Jupiter Transit in Scorpio 2018: Know How Will It Impact Your Moon Sign

By: Future Point | 11-Oct-2018
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Jupiter Transit in Scorpio 2018: Know How Will It Impact Your Moon Sign

Transit of Jupiter from Libra to Scorpio: on 11th October 2018, timing 19:23 Approx.

Jupiter is one of the important benevolent planets which takes 13 months to transit from one moon sign to the other. Thus, the transit of Jupiter is considered highly auspicious to every moon sign that receives its grace. Presently, in the year 2019, Jupiter would move from Libra to Scorpio Moon sing on 11th October 2018. He would stay in the same sign, until 29th March 2019, and move to Sagittarius Moon sign. Again, around 23rd April 2019, Jupiter would move back to Scorpio Moon sign, in retrograde motion. Thus, every Moon sign, will have a short impact around this time and each of you readers can check your Jupiter transit report for free, below.

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Jupiter transit effects for Aries Moon sign:


For Aries Moon sign, Jupiter is the Lord of 9th house and 12th house. To your moon sign, the dynamics would change. The time is very auspicious to get married, especially if engaged recently. This would be a new chapter in your personal life, so expectations would be high. Learn to balance the expectations as this would not disturb your equations with near and dear ones. In case if your spouse suffered from ill health recently, then they would see improvement in health through medication.

You may touch your savings for this. Ideally go for a comprehensive insurance health plan giving maximum coverage. This would save you money and efforts. Later, some of you would visit a faraway Pilgrim, this would bring peace of mind and prosperity. Also, those engaged in family property disputes, would see amicable solutions. But yes, this would require some give and take arrangement as the net result should be neutral. No party should be displeased with the arrangement. The only word of caution is not to initiate anything new during this transit. The ensure can be adverse...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Taurus Moon sign:


The much-awaited Jupiter Transit in Scorpio, is here to grace Taurus Moon sign. This will be highly beneficial. The lord of 8th and 11th house would be in 7th house to your sign. Until now, the wrath of Saturn in the 8th house from your Moon sign, reduced the positivities to share with others. But now, with Jupiter moving to the 7th house to your sign, would make you over enthusiastic. At the onset, your health would improve dramatically. Ailments in the past would subside and weight gain is likely. With this, many of your pending task would again get momentum.

Those who lost their job recently or looking for better opportunity, would see immediate gains. This would also reflect in Monetary achievements. Also, for few, an official Foreign travel is likely on the cards. Expansion of business activities are likely and again; New opportunities would open doors for you. New insights and better knowledge would improve your personality. Especially students would impress their mentors and evaluators with conviction. Differences of opinion in Personal life will be settled amicable, and improvement in bonding will make married life romantic...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Gemini Moon sign:


To your Moon sign, Jupiter Moves from the 5th to the 6th house. Thus, the first improvement that you would witness is respect amongst masses. The Juniors in your team will look up to you for solution to their problems. This would enhance your professional success. If into business, then your partner would look up to you for fresh ideas. Success in all your endeavours would have a divine touch. Thus, your achievements would be assured through dedication and hard work. Many of you would even introspect and evaluate your professional skills.

There by the vision to achieve your goals will get clearer. Hence do prioritise your achievements accordingly. As an advice, put you best foot forward. This would give you immediate results and boost your confidence. Students would focus more on practicals than on theory, thereby their orientation towards real life problems would get sharpened. Even at personal life, relationship with your paternal side would see improvement. They would gel with you now. Maintain a fitness plan, as health can be delicate occasionally...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Cancer Moon sign:


For Cancer Moon sign, Jupiter is the lordship of 6th house and 9th house, and moving to the 5th house from your sign. The long confusion created by Rahu and Ketu transit on your sign would be paused for ever. There would be the support of intelligence and this would form a bed rock to overcome all your rivals. Thus, luck factor which was missing in your life would come in to rescue you. The Jupiter transit in Scorpio will be highly beneficial. Support of your younger brother-in-law or sister-in-law would come as a timely grace.

There by you shall remain happy and relaxed. Also, with the 5th house getting activated, time is perfect to raise a family by the newly married. Progeny related matters would enhance happiness and personal gains. Again, a special time for those in the field of creativity, Information Technology and journalism. Your intellectual efforts would receive overall appreciation. Those into legal professional or handling litigation for their clients would logical conclude the case. Thereby enhancing your professional capabilities...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Leo Moon sign:


For Leo Moon sign Jupiter is the lord of 5th and 8th house to your sign. This transit to the 4th house will bring domestic peace. Long fought quarrels with your spouse would see some amicable solution. For students, this transit would bring encouraging results. Efforts would fructify as per your plan. This will be the time where you would come across a new mentor or teacher. With their guidance, your learning curve would improve. Make sure you respect their views and gain from them. Now, those looking for some ease in work pressure shall expect positivities during this transit.

Especially, government employee who are aspiring favourable transfers and positions, will be rewarded accordingly. This may not come with timely increments in pay, but eventually you would be blessed with the same. Those who bought a house recently or constructed a new one, would finally plan their house warming ceremony. But at the same time, women would spend more time in beautifying their house. Make sure you do not stretch your budgets as this would leave you penny less in future...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Virgo Moon sign:


For Virgo Moon sign, Jupiter owns the 4th and the 7th house and shall move to the 3rd house during this transit. Thus, your speech would be impressive and you would win good friends around this time. Your exposition would be impressive. Thus, gains are expected to be high and you would leave a good mark upon others. Those completing their course in Journalism would get immediate internship. Take up the offer as this would expand your professional horizon. Even those into teaching activity, would be impressive during this transit of Jupiter.

