How Feng Shui Tortoise can help bring in wealth & prosperity in 2020?!

By: Future Point | 06-Jan-2020
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How Feng Shui Tortoise can help bring in wealth & prosperity in 2020?!

Feng Shui Tortoise: The Chinese metaphysical philosophy is based on Feng Shui that tends to bring peace and harmony to an environment. Feng Shui has some magical powers that spread positivity and happiness in the environment. With its nuanced vision of providing luxury along with a renowned sense of tranquility, Feng Shui has garnered a huge following in recent times. Not just homes, but offices & workshops are also taking into consideration the Vastu & Feng Shui Tips to enhance wealth & prosperity in life. Always take expert advice before keeping any astrological product in your home or office as a precaution.

In Feng Shui, keeping the animal statue in houses and offices improves the balance of positive and negative energies or Chi (as said in Chinese). Always aim for good feng shui products in order to get good wealth and success. It is said that it is based on the philosophy of “Chi” or “Energy”. The importance of positive energy flow has already been described and emphasized strongly in Vaastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, there are five elements- fire, water, earth, ether, and air.

According to Vastu Shastra and feng shui, Tortoise symbolizes a long life. They are made up of Resins, Metal, glass, Mud, crystals, and wood. Tortoise holds great importance in Feg Shui it carries the map of feng shui, the lo Shu square, on its back. Tortoises carry and channelize the Chi into the house and therefore can be placed in different ways to strengthen various aspects of your personal life as well as professional to spread positive feng shui energy.

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Benefits of Keeping Tortoise at home

  • According to Vastu Expert, the tortoise can be placed in different directions, but the best to place in the back of your house. The tortoise can also become good luck for an individual.
  • You can enhance the power of the tortoise by keeping it close to the water tank or fish tank. They also help in attaining good fortune of wealth, generating income and business opportunity.
  • This Feng Shui product can also help you fight from different kinds of sickness if placed in the “Tien Yi” (health) direction.
  • You can also place the tortoise near your bed head or on a child’s bed the bed in order to cure problems like anxiety, insomnia, etc.
  • The tortoise can also be kept in the water or in a similar depth dish. You can add some water and colored stones to make nice decor as per Vastu Sashtra which brings serenity, harmony, peace, long life, and money in your home.
  • Placing the tortoise near the bedside will take away all your anxieties. This helps in solving the problem of insomnia. It is also advisable to place it near your child's bed if he/she is afraid of sleeping alone.
  • You can add him to your office’s desk as he is too powerful to confront.
  • Keeping tortoise towards the north direction might be best in order to succeed in his/her life. It is believed that having tortoise presence in your home and life bodes very well for making money and having many opportunities to move ahead.
  • You can place a tortoise image or figure in the north direction of your living room to increase your generating income and opportunities for more income and job promotions.
  • An individual can become lucky if he/she places the tortoise towards the Northwest direction of their house. Turtles demonstrate that those who keep working with determination, always wins the race and the turtle empowers you to keep going.
  • If an individual places the tortoise in the east direction then it might benefit the native in attaining a dedicated attitude. The tortoise gives you more refreshing rest and protection while you are sleeping and attracts more income and opportunities to you.
  • To create an aura of positivity and happiness in your home with the remedies that our expert astrologer has to offer, you can also consult online as per your comfort.
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Precaution- Make sure not to keep the tortoise in the kitchen or bathroom.

As per Feng Shui, the tortoise can be used for wish fulfillment too. For this, buy a genuine Feng Shui Tortoise to attain the maximum favorable results. You can consult an expert Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi, Dr. Arun Bansal. He is an expert in the field of Vedic Astrology and Vastu and has the biggest name in the field of Astrology owing to the number of laureates he has to his name.

The proper placing of any Feng Shui items not only can bring you wealth and treasure but also can eradicate evil spirits. If the Feng Shui items are placed in the wrong positions, then they may easily affect your family's health and even make you suffer unexpected financial losses. So it’s better to seek expert advice before keeping any astrological product in your home or office for your own benefit.

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