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By: Future Point | 13-Mar-2019
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Governed by the planet of communication, Mercury- Wednesday, 13 March 2019 will see different zodiac signs acting out differently. Being the planet that influences the way we interact and behave, The Horoscope Predictions for today are important to know if you will have a great day or are you going down a path of twisting and turning your words!

Read Daily Horoscope Predictions for 13 March 2019 to know what the future has in store for you. Whether you will be able to battle it out with your words, or is your fate sealed with mum whispers?! Know everything there is to know about your Kundli Predictions for today in the Today’s Horoscope section of Future Point!

All the Kundli Predictions mentioned below are based on your Moon Sign Predictions.

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You are the master of your own fate, so don’t be shy to take decisions that favour your own benefits today. Give yourself the power to take care of your own needs and do not care if you’ve to go overboard to fend for yourself. Let people handle their own mess themselves without you have to worry for them...Read Complete Free Aries Daily Horoscope.

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Mercury would be looking after you today. Your communication skills are par excellence, but with Mercury bestowing you some more, you will be able to outshine your competitors. Start living for yourself, before looking for someone else to come and complete your life. You are enough to be your own saviour...Read Complete Free Taurus Daily Horoscope.


You do not take things for granted which makes you strong enough to showcase your feelings and yet have an authoritative figure. You are social and today you will particularly have a great day while talking to people and initiating conversations. This habit will be excellent for building contacts and...Read Complete Gemini Free Daily Horoscope.


A day that will be testing your patience and fate. You are going to have a great day if you decide that you are the master of your own words and they have the power to hurt others. Let every word that you utter today not be in vain and actually have some substance to change and influence others...Read Complete Free Daily Horoscope for Cancer.


For your personal growth invest some time in things that you have complete faith in. Do not believe words that you overhear. Things might not be what others paint in front of you, so keep your senses working. You have been working hard to achieve your goals of being the master at what you do, so get going and achieve what you have set your eyes upon. This will not be a slow day for you which means you will have to be on your toes the entire time, so be ready...Click here to read complete Leo Horoscope for Today!

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Your perfect demeanour is excellent for the day of Mercury! You are already blessed in ample with the sense of confidence and mighty communication skills. The power of words vested in you gets utilised by you perfectly due to your obsessive-compulsive disorder. All this would turn out to be perfect for you as you will make decisions today that you should have, a long ago...Click here to read Free Virgo Horoscope Predictions for Today.


Mercury will be testing your skills today, that you’ve so calmly put on hold. Think your actions through and do not take your words for granted. You have the strength to move mountains, and so does your words. Work at the speed of lightning to spare some time to boost your morals and fall in sync with your work commitments...Click here to read Complete Libra Horoscope for today.


Believe in yourself and speak your heart out when you have faith in your words. Mercury calls for action and bestows you with the strength to face your mistakes and accept your fault. Take charge of your future and plan things the way you want them to. A busy day will keep you occupied with tasks and chores that will involve effective decision making, so bring yourself to your best behaviour and charge away...Click here to read complete Scorpio Horoscope for today.

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For those in love, you are in for a day full of sparks! Go out for a fun outing with friends or take some time out to plan a little dinner date with your certain someone. For those still looking for a partner, you can be assured that you won’t have to look too far and for long. Things are starting to look up for you, so keep your fingers crossed and eyes peeled to welcome the love of your life...Read Complete Free Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius.


Use the day of Planet Mercury to your complete potential. You have the capability to shine, but for that, you need to be in your own component and believe in yourself. For things to happen the way you want them to, you need to follow your calling. Don’t be a sheep following the herd. Pave your own way and don’t stop till you achieve what you set your heart on...Read Complete Free Capricorn Horoscope for Today!


All the happiness that you seek from material things, is there inside and around you! Seek happiness from inside, from the people that you love, but above everything else- Love yourself and don’t fall short on that. Try to make your chores easy with external help from the people around you. Be easy on you and complete your tasks on time to avert difficult situations later...Read Complete Aquarius Horoscope for Free.


Have a day to yourself and take time out to please yourself. You have worked hard to be there for everyone else, but now the time beckons you to be there for yourself. Do things that you like and don’t listen to anyone who disagrees. You deserve all the happiness the world has to offer because you never shied away from being there for everyone else...Read Complete Free Pisces Horoscope.

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