You can get additional assignments to work as part time faculty member with reputed institutes. Grab the opportunities with both the hands. Strategies your communication accordingly as this would need some preparation. To some of you, your younger sibling would bring joyous movements in your life. Do collaborate with them as this would give you maximise gains. Also, short trips would increase now. This would bring mixed results as partially the endeavour would be wasteful. But use your analytical experience in such situations as this would turn the outcome, beneficial...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Libra Moon sign:


For Libra, the transit of Jupiter is the luckiest. Jupiter the lord f 3rd and 6th house would move to the 2nd house to your sign. The immediate benefit that one would see is the rise in income and bank balance. This would delight you as the relief would come on timely manner. This transit of Jupiter would bring overall gains to your sign. Many good incidents in your life would bless you with positive gains. Good food, travel to exotic destinations, aspiration to comfort and luxury would bring happy movements in your life.

Also, the impediments that blocked progress recently, would subside substantially. Thereby your competitors would be disturbed. They would find ways and means to collaborate with you. Make sure you negotiate your terms accordingly. This would give you an upper hand and your name and fame would reach nook and corner. Towards the end of this Transit, your personal and professional life would be transformed completely. Much gains can be expected by your sign during this Jupiter transit...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Scorpio Moon sign:


The Sign of Mars, Jupiter is the Yoga-Karaka to your sign. Jupiter owns the 2nd and the 5th house from your sign shall move to your 1st house. This transit would bring a halt to the expenditure that you suffered for long. You will face a financial growth. Your romantic relationship will bring you success. It’s a progressive phase for education. You will make gains in the share market. Those into sports activities will succeed as well.

Make necessary preparations as this would help budding students. With the last of Saturn, sade sathi, the wrath of Saturn would be put to halt, permanently. For the past one, year your sign suffered the most. But, now a new beginning is likely. Many of you would start a business. This would flourish eventually. You’re ready to live life on your conditions, and spend more time, energy or money doing what you love. You may change your appearance or style. If so, it goes hand in hand with a shift in attitude and perspective. Actions will lead to results, so put a special adventure on the agenda...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Sagittarius Moon sign:


For Sagittarius Jupiter is the lord of the 1st house and 4th house, would move to the 12th house from your sign. You will feel strong both in mind and body though occasionally you would suffer from fatigue. With little rest, you would easily overcome the same. You will see positive developments in the context of movable and immovable properties. But please ensure that the title is clear. Those pursuing higher education will do well, especially in research. You will be reflective, or finally take the sabbatical you have been dreaming about in career.

Do experiment which would bring you happiness and satisfaction in career. An excursion or a relaxing trip is also likely. You can try this before starting anything new. Take time and sit quietly when confused. As soon as you would turn pensive, then you would be blessed with outcome and desired result. You will be very productive when working alone lead a life in seclusion. But only in professional life. Your personal life will be less busy, as you may not want socialising or large family events. Take some time for personal growth too...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Capricorn Moon sign:


To Capricorn Moon sign, Jupiter in the lord of 3rd and 12th house lord and to your sign, Jupiter would move to the 11th house. This is the time, when you would come across some spiritual guru. They would be true guide to you and their direction will be enlightening. You will experience more activities and enjoy blissful movements with them. Further you would enjoy a better relationship with one and all. You may go on a long pilgrimage or other long-distanced travel.

Your networks and any organisations to which you belong will be the secrets to success. Friends will provide you clues to job offers, dating prospects or timely support. You will meet a benefactor who may provide you a helping hand, or discover the many benefits of membership in a prestigious community. Such association will be long lasting and soothing emotionally. It’s also a good time to mix up and meet new people, as this transit will enable you to expand your social and professional circles, both in real life and online. Happy events with friends are going to happen...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Aquarius Moon sign:


Aquarius Moon sign, Jupiter is very auspicious planet to you. Being the owner of 2nd house and 11th house transit in the 10th house is very auspicious. You will share a good relationship with your father. They would be true driving force in your lift as they would benefit you in all walks of life. Respect and Honour is very much part of your life and you would be graced with the same. On the professional front, you may get a promotion or may be assigned a new post. You may gain respect in public life.

Those in Politics would be entrusted important task and the success of the endeavour would be the reason for your professional growth in your life. Your desire for a more meaningful life is likely to become top priority. This will make you stretch outside your comfort zone, or decide to move forward and explore the world. This transit will bring you closer to your dream life. Knowing what gives your life purpose will help you make the best choices for your soul...Read More

Jupiter transit effects for Pisces Moon sign:


For Pisces Moon sign, Jupiter is the 1st house and 8th house sign and the transit of Jupiter in the 9th house of luck is highly beneficial. You will also make gains on the financial front. Your elder sibling will benefit as well. Since you would collaborate with them to get benefits. You will get more communicative, which will strengthen your bonds. Even in professional life, new initiatives would bring much positive results.

Foreign travel is also likely. You will also make gains on the financial front, especially through foreign sources. Make the most of it, as this would expand your professional circle and growth. This transit gifts you with a positive outlook, and the desire to help others succeed. While your own success looks very likely, you can further enhance your reputation and positive influence by doing what you can to lift those around you. This transit of Jupiter is certainly going to be memorable so ensure you enjoy every movement during this transit...Read More

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