Karwa Chauth 2020: Meaning & Rituals

By: Future Point | 03-Nov-2020
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Karwa Chauth 2020: Meaning & Rituals

As per Hindu religion, Karwa Chauth or Karva Chauth is the most important festival celebrated by married couples in the North Indian states of India. Coinciding with Sankashti Chaturthi, the fast observed for Lord Ganesha- Karva Chauth falls in the Hindu Month of Kartik during the krishna paksha. As per the scriptures, married women are to observe a fast on this day to pray for a blissful married life. As per the Amanta Calendar that is followed in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and South Indian states, Karva Chauth falls in the month of Ashwin, however the dates still remain the same. 

The stringent rituals followed by women on Karwa Chauth include fasting for the entire day until moonrise and then breaking it with complete Hindu rituals. As is believed, the Karwa Chauth fast bestows long life to the man and keeps the married life long and fulfilling life. Girls and unmarried women also observe this fast in order to get a good husband. 

With the coming of age, many people believe that it is regressive and sets a wrong precedent for the generations to follow. However, there are many couples who fast for each other pray the goddess for a blissful married life with their soulmate.  

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Karwa Chauth Festival Date in 2020 & 2021

In 2020, Karva Chauth will be celebrated on 04th November 2021, Wednesday. The festival is commemorated every year on the fourth day, i.e. Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu Month of Kartik. The Chaturthi Tithi will begin at 03:24 a.m. of Karwa Chauth of November 4th 2020 and will last till 05: 14 a.m. of November 5th 2020. 

In 2021, Karwa Chauth will be celebrated on 24th October 2021. The Chaturthi tithi will begin at 03:01 a.m. on 24th October 2021 and will last till 05:43 a.m. on 25th October 2021.  

Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat in 2020

Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat: 05:34 P.M. to 06:52 P.M. 

Duration: 1 Hour 18 Minutes

Karva Chauth Upavas Time (Fast Time): 06:35 A.M. to 08:12 P.M. 

Duration of Fast: 13 Hours 37 Minutes

Karva Chauth Moonrise Time: 08: 12 P.M. 

Significance of Karva Chauth 

With modern times rolling in, the festival of Karva Chauth has somehow faced the brunt of the people who oppose the patriarchal structure prevalent in the society. People have started believing in and fighting for equality. They believe in standing up for equal rights and creating a better world for the generations to come. Since time immemorial, Karwa Chauth festival has been earmarked as the day when women fast for the long life of their husbands. In today’s light, the entire structure boils down to women starving themselves in order to pray for the long life of their husbands and being subordinate to them. However, that is far from the truth!

Couples today celebrate the festival of Karva Chauth as the day of love and humility. It has come to signify the true essence of marriage, wherein both the husband and wife pray to the almighty for a union that lasts through time & challenges. They pray for the long life of their spouse, to stay together through thick and thin, in better or in worse. 

To everyone who got married in 2020, may you face only the bright and happy times and stick with each other through every obstacle. May you be brave in the face of adversities and your love hold its true essence in the years to come. 

How to observe Karwa Chauth Fast in 2020?!

Since many of the married couples will be celebrating Karwa Chauth for the first time in 2020, it is understandable that there will be many questions on how to celebrate it and how not to. Since time immemorial, the fast has been observed by married women and women who have been betrothed to get married soon, but with the change in power dynamics in the world- men and women are both celebrating this festival as the true test of love. Due to Covid-19 there can be certain limitations as to how you can celebrate this day or if it is safe to even go outside. However, with Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha in Engligh & Hindi, you can perform the Pujan & Katha right at your home. 

The Karwa Chauth ritual includes observing a fast wherein you are only allowed to consume anything before sunrise and eat only after moonrise. All married women and unmarried women are to keep a fast for the long lufe of their spouses by not eating or drinking anything for the entire day. The Karwa Chauth fast ends by offering water to the moon and eating from your partner’s hands. 

Karwa Chauth Fasting Story

  • Karwa Chauth Vrat Story in English

Once upon a time, in a village afar a moneylender had 7 sons and a daughter, whom he named Karva. After her marriage, the daughter Karva observed a fast on the day of Karva Chauth festival. As the dinner time arrived, the family sat down to eat, but Karva denied eating anything. The brothers insisted their sister to eat as well, but she refused vehemently as the moon was still nowhere in sight. As per the traditions of Karva Chauth, the women can only eat once they have offered water to the moon. The brothers loved their sister dearly and could not have dinner, while knowing that their sister had not eaten anything since dawn. 

