Labh Panchami 2019

By: Future Point | 28-Oct-2019
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Labh Panchami 2019

The festival of Labh Panchami or Labh Pancham marks the final day of Diwali celebrations. This festival is celebrated on the fifth day (Panchami) during the Kartik month in the Shukla Paksha as per the Hindu Calendar. This day is also popular by its various other names such as ‘Lakheni Panchami’, ‘Gyan Panchami’, ‘Saubhagya Panchami’ or ‘Labh Pancham’.

It is considered as the most popular festival in the state of Gujarat. In Gujarat, people celebrate this festival with full joy and fervor and worship and offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for immense wealth and prosperity. On the Labh Panchami day, people open their business establishments and shops. In the regions of Gujarat, it is officially considered the first day of the Gujarati New year.

Perform Laxmi Puja on Labh Panchami to welcome Maa Lakshmi’s grace in your life. Performed by learned brahmin priests, the pujan promises abundance & wealth in your life.

Labh Panchami 2019 date

This year, Labh Panchami will fall on 1st November 2019, Friday.

Labh Panchami Muhurat

November 01, 1:01 am - November 02, 12:51 am

Significance of Labh Panchami

The occasion of Labh Panchami is related to the festival of lights, Diwali. The term ‘Labh’ denotes benefit and thus the day is recognized for bringing prosperity and good luck in the lives of the individuals.

In Gujarat, people believe that by performing the Labh Panchami puja, they get bestowed with good fortune, wealth and happiness on both professional and personal front.

This Hindu festival is considered to be the most significant and auspicious day for starting or establishing a new business venture.

If you are looking to start a new business this Labh Panchami, you can consult an Astrologer to know the favorable time or place according to your planetary position.

Diwali Labh Panchami 2019

Day of Diwali festival is the most important one for Lakshmi-puja and is completely devoted to the propitiation of Goddess Lakshmi. In Gujarat, Diwali festivities culminate on the day of Labh Panchami and this day is said to be really auspicious for every devotee. It is believed that puja performed on the day of Labh Panchami brings benefits of good luck, success, prosperity, and harmony in the life of the devotee. Hindu devotees, especially in the state of Gujarat believe that performing Labh Panchami puja on this day will help you attain wealth, success and good fortune on both personal and professional front. According to the Hindu scriptures, Labh is termed as

Laabhasteshaam Jayasteshaam Kutasteshaam Paraajayaha,
Yeshaam Indeevara Shyam Hrudayam Tho Janardhana.

Rituals of Labh Panchami

  • On the day of Labh Panchami, individuals perform the ritual of Sharda Puja if they have missed it at the time of Diwali.
  • All people belonging to the business community, open their business establishments and shops on this particular day and perform puja of the new account ledgers.
  • Businesspersons worship and offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha on this day to seek their blessings for a successful year ahead.
  • Relatives and friends visit each others’ places and exchange greetings along with sweets and gifts as a symbol of love.
  • In some specific cultures, devotees worship their books for enhancing their knowledge and wisdom.
  • Individuals can also donate money, clothes, food and other essential things to the needy and poor people on this auspicious day.

Future Point wishes you Happy Labh Panchami. May Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi bestow all their blessings on each and every devotee.

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