Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 Predictions: Who will wear the crown of Glory?

By: Arun Bansal | 04-Feb-2020
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Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 Predictions: Who will wear the crown of Glory?

Delhi is going in for its State Assembly Elections on 8th February 2020 for 70 seats. The Election results would be declared on 11th February 2020, giving Delhi its Cheif Minister for 5 years and the cabinet that is going to work for the benefit of the general public. Amidst so much tension centric to the Legislative Assembly Elections of Delhi, one can almost sense the tension in the air. Dr. Arun Bansal, after a thorough Kundli analysis of the Politica Parties and their leaders.

Let’s look through the planetary position and determine who is going to emerge as a winner in these elections:

Astrological Analysis by Dr. Bansal

India became free on 15th August 1947 at 00:00 hours and Delhi became the capital on the same date. Thus we can say both the country and Delhi have the same horoscope as that of India.

During the current times - Saturn transiting in the Sagittarius sign through its 8th House has led to degradation in the standard of living of its people. Delhi has become the buzz word for pollution and respiratory issues. With the current position of Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius, we can safely conclude that things are looking up a bit for Delhites.

Predictions for Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi Legislative Elections

Current Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi both have Taurus ascendant and so he is going to have the best outcome. The moon sign of Delhi is Cancer and that of Mr. Kejriwal is Taurus which shows a mutual relation of 3– 11 that is of gains. Further, we can say that the placement of the fourth lord – “Sun” and other benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the 4th House ( significator of power and mass following) of Mr. Kejriwal’s kundali will definitely pave a way for his win.

Moreover, he is running the Dasha of Jupiter well placed in the Kendra in the friend’s house. Another important factor here is that Mars, the planet that represents courage is placed in his third house and Rahu in the 11th house; aspecting the 6th House from 6th. Mr. Kejriwal’s kundali has debilitated Mars in the Cancer sign and debilitated Saturn in the Aries sign. Transiting Saturn in the Capricorn sign and Rahu in Gemini zodiac sign. The planet would be aspecting the 6th house, which will aid Mr. Kejriwal in conquering all his biggest enemies with the love he has garnered over his 5 successful years.

Predictions for Bhartiya Janta Party & Indian National Congress in Delhi Elections

The position of the fourth house is not so strong in the kundalis of B.J.P, Congress Party, or in the Kundalis for Mr. Narendra Modi or Mr. Amit Shah. For Congress, Ms. Sonia Gandhi‘s ashtham dhaiya, i.e. planet Saturn in 8th house will bear good results and ensure a bigger vote share for her party. From 2020 to 2023 she would be undergoing the mahadasha of fourth lord Venus with the aspect of transiting Saturn on 4th house. This would ensure that she is able to rejuvenate the Congress Party up to some extent and form an alliance of other opposing parties. This alliance may become a serious contender in the next elections.

Even in Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s Kundali the transiting Saturn is in the 8th house quite close to natal moon leading to better prospects for the Congress Party. Here it is to be noted that the transiting Saturn in the first house (Sagittarius) of Congress Party has led to a decline in its fortunes during the last three years. This predicament will definitely improve in the coming months.

Modi Effect in Delhi Elections

Saturn would be transiting through the 3rd house of Mr. Narendra Modi even forcing him to pursue futile exercises without any substantial gains whatsoever. As per the Kundali of the current Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah transiting Saturn in 4th house ( Sagittarius) had blessed him with this ministerial position but now it is posited in the 5th house. This will ensure only marginal gains in the upcoming Delhi elections. We can conclude that the alignment of stars is just not in favor of the B.J.P. as Saturn is in the 3rd house from its natal moon. Both BJP and Congress have not been able to present their Chief ministerial candidate and this may tilt the scales in favor of AAP.

The Final Verdict on Delhi Elections: The Forecast

It seems we can easily conclude that Mr. Kejriwal’s AAP would bag 56 seats or more and the other two contenders would not get even close to the majority projected by the AAP dominance. It may prove to be the worst ever performance of the BJP in the last 6 years. This certainly doesn’t imply that in the 2024 general assembly elections BJP and Modiji would not do well. After 2.5 years when Shani will move to Aquarius, BJP will get stronger. Modi Ji and BJP both will be stronger than the other parties and will have great chances to form the government at the center.

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