The brothers started thinking of ways they could trick their sister into eating food. The youngest brother came up with a plan. He lit a lamp behind the thick leaves of a banyan tree, which gave the slight illusion of moon to the sister. Upon making her believe that it is the moon, Karva offered water to the supposed moon and sat down to have her first meal of the day. Just as she gulped the first bite, she sneezed. When she eats the second piece, she finds a strand of hair in it. And just as she eats the third bite, she gets the news of her husband’s demise. She is mortified upon learning this. Karva’s sister-in-law comes and break the news of the brothers’ trickery and the truth as to why this happened to her. Due to the wrongdoing of her brothers, Karva had to face the wrath of gods. 

After getting to know the truth, Karva decides that she will not allow her husband to be cremated and will be able to revive him from the dead with her perseverance. She sits near her husband's body for a whole year. Looks after him and collects the dull grass that grows around him.

After a year, the day of Karva Chauth festival comes again. All her sisters-in-law observe the fast of Karva Chauth. When sisters-in-law come to seek her blessings after the puja, she urges each of them to pray to the almighty for her married life. But every single one of them refuses and asks her to ask the other one. 

In this way, when the wife of the sixth brother comes in, Karva repeats the same thing to her. This sister-in-law tells her that since her fast was broken because of the youngest brother, his wife only has the power to resurrect your husband. So when she comes to seek your blessing, you should hold her until she agrees to help you and resurrect your husband. Having said that, she leaves.

At the end comes the younger sister-in-law. Karva urges her to make her a suhagin too and resurrect her husband. She starts avoiding Karva’s line of questioning and tells her that she can’t help her. Karva starts asserting her might and begs the sister-in-law to help her. She tries getting rid of her but to no avail.

Finally, seeing her perseverance, the sister-in-law obliges and promises to help Karva out of her misery. She rips her little finger out and puts nectar out of it in her husband's mouth. Karva's husband immediately wakes up from his deep slumber chanting “Shree Ganesh-Shree Ganesh”. In this way, Karva gets her husband back from the dead through her younger sister-in-law.

O Lord Ganesha - Maa Gauri, kindly bestow us all with the gift of long married life, just like you gave to Karva.

  • Karva Chauth story in Hindi

बहुत समय पहले की बात है, एक साहूकार के सात बेटे और उनकी एक बहन करवा थी। सभी सातों भाई अपनी बहन से बहुत प्यार करते थे। यहां तक कि वे पहले उसे खाना खिलाते और बाद में स्वयं खाते थे। एक बार उनकी बहन ससुराल से मायके आई हुई थी।

शाम को भाई जब अपना व्यापार-व्यवसाय बंद कर घर आए तो देखा उनकी बहन बहुत व्याकुल थी। सभी भाई खाना खाने बैठे और अपनी बहन से भी खाने का आग्रह करने लगे, लेकिन बहन ने बताया कि उसका आज करवा चौथ का निर्जल व्रत है और वह खाना सिर्फ चंद्रमा को देखकर उसे अर्घ्‍य देकर ही खा सकती है। चूंकि चंद्रमा अभी तक नहीं निकला है, इसलिए वह भूख-प्यास से व्याकुल हो उठी है।

सबसे छोटे भाई को अपनी बहन की हालत देखी नहीं जाती और वह दूर पीपल के पेड़ पर एक दीपक जला कर चलनी की ओट में रख देता है। दूर से देखने पर वह ऐसा प्रतीत होता है कि जैसे चतुर्थी का चाँद उदित हो रहा हो।

इसके बाद भाई अपनी बहन को बताता है कि चाँद निकल आया है, तुम उसे अर्घ्य देने के बाद भोजन कर सकती हो। बहन खुशी के मारे सीढ़ियों पर चढ़कर चाँद को देखती है, उसे अर्घ्‍य देकर खाना खाने बैठ जाती है।

