Jupiter will transit in Scorpio on 11th October, know your horoscope

By: Future Point | 10-Oct-2018
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Jupiter will transit in Scorpio on 11th October, know your horoscope

In astrology, Jupiter is the most auspicious planet. It ruled the field of parenthood, marriage and wealth in life. Jupiter is also known as guru. This planet stands for development, growth and optimism. If this planet favors you, then success and good fortune comes along with you. Your hard works reflects in your success. Jupiter transit 2018 vedic astrology is very important. In vedic astrology Jupiter Transit In Scorpio 2018 is considered significant because guru gives success in life.

Jupiter Transit 2018 Retrograde

Jupiter will transit into scorpio on 11th October, 2018, Thursday at 8.30 p.m and it will be posited in virgo till march 30, 2019, Saturday at 3.11 a.m. let’s know about the effect of Jupiter transit on you zodiac sign.



Guru will transit in your 8th house. Good luck will not favor you. You may fail in your work because of this. Money loss chances are also there. Be careful in business or investment related matters. Do not trust anyone blindly. Take advice before investing your money. Be kind with others.

Remedy : om gram greem gron sah gurave namah, chant this mantra to get good results from guru.



Jupiter will transit in the 7th house of your sign. This house signifies life partner and married life. Your married life will be harmonious. Control your anger and respect your partner’s feelings and emotions. You can start your business at this time; it will be very fruitful for you. Think wisely before taking any decision related to your job, career, business or money.

Remedy : on every Thursday, donate turmeric or split chickpeas. Daily feed cows.



This planet will transit in your 6th house. Enemies can harm you, so be cautious. Keep calm and discuss your problems with your friends and others. You may work hard to achieve success in this period. In professional life, you may face many problems and troubles. Conflict in business or marriage is also possible. Expenses will be increase this time.

Remedy : daily feed cows and donate sugar to Brahmin.



Guru will transit in the 5th house of your zodiac sign. It is a good indication for you. You may get a new member in your family. Government or exercise authority may benefit you. In this period, higher officials of the government department will support you. You can learn new and intellect things at this time.

Remedy : om gram greem gron sah gurave namah, chant this mantra to get good results from guru.



Jupiter will transit in the 4th house of your zodiac. This position of guru may be harmful for you. Conflict may be with your friends and relatives. Be calm and control your anger or words. There can be auspicious ceremony in your home. You will spend quality and good time with your partner. Take special care of your mother. Mental stress can disturb you in your personal life.

Remedy : on Thursday worship banana tree.



Virgo’s 3rd house is occupied with Jupiter. You may face challenges in your business life. Be more cautious at this time. Strategize before putting your money and time in work. For employees, this time will be tough. Health issues are also there.

Remedy : lit a camphor in your house daily.



The planet will transit in your 2nd house. This is the house of wealth. your wealth will be increase. Profit from investment is also there. Your personality will improve. Professional life becomes more easy and fruitful. Seniors will praise your hard work.

Remedy : on Thursday, to praise Jupiter donate pure ghee.



Jupiter will transit in your 1st house. You may face some problems and troubles in life at this time. Long distance travel is also there. Avoid wasting money. Mental stress will be high, so don’t lose patience. It is advised to plan carefully before investing money in share market.

Remedy : perform rudra abhishek.



Guru will transit in your 12th house. Mental stress will be high for you. Be patient and calm. Property related dispute may arise at this time. Monetary losses chances are also there. Argument can happen with family member.

Remedy : worship guru yantra regularly.



The planet will transit in you 11th house. Businessman and salaried people will get better results. Promotion at workplace can be done. You may expand you business. You may also welcome new member in your family. Married life will be happy and satisfied.

Remedy : on every Thursday, water peepal tree.



Jupiter will transit in your 10th house which represents your job and business. Your fortune may not favor you. Health may be affected badly. Mind and mental health will also be affected by this. You will really work hard to achieve success in your life in this period.

Remedy : keep yellow color handkerchief in your pocket.



Jupiter will transit in the 9th house of your zodiac sign. You will get new opportunities in career. There may be promotion or salary increment. Work hard to achieve success. Travelling religious places will be beneficial in long run.

Remedy : on Thursday, wear yellow sapphire ring or locket.

If this Jupiter transit is unfruitful and inauspicious for you then you should take Jupiter transit report. This report will help you to understand your situation better.

Read Jupiter Transit Report: Jupiter Transit Report 2018

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