one will spend most of his/her time with elder siblings in order to develop the bond. The native may also receive his/her aid in taking care of a difficult situation. Their assistance will put an end to half of his/her problems. On the economic front, one is most likely to do well during this time period and his/her income may also increase to a great extent. An individual may also earn profits by renting his/her own property or any of their ancestral property. Property related affairs will reap you good benefits in this transit. Thus, this transit will prove to be quite worthwhile for the natives of Libra.
  • Remedy: An individual should worship Lord Shiva to get rid of the negative effects of Mars, and offer him wheat.

  • Scorpio
    As the planet Mars makes its transit in the zodiac sign Virgo, it will remain placed in the eleventh house of Scorpio individuals. This placement of planet Mars in the kundali of Scorpio natives may bring forth professional success. During this transit period, one will be praised at his/her workplace and the image in front of the boss will get automatically enhanced. The native will be remarked by him/her as a hardworking employee. Also, one may come across a desirable job offer after some time. As far as familial life is concerned, he/she will achieve the complete support of his/her family members. One may also take a long- distance trip with their parents and family members. Taking note of all these aspects, it can be considered that this transit will prove to quite propitious for the family life of Scorpio natives. One’s economic front may remain weak during this period of time. Expenses may remain on the higher side due to the Mars transit, that is why we need to remain extra cautious. A close family member may ask for a loan from you, but you are highly advised to not give in and refrain from offering any monetary help to anyone. However, investments done in property or share markets may offer good amount of returns. Thus, this transit of Mars will obtain moderate results for natives belonging to the Scorpio zodiac sign.
  • Remedy: To attain specialized results, an individual should worship lord shiva and offer him wheat.

  • Sagittarius
    During its planetary motion, Mars in Virgo will remain posited in your tenth house. During this period of time, your workload and responsibilities at the workplace will increase and you may also experience certain health problems. The native needs to focus on his/her working pattern in order to strengthen his/her position within the workspace. You are also requested to take care of your health in order to keep health problems away. Familial life may be surrounded by tensions. One may also stay away from his/her family members due to work requirements. You are highly advised to take proper care of one’s mother’s health. Married natives may witness problems in their marital life. Thus, it is necessary to behave with your partner in an affectionate and peaceful manner. Along with this, it is also necessary to keep a tab on your temper issues. The overall calculations suggest that this transit of Mars will be moderately favorable for the natives of Sagittarius.
  • Remedy: To attain specialized results, maintain a sweet relationship with your brothers and shower them with gifts.

  • Capricorn
    While Mars remains in its transitory motion, it will take a rest in your ninth house. At this point of time, the native may worry about his/her father’s health. On the familial aspect, this transit may prove to be unfavorable for you or clashes may take place with younger siblings. In order to keep harmony in the family, it is necessary to talk affectionately and cordially with one’s family members. Unexpected guests may create things up negatively in the family. On the economic front, your expenses will increase, but there are also possibilities of attaining financial resources, but also keep a tab on your expenses and spend monetary resources strictly according to needs. Capricorn natives may also witness health problems, that is why it is highly advised to take care of your health. Thus, overall calculations suggest that Mars transit will bring ordinary results for the natives of Capricorn.
  • Remedy: One should donate red lentils in order to curb the malefic effects of Mars.

  • Aquarius
    The planet Mars will remain posited in the 8th house of Aquarius natives during its transitory motion. During this period of time, one may witness challenges and obstacles in the workplace. During this point of time, the native may be given certain tasks that require the help of his/her colleagues. Thus, it is absolutely necessary for him/her to behave cordially with them. Natives who have been planning to visit abroad for a long period of time may get a chance for the same. It is advised to behave in a respectful manner with your younger siblings and also to put a tab on your anger. The native may also experience some sort of eye-related troubles such as eye infection during this period of transit, which is why it is requested to take care of them. A balanced and nutritious meal is also necessary to keep one’s eyes healthy. Aquarius natives are specially requested to not take any regrettable step which may hamper your societal stature.
  • Remedy: Donate jaggery (gud) to eradicate the cruel effect of Mars.

  • Pisces
    During the transit of planet Mars, it will remain posited in your seventh house. The Mars transit will specifically impact your marital life. In order to make it blissful and happy, Pisces natives are requested to not get involved in any arguments with your life partner. Small fights may also give birth to huge tiffs, that is why one should take note of this and maintain the bliss and love intact in your relationship. Married natives are also highly advised not to prevail over each other rather try to understand each other and resolve the existing differences. On the familial aspect, you may face certain challenges. Mars transit may also bring forward favorable results at the workplace or one might experience promotion around the corner. The overall calculations suggest that the Mars transit will prove to be more than moderately favorable for Pisces natives.
  • Remedy: For favorable results, worship Lord Hanuman and offer him bananas.

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