Hariyali Teej: Monday 13 August, 2018

By: Future Point | 15-Aug-2018
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Hariyali Teej: Monday 13 August, 2018

A festival that is dedicated to mark the significance of womanhood

The Holy month of Shravana or Sawan witnesses numerous festivals in India and Hariyali Teej is one one of them. This festival is celebrated on the third date (Tritiya Tithi) of the Shukla Paksha (Waxing phase of the Moon) in the month of Shravana which in 2018 is on Monday 13th August. Women wait very eagerly for Hariyali Teej every year as this festival is associated with women in particular. As per the Yogic lore, Lord Shiva used to lead an ascetic life but Goddess Parvati with a wish to marry Lord Shiva, started doing severe "Tapasya" (great and long worship done to please the Lord) and Her Tapasya continued for many lifetimes.

In Her 108th lifetime, on this day that we celebrate as Hariyali Teej, Lord Shiva was pleased by Her Tapasya and gave Goddess Parvati a boon of finally accepting Her as His wife. Women fast on Hariyali Teej and wish for the long life of their husbands and prosperity in their marital life. Keeping a fast on this day is also very popular among women who wish for a child or who are already pregnant.

Women visit their parents on Hariyali Teej and their in-laws bring sweets, beautiful clothes, ornaments, bangles and bindis etc. for them at their parent's house. The fact that the in-laws, specially the mother-in law goes on to visit her daughter-in law at her parent's house with gifts, gives a message to the society at large to shower love and affection upon the daughter-in law.

Women make splendid designs on their hands by using Mehendi and they make it a point to wear green bangles on this day. Women adorn colourful clothes and put on traditional make up and pray to Goddess Parvati for a colourful life that is full of joy, prosperity & harmony in the family. Unmarried girls pray for a life partner of their choice.

When it comes to sweets no one can miss Ghevar which is a special type of sweet dish gifted & consumed on Hariyali Teej. An unparalleled enthusiasm to celebrate Hariyali Teej is seen in women from Rajasthan. They put up swings under the trees in the fields and sing songs while taking part in the swinging activity. A number of fairs are organized and markets are lit up with festive spirits. At a number of places, many grand processions to honour Goddess Parvati are witnessed. This festival is a great example of the significance of women in Hindu festivities.

Apart Rajasthan, women from the Malwanchal region of Madhya Pradesh, celebrate Hariyal Teej with great faith and enthusiasm. In the Brij region of Mathura which is the birth place of Lord Krishna, people worship Lord Krishna in a very unique way on Hariyali Teej. People celebrate the Hindola Utsav or Swing Festival. It refers to the decorative swings that are prepared for Lord Krishna with items such as cloth, food, flowers, leaves, gold, silver and are incredibly beautiful & colourful.

People throng the Vrindavan temple to witness and take part in placing the Lord in a Hindola. From Hariyali Teej till Panchmi (the fifth tithi/date), a golden Hindola is offered to Lord Krishna and thereafter Hindolas of silver, flowers and leaves are arranged. The festival of Hariyali Teej teaches us about the huge significance of the females in our society.

So, are you ready to take part in the auspicious, colourful and vibrant celebrations of the amazing festival of Hariyali Teej? Take a dip in the divinity of this festival of Hariyali Teej and imbibe the colourful spirit of this amazing celebration to make your life a manifestation of celestial blessings!

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