वह पहला टुकड़ा मुंह में डालती है तो उसे छींक आ जाती है। दूसरा टुकड़ा डालती है तो उसमें बाल निकल आता है और जैसे ही तीसरा टुकड़ा मुंह में डालने की कोशिश करती है तो उसके पति की मृत्यु का समाचार उसे मिलता है। वह बौखला जाती है। उसकी भाभी उसे सच्चाई से अवगत कराती है कि उसके साथ ऐसा क्यों हुआ। करवा चौथ का व्रत गलत तरीके से टूटने के कारण देवता उससे नाराज़ हो गए हैं और उन्होंने ऐसा किया है। सच्चाई जानने के बाद करवा निश्चय करती है कि वह अपने पति का अंतिम संस्कार नहीं होने देगी और अपने सतीत्व से उन्हें पुनर्जीवन दिलाकर रहेगी। वह पूरे एक साल तक अपने पति के शव के पास बैठी रहती है। उसकी देखभाल करती है। उसके ऊपर उगने वाली सूईनुमा घास को वह एकत्रित करती जाती है।

एक साल बाद फिर करवा चौथ का दिन आता है। उसकी सभी भाभियां करवा चौथ का व्रत रखती हैं। जब भाभियां उससे आशीर्वाद लेने आती हैं तो वह प्रत्येक भाभी से 'यम सूई ले लो, पिय सूई दे दो, मुझे भी अपनी जैसी सुहागिन बना दो' ऐसा आग्रह करती है, लेकिन हर बार भाभी उसे अगली भाभी से आग्रह करने का कह चली जाती है।

इस प्रकार जब छठे नंबर की भाभी आती है तो करवा उससे भी यही बात दोहराती है। यह भाभी उसे बताती है कि चूंकि सबसे छोटे भाई की वजह से उसका व्रत टूटा था अतः उसकी पत्नी में ही शक्ति है कि वह तुम्हारे पति को दोबारा जीवित कर सकती है, इसलिए जब वह आए तो तुम उसे पकड़ लेना और जब तक वह तुम्हारे पति को जिंदा न कर दे, उसे नहीं छोड़ना। ऐसा कह कर वह चली जाती है।

सबसे अंत में छोटी भाभी आती है। करवा उनसे भी सुहागिन बनने का आग्रह करती है, लेकिन वह टालमटोली करने लगती है। इसे देख करवा उन्हें जोर से पकड़ लेती है और अपने सुहाग को जिंदा करने के लिए कहती है। भाभी उससे छुड़ाने के लिए नोचती है, खसोटती है, लेकिन करवा नहीं छोड़ती है।

अंत में उसकी तपस्या को देख भाभी पसीज जाती है और अपनी छोटी अंगुली को चीरकर उसमें से अमृत उसके पति के मुंह में डाल देती है। करवा का पति तुरंत श्रीगणेश-श्रीगणेश कहता हुआ उठ बैठता है। इस प्रकार प्रभु कृपा से उसकी छोटी भाभी के माध्यम से करवा को अपना सुहाग वापस मिल जाता है।

हे श्री गणेश- मां गौरी जिस प्रकार करवा को चिर सुहागन का वरदान आपसे मिला है, वैसा ही सब सुहागिनों को मिले।

Want to know the correct details of Karwa Chauth's story, then read Karva Chauth Katha online in order to recite it correctly and this will take very less time. 

Puja Vidhi for Karva Chauth fast

  • As per the traditions, women are to consume the 'sargi' before sunrise. The mother-in-law is supposed to offer the food, which must be consumed before sunrise. 
  • After taking a bath in the morning, women are to clean the place of worship, the temple at home. 
  • The food for fasting, or the 'sargi'  must be the only food that the women consume before observing the Karva Chauth fast. 
  • The Karwa Chauth fast is observed from sunrise to sunset; wherein the one who fasts must not eat or drink anything. Only after moonrise, the fast is to be broken and food consumed. 
  • At the time of Karwa Chauth Puja, place the idol of Goddess Parvati on a platform in order to prepare for the pujan.
  • Equip the Puja altar with Dhoop, incense sticks, chandan (sandalwood paste), Vermillion (sindoor), roli, and kalash. 
  • It's imperative that you start the Puja at least one hour prior to the moon sighting. 
  • The married women must sit in a circle and listen to the Karva Chauth Vrat Katha. 
  • Once the katha is complete, worship the goddess and offer her vermillion and sweets while praying for a long union with your partner. 

Future Point wishes you a happy and fulfilling Karva Chauth in 2020. May this year be the blessing that you have been eagerly waiting for!

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