Bring Home Happiness this New Year 2020 with Easy Vedic Astrology Tips

By: Future Point | 21-Dec-2019
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Bring Home Happiness this New Year 2020 with Easy Vedic Astrology Tips

Every individual wants to keep their house full of positive vibes and harmony, and if your home is healthy, then there’s no doubt that you’ll too live a happy & prosperous life. The traditional Chinese philosophical system Feng Shui helps us to attain a calm and cozy aura in our own house by maintaining a positive flow of energy throughout the home.

To produce the said optimism at home, there is a set of Feng Shui Tips followed by some of the biggest names in the glam industry. Preached by Top Astrologers Online, these Easy Vedic Astrology Tips can help enhance the look and feel of your home which in turn will bring about a positive change.

If you seek an expert’s help, you can also Consult our panel of Top Astrologers in India as your guide.

How can Feng Shui Predict when you will be happy?

Feng Shui is a Chinese way to improve the structure of the house, and if we translate the word Feng Shui in English, it comes out to be Wind-water. As is known that the concept of Feng Shui started in China, but people from all over the world are liking the concepts and decor of this method due to their success. With the correct tips, one can achieve happiness and prosperity in the New Year 2020 with the help of Vedic Astrology and Feng Shui.

Tips for Bringing Positive Vibes this New Year 2020

  • Front Door- The front door of the house is the main way from where the energy flows. It should be attractive, beautiful, and spacious. The entrance should be clutter-free, where you can place fresh flowers, pots, and colorful vases. Doormat with some lightning to make it more beautiful. Make sure that there should be no mirror facing towards the front door as it can stop energy from entering the house. One can also place a small fountain near the entrance as it may help you to bring prosperity into your life. It is important to note that vibrant and pastel colors are believed to lighten the space and keep it fresh.
  • Living Room- Living Room is the place where all the family members sit, laugh, and spend their quality time together. It is the room where the real essence of a family comes true. This room should always be clean and clear to attract all the guests, relatives, and friends. Always place your sofa against the wall, and make sure to leave a few inches from the wall. Go for the round or oval coffee table in order to radiate all the positive energy all around. If an individual places the mirror in the interior of the house, especially that reflects the food then it is considered auspicious for all the family members. A beautiful Crystal chandelier or a buddha statue can enhance the principles of Feng Shui.
  • Kitchen- Almost every kitchen contains empty cabinets above the kitchen which collects dust that can hold back the flow of positive energy in that room. So make sure you keep all the cupboards and cabinets clean & tidy. There shouldn’t be any dust accumulation, as it is believed to hamper growth and happiness. There should be good lighting in the kitchen along with beautiful indoor plants to bring in the green and earthy elements. You can also add creative items that can make your kitchen full of positivity and prosperity.
  • Bedroom- Bedrooms are meant for relaxing, which is exactly why they must have a calm environment and soothing vibes. The walls of the bedroom should be painted with some soothing colors like white, creme, etc. The furniture should have a keen focus on being comfortable. A plush mattress, along with a solid headboard can help you relax. You can also choose mood lights. There should be no noise in this room as it is meant to be relaxed, so try not to place any television, computer, or any exercise equipment as they might become the obstacles in the way of positive energy. According to the Feng Shui & Vedic Astrology principles, the beds which contain storage drawers beneath them are not considered a great option for bedrooms, as they block the flow of good energy.
  • Balcony- Nothing can make us feel more alive and fresh as much as nature. Every household should have an open area where he/she can sit and enjoy the beautiful environment. You can decorate your open area or balcony of the house with indoor plants, furniture, can put wind chimes as it contains a spiritual value in Feng Shui and also spreads positivity.
  • Staircase- As per Vedic Astrology & Feng Shui, the staircase signifies a great challenge if you are redesigning a house based on feng shui. The staircase of the house should not be located in front of the main door, or in east, southwest directions. Try to avoid these directions, if any of these directions facing these directions then lower the usage of the metal elements in designing the staircase.

A house that is built according to the principles of Feng Shui, not only brings good wealth and treasure in 2020 but also eradicates the evil & bad energy. Your house should attract only positive energy leaving behind all the negative vibes. Now, you have an opportunity to consult an Expert Astrologer in order to get your house fill with happiness, joy, and prosperity only.

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