Coronavirus Lockdown: Characteristics of all 12 Zodiac Signs and Tips to make the Best out of this Challenging Time!

By: Future Point | 29-Apr-2020
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Coronavirus Lockdown: Characteristics of all 12 Zodiac Signs and Tips to make the Best out of this Challenging Time!

The world is grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic for months now and the majority of countries around the globe are in a state of lockdown. Thousands have lost their loved ones and over 2 million have been tested positive so far all over the world for this deadly virus. This makes the fear of contacting the Coronavirus, even more common among people.

The Coronavirus which is also referred to as COVID-19, has taken a huge toll on the psyche of humanity as the pandemic has resulted into the loss of hundreds of millions of jobs in the world and has battered the global economy nearly to a point from where things can never get back to how they were before.

India has also been in a state of preventive lockdown for over a month now and we all are adhering to the guidelines laid down by the government to make our social contribution in stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

However, this period of isolation has created an atmosphere of gloom in the society and people must make sure that they maintain a positive state of mind during this challenging time.

Let us look at the effects that this lockdown is likely having on people of all 12 Zodiac Signs and what they can do to glide through this period in a smooth & joyful manner.


You are a person who has high levels of energy and is always eager to take on challenges, head on. You have a very proactive outlook towards life and hence this lockdown is making you restless. We recommend you to follow a regular home workout routine to stay active and fit. You can set new goals for yourself such as learning a new language (foreign or domestic) from online tutorials as well as perfecting a Yoga pose that would make you more agile.


You are calm, composed and have clarity in terms of what you want from your life. You understand the ground realities of life and have a mature & focussed outlook towards life. Considering the abrupt halt in the economy and the importance of savings that people have understood today, we recommend you to make a detailed financial action plan for the rest of your life to become financially ready to face any similar pandemic situation that might arise again in the future.


You are a social person who simply loves to interact with others. Your extrovert nature prompts you to actively take part in a conversation going on about anything in the world. You love to make frequent visits to your near & dear ones. However, the current lockdown has restricted everyone’s movements and this has made you quite uneasy. We recommend you do ‘Pranayama’ or Yogic Breathing Exercises daily to keep your mind in a state of bliss during this tough period. Students should make the best use of this time by overcoming their academic weak points. Also, this is a good time to learn the highly useful art of cooking. However, if you already know how to cook then take your culinary skills to the next level by learning how to bake or make sweets & exotic desserts!

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You are very sensitive and an incredibly emotional being. You are caring and often go that extra mile while helping others. This COVID-19 outbreak has made you wish deeply for the well being of everyone. We recommend you to strengthen your inner self by doing Meditation regularly. Since you are highly intelligent & creative and have great learning capabilities as well, you should focus on acquiring new skills that are related to your career field or simply your areas of interest! Spend time reading books on Ayurveda or Naturopathy and learn ways in which one can increase the overall immunity of the body.


You are authoritative and like to be in a commanding position in life. Your bossy attitude often creates rift in your relationships with others. You are not afraid of challenges and are good at maneuvering through tough times. We would suggest you to be a good listener and be a motivational force for your family during this lockdown. Take part in daily household activities and develop a strong emotional bond with your near & dear ones. At the same time, sharpen your administrative skills by reading books on management or some new technology that might benefit you professionally.


You are creative and have a profound sense of observation. You are a very efficient financial planner and know the art of money management. You like to share what you feel deep inside your heart with people that are close to you. You more often than not, ignore the importance of being physically fit. Therefore during this lockdown, take up a health challenge related to your weight or some specific physical parameter and chase your fitness goals sincerely. Keep a daily fitness log and track your progress!

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Balance in life is extremely important to you and this what is reflected from your approach towards life. You understand the significance of justice & equality and firmly walk on the path of righteousness in life. However, you experience frequent mood swings and your likings & dislikings change quite often. During this lockdown, consider decorating your room or clearing clutter from your house. Giving a pleasant makeover to your house will keep you constructively busy and instill a sense of fulfillment within you during this tough period.


You are strongly driven by your desires and have the ability to communicate very effectively. You follow a rational & practical approach in life when dealing with others. You have fast reflexes and do not hesitate in making quick decisions. We recommend you to exercise regularly during this lockdown and enhance your knowledge about your career field. You should also focus on polishing your communication skills and practice the art of creative writing. If you are married and have children, then this is a good time to bond with your children as much as possible!


You are focused and understand the importance of discipline in life. Your consistent efforts help you in moving closer to your goals. Precision & efficiency form the basis of your approach towards life. You are a fast learner and have a strong inclination towards spirituality. We recommend you to spend this time peacefully by reading spiritual scriptures and awakening the Divine within! Make a routine of practicing Yoga and meditation along with reviewing your progress so far in life. Chart out a future course of action that will lead you to your ultimate goals in life.

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You prefer spending some time alone every now & then to gain perspective of where you stand in life. You know the art of being involved in the materialistic world along with being in touch with your inner self at the same time. You are hard working and undoubtedly a person that can be relied on. Trust and Loyalty matter the most to you. We recommend you to clear all the emotional backlog that you have been harbouring in your mind due to some situations that did not go as per your plans in the past. Try reading the books that you always wanted to but did not get a chance due to your busy schedule in life. Also, try your hand at Chess as it will keep you constructively busy and enhance your perception significantly!


You have a scientific bent of mind and a futuristic outlook towards life. You analyze situations in ways that might appear strange to many but your analysis is backed by profound future projections. You are a deep thinker and often introspect on your current progress in life very comprehensively. We recommend you to take a backseat from all that usually goes on in your mind and just relax. There is anyways so much chaos in the world right now, so recharge your battery by giving this time exclusively to you & your family! Take up a new & relaxing hobby such as sketching or painting and enjoy this time with your near & dear ones.


You are a person with high levels of comprehensive intelligence. You have an emotional and kind heart that always wishes for the well being of all. You avoid unnecessary confrontations in life and have a natural & strong inclination towards spirituality and occult sciences. You are blessed with very effective teaching skills and are a great mentor or counsellor as well! We recommend you to make the best use of this period of lockdown by following a strict routine of Yoga and Meditation in order to blissfully align your body, mind and soul. This is also a great time to learn astrology or other occult sciences for which you are blessed with a natural learning aptitude!

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