Holi 2020: Significance, Muhurat, & Rituals

By: Future Point | 02-Mar-2020
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Holi 2020: Significance, Muhurat, & Rituals


Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India, where people rejoice with happiness and joy. Celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun, Holi falls typically at the end of February or beginning of March. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring and the end of winter, and an opportunity to meet family & friends. People are brought together to play and laugh, forget and forgive, and to repair ruptured relationships.

Holika Dahan in 2020 will be celebrated on 09th March 2020 & Rangwali Holi on 10th March 2020.

Muhurat for Holika Dahan in 2020
Holika Dahan Date: 09th March 2020
Holika Dahan Muhurta: 06:26 p.m. to 08:52 p.m.
Duration of Holi Muhurat: 2 hours 26 minutes
Rangwali Holi date: 10th March 2020

The Holi festival is also known as the ‘festival of colour’ or ’ Festival of love’, where people forgive past mistakes and vow to start afresh. Not only in Hindus but it has also become popular with non-Hindus in South Asia, as well as communities outside of the continent. People eagerly wait for this Festival and start preparing for this much earlier by purchasing the powder, kids excitedly practice their aim.

There are some traditions that complete the Holi like, (Rangoli) a traditional Indian art form using coloured sand or powder to decorate a floor, courtyard, or another flat surface. Then, playing with colours is the mandatory thing to do, spraying colours on each other, dance, party; eating festival delicacies are the things to do in this Festival. Last but not least is Decoration. People adorn their homes to make it look more charming. Households are all decked up during this Festival. Here are some of the few steps to embellish your house on this occasion.

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5 Simple ways to prepare your home for Holi:

  • The easiest way to decorate your home on this Holi festival, include some colourful flowers, Garlands of glowing orange blooms are hung for auspicious reasons, and flowers like Marigolds are so profoundly part of these Indian festivals. It can simply be hung up on the home entrance door, balconies, staircase railings, etc,
  • Rangoli, In Hindu Dharma, Rangoli is drawn during every Festival, auspicious occasion, religious rituals, etc. It is made up of using powder such as gulal/abir(colors), other things which can be used in makings are rice, Deepak(lamp), flower petals, chalk, dust. It can be used to decorate your home patio, door entrance and another outer place with many different designs. Making a rangoli is one of the best decoration ideas to try at your home.
  • In the living room, do not forget to decorate your home wall. Colourful wall hangings and bouquets of fresh flowers can bring in the vibrancy and liveliness. Some beautiful, bright and colourful paintings can also be used to decorate the walls. It is one of the best ways to give the glow and spark to your home at the Holi festival.
  • Use the pretty and colourful cushions in your dining room, living room and also in the bedroom, matching with the curtains. For Holi decoration, Use some colourful cushion covers which have beautiful mirror work. And it will include the festive charm to the home interior in this Holi festival.

Make use of Deepak(lamp) to decorate your house as you can put this to your stairs, Balconies, Terrace, courtyard.

Some other options to decorate the entire home with the use of different creative ideas are

Invitation cards

Use Invitation cards, Celebrate Holi with all the colours of the rainbow with free and Premium digital invitations with Evite. Nowadays the idea of sending cards to friends and family is working very efficiently, it can be used to describe the venue details or the timings.

Paper buntings

To decorate the outdoor space like a balcony, courtyard, lawns, etc. And decorate the part of home here is one of the best ideas to use simple paper buntings. This idea makes your outdoor space perfect.

Painted pots

Painted pots are really beautiful, attractive and easy to get.you can easily purchase it and also make it yourself. It can be put on the side of the home entrance door or the balcony .it will give an awesome look to the home in Holi festival.

Candle stands

Colourful candle stands will add some pretty bright home decor items for the Holi festival. It can emphasize the Holi atmosphere in your home.

Bright Rugs

For beautiful Holi decoration, choose the pretty colourful and bright rug. And choose cotton rugs because they are best and provide a decent look. This is a wonderful idea to decorate your home.


In keeping with the festivities, as relatives and friends traipse through the house, a lively interior can only add to the vibrancy of the Festival around. While Holi is an outdoor festival, the interiors also have to be drenched in this Festival’s zeal.

Multi-hued lights

And there are a lot of things through which interior decoration can be done like lights although it's a day time festival lights, multi-hued lights can include a bright light to the home outdoors and also in the indoors. In the evenings, these pretty lights will brighten up your homes and welcome the lively pretty colours to your home.

Yes, it is said truly that Holi is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colours. To make it more rocking, Organizing a party is not a bad idea.

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Here are some tips to organize a Holi party:


But as you prepare for the party without proper music any occasion remains cold. There cannot be a party without the music, on occasions like the Holi festival it must have some peppy music playing in the background which can easily make people move.


Bhang you have often heard the name of the drink this will work here. You can also add some other interesting cocktails, mocktails, and juices to quench the thirst of your party-guests.


You can add some street food like Gol-gappe, chaat, samosa, chhole-bhature, pav-bhaji, bhel-puri along with gujiya and maalpua, to give your party-guests a delectable welcome

Balloon Arrangement

Water filled Balloons are loved by almost everyone to play Holi. It can be used in decorating the party space. Just make simple balloon bouquets and tie them in different arrangements at various places whether entrance, food area or play area.


Playing games add fun to the party, it will make the party more enjoyable and will make guests comfortable throughout the party.

Dress code

To make it more entertaining, inviting your guests and tell them to wear a particular dress code, Today, you can celebrate the Festival while looking at your snazzy-best. For example, Most people wear white on this day because white makes colours more vibrant.

Exchange of gifts

If the party is in a small group of people then exchanging gifts in the party will show a sweet gesture towards the guests, it will leave an impression. In gifts, you can give something which is handmade like a thank you card in which you can paste some pictures, fruit basket or sweets.

Things to do

A number of buckets or containers should be fixed as conservation of water is very crucial. People waste water not only by applying colours but also while removing it. Use a Water-based product that has a low volatile organic compound. The toxic chemicals harm the skin, Pollute the water and cause severe damage to the environment. Reserve water should be kept, in case anyone gets hurt and it must be clean to use it.

Different meaning of colours:

There are also different meanings of different colours like Red reflects love and productiveness, blue is the colour of Krishna, yellow is the colour of turmeric and green symbolizes Maytime and new starting. Not just these three colours, all colours have different significance according to their zodiac signs if you want to know more we’ll recommend you to visit Future Point.

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