Mars Transit in Leo 9th August 2019

By: Future Point | 05-Aug-2019
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Mars Transit in Leo 9th August 2019

According to Horoscope Prediction, Planet Mars represents passion, determination, and force. This planet signifies energy, both, constructive and destructive. Its energy is dependent on its positioning, if it is posited in a malefic house then it will produce destructive energy which will give unfavorable results to the native but if it is posited in a benefic house then it will produce constructive energy that will give favorable results. This Planet offers self-confidence, a spirit of adventure, leadership qualities, etc. If Mars is there in the Mahadasha in one's Kundli then such a person is generally aggressive and he/she loses temper easily.

Mars Transit

According to the Mars Transit 2019 Predictions, the Mars transit 2019 date and time are Friday, 9th August 2019 at 4:32 am in the morning. It will take place for 45 days. Planet Mars will remain there till 5:56 am on Wednesday morning, which falls on 25th September 2019. Know what is the impact of 2019 Mars transit on your zodiac sign as Transit in Leo takes place.

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Planet Mars will transit in the 5th house in the native’s Kundli. These people will have to work hard if they want to improve their economic conditions. The Aries ascendants can face some challenges in their love life. They are advised not to engage in any conflict with their partner and should talk to them amicably because there are chances that even a small argument can turn into a big fight. They should also look after their children’s health as they are chances that they can suffer from high fever or any blood-related ailments.

Remedy: Chant “Om Kram Krim Kraum Seh Bhaumaya Namaha” (ॐ क्राम क्रीम क्रौम सः भौमाय नम:) during this period.


Planet Mars will transit in the 4th house which will make the home environment happy and peaceful. But one should be careful about the evil eye and can also consult our panel of world-famous astrologers to protect their family from any sort of negativity. The Taurus ascendants should also take care of their parent's health. The life partner of such natives can get a promotion at the workplace and will be appreciated by the seniors for his/her performance. The individual is advised to keep a check on eating habits and should consume only healthy food as much as possible.

Remedy: The native should donate pomegranates on Tuesday.

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Planet Mars will transit in the 3rd house in the native’s Kundli this will boost the energy level of the individual. In this transit period, the Gemini ascendants will be able to work more than their ability and as a result, they will be able to achieve their goal. They can also go on a short trip which can bring them favorable results in the future. Also, the results in legal cases will be in their favor. The natives who are studying will get the desired results in their area of focus. They are advised to take help from their classmates if they want to understand the concept in a better way.

Remedy: Donate Jaggery on Tuesdays if you need favorable results.


Mars will transit in the 2nd house as a result, the native will use the monetary resources wisely in this period. The 2nd house also represents an individual's speech. As Mars will be posited in this house then it can make an individual rude and aggressive. Such a person should think twice before speaking because his/her rudeness can hurt others. The ones who are in love can face a lot of problems in telling their viewpoints to their partner. The natives who are studying will get favorable results, as they will bring a positive change in their lives by doing well in studies.

Remedy: These people are advised to wear Anantmool root (Hemidesmus) around their neck or arm, as per their suitability for bringing a positive change in life.

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Planet Mars will transit in the ascendant house of the native's horoscope. This house depicts one’s behavior, physical pleasures, beauty, and caliber. One is advised not to indulge in any argument because it can create more problems in the future. Problems can also arise both at the personal and business level therefore, the native is advised to stay calm and give his/her 100 percent in both the places. This period will enhance the self-confidence of a person as a result, they will be able to present their viewpoint in front of others powerfully. To make the marital life a pleasant one, one should opt for different ways to please the partner.

Remedy: Place a Mangal Yantra on Tuesday in your home.


The 12th house represents expenses and Planet Mars will be transitting in this house in the Kundli of the Virgo ascendants. When Mars will be posited in this house then the expenses of a person will increase speedily. There are chances that some can also travel to different places for work. But these people are advised to stay away from illegal activities because it can cause imprisonment or can also come out with some dreadful consequences. Those who are in school should study according to their time table for favorable results.

Remedy: These people should donate red lentils (masoor daal) on Tuesday.

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This transit period is partially beneficial for the Libra ascendants. Planet Mars will transit in the 11th house, which is the house of profits. The native will get exceptional returns and there are chances that a long-awaited wish may get fulfilled in this period. But on the other hand, the partners of such natives can witness a rough time with them. But, they will manage to overcome the moments of disagreement. The health of children requires special attention. These people should also take care of their parent's health.

Remedy: Offer jaggery (Gud) and gram (chana) to monkeys on Tuesday.


Planet Mars will transit in the 10th house which is for an individual’s profession. The natives can get favorable results at the workplace like promotion, raise in salary, supporting colleagues, and appreciation from seniors, in particular, boss. But these people should never bring ego and pride in their attitude because this will harm their performance and as a result, they will not be able to achieve their goal. Those who are unemployed can also get a job in this transit period. Marital life needs attention therefore, an individual is advised to talk to the partner amicably because otherwise, the situation can get worse.

Remedy: Observe fasts on Tuesday.

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Mars will transit in the 9th house, this house depicts different aspects like luck, religion, and father. The Saggitarius ascendants will focus more on their work in this transit period and there are chances that they will achieve something bigger in life because of their dedication and hard work. The individual should avoid engaging in an argument with the father because it will only worsen the relations with him. The love life will go smooth with some minor challenges that the native will handle easily.

Remedy: Offer Sindhoor to Lord Hanuman every Tuesday.


Planet Mars will transit in the 8th house as a result, the person is advised to take a balanced diet and exercise regularly to keep health problems away. They should also drive carefully because serious injuries can take place in this period. Analyze a person properly before lending money to him/her. The health of the siblings can also decline in this period therefore, the native should take care of them. Those who are in school should stay away from the influence of the negative company. The importance of time must be recognized, which is why it should not be invested in the wrong people.

Remedy: Worship a red-colored idol of Lord Ganesha.

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Planet Mars will make its transit in the 7th of the Aquarius ascendants. This transit depicts the person's companion and any sort of partnership. These people will get wonderful results in the workplace and will get a lot of appreciation from the seniors for their work. Marital life can face a lot of problems. Heated arguments will take away the happiness from the relationship therefore, one is advised not to indulge in any argument with the partner. As communication is the key to all the problems, so one should keep interacting with his/her partner and share your thoughts without any hesitation.

Remedy: Donate wheat on Tuesdays.


Planet Mars will transit in the 6th house, this house represents enemies. This means that the native will have to face obstacles in different aspects of life. But, with immense hard work and dedication, one can easily face adverse situations of life. Students who are preparing for competitive exams will get favorable results in their field with the guidance of experienced teachers. In case they have already appeared for the exams, there are chances that they can pass with flying colors. The verdicts of the legal cases will come in your favor.

Remedy: Chant "Om Bhumidayai Namah" (ॐ भूमिदायै नमः) mantra regularly.

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This Mars transit will affect all the zodiac signs but necessary precautions can be taken to reduce the Mars transit 2019 effects. The effects of this transit can be treated with proper astrological remedies and for this, you can talk to astrologer. One can also talk to our panel of world-famous astrologers’ for getting 100% assurance regarding these remedies. Talk to an Astrologer Online and get 5 minutes extra talk time added in your consultation time, automatically.

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