Krishna Janmashtami 2018 : Significance, Date & Time, Puja Muhurat

By: Future Point | 30-Aug-2018
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Krishna Janmashtami 2018 : Significance, Date & Time, Puja Muhurat

Janmashtami is the celebration of birth of lord Krishan. Each year the English dates of Janmashtami would change, but as per the Hindu calendar the celebration was carried out on the 8th day of Krishan Paksha (dark fortnight) in the Shravan month. Accordingly, Janmashtami 2018 date would be celebrated on 3rd September 2018 and on the 4th September 2018 would be Dahi Handi. Now, Ashtami or the 8th house in itself has a mythological significance. Since, lord Krishna happened to be the 8th avatar of Lord Maha-Vishnu, from the series of Dasha Avatar, his arrival on the 8th day of the fortnight was predicated.

Again, the 8th day of the fortnight is ruled by lord Saturn (lord of Justice and punishment), hence it is also said in astrological parlance that Lord Krishna had to take the help of Lord Saturn or Shani Dev as he had to bring an end of the evil spread by his uncle Kansa. Hence, Krishna-Ashtami or Gokul-Ashtami is given importance pan India, as it is believed that Lord Krishna would take birth every year on Janmashtami, and whenever there is a rise of evil deeds in the society, the end will be met only in the hand of the divine almighty.

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In India, it is believed that Lord Krishna took birth in Mathura, in present day Uttar Pradesh. Though he was raised at Gokul by his Foster parents Nanda and Yashoda. Therefore, the temple of Krishna at Mathura even today celebrates Janmashtami with complete lavishness and blissfulness. Any one visiting Mathura around this time is consider to be directly blessed by lord Krishna himself on the auspicious day and Muhurat. So, Krishna Janmashtami 2018 will have two auspicious dates. 3rd September is the date of birth and 4th on Navami, happens to be Dahi Handi, where native ape like Lord Krishna.

Krishna who stole butter milk by climbing on top of his friends and created havoc in Gokul, a similar style is practised not only in Mathura but across India. In fact, here Dahi means “Butter milk” and Handi means “Earthen Pot”. In the modern days, native would form a group and hunt for Dahi handi, excitedly like lord Krishan did. However, in the modern days, instead of Dahi, a small token of appreciation in the form of Money is stored in the Earthen pot. These small groups will then climb on each other forming a human ladder and then break the Dahi handi (earthen pot). Whatever cash price will be stored in the Dahi Handi, is the mark of appreciation to the group.

So, the Janmashtami Muhurat is between 2nd and 3rd September 2018, around 23:57 PM to 24:43 PM which is approx. 45 mins. This is the time it is believed that lord Krishna was born. How to celebrate Janmashtami Festive 2018? Generally, people do observe fast on the date of Janmashtami. The same can be followed on a religious grounds. On Religious ground means, people end the fast on the time when both Rohini nakshatra and Ashtami tithi would end. By this the pay their respect to lord Krishna.

Along with the same, in the modern times, natives do organise Dance, Music and Orchestra around their place of residence to keep the entire day lively. Sometimes even prayers are organised where various poojas are arranged for the well being of the society. Sometimes, native also dramatize the entire childhood of lord Krishna till that of killing of his uncle Kansa. These are small plays in and around one’s society. Thus, there is no dearth of any activities during Krishna Janmashtami and one can organise similar activities in 2018 too.

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Krishna Janmashtami 2018

2nd September

Nishita Puja Time– 23:57 to 00:43

Parana Time– After 20:05 (3rd September)

Rohini Nakshatra End Time- 20:05

Ashtami Tithi Begins – 20:47 (2nd September)

Ashtami Tithi Ends – 19:19 (3rd September)

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