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Cheiro's Own Hand

By: Future Point | 11-Aug-2018
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In Plate VII, I reproduce an impression of my own hand as an example of what is called 'the double line of head.' I have stated in previous pages of this book (Chapter 6, Part II), that 'a double line of head' is very rarely found. The character shown by each of these lines of head is in apparent contradiction to the other. For example, the lower line closely joined to the line of life denotes a mentality extremely sensitive, artistic, and imaginative.

The upper line gives the reverse characteristics: if rising on the Mount of Jupiter and running nearly straight across the palm, it denotes self. Confidence, ambition, power to dominate other and a levelheaded, practical way of looking at life.

One can hardly imagine such mentally opposite characteristics in the same person, but the impression given of my own hand is a good illustration of these statements.

On my left hand there is no sign of any upper headline, there is only the lower line to be seen. It is a curious fact that the appearance of the upper headline on my right hand only began to be noticeable when I was about thirty years of age.

At this period of my life, circumstances brought me before the world as a lecturer and public speaker. This forced me to make a supreme effort to overcome my extreme sensitiveness as shown by the lower head-line with the result that the upper line began to develop and in a few years became the dominant one on my right hand.

I have also stated that in cases where 'the double line' of head is found persons, who possess these lines are inclined to live what are called 'double lives' of one form or another. In my own particular case this has been remarkably true, for more than thirty years one section of the public only knew me under my nom de guerre as 'Cheiro', while another section only knew me under by own name.


I can further state here, that due to the influence of the more sensitive side of my nature, for many years I gave vent to my feelings by writing poetry, both sentimental and religious, while at the same time, the other side was engaged in appearing as a lecturer on the public platform, as War Correspondent, and later, as editor of newspapers in London and Paris. These 'double lines' of head may be very clearly seen in the impression of my right hand reproduced in this volume.

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