Observe Aja Ekadashi 2018 to Seek Prosperity in Life

By: Future Point | 30-Aug-2018
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Observe Aja Ekadashi 2018 to Seek Prosperity in Life

Aja Ekadashi is the Ekadashi that is observed during the Krishna Paksha (the dark fortnight of moon) in the Hindu month of ‘Bhadrapada’. In the English calendar it corresponds to the months of August-September every year.

According in the present year the Aja Ekadashi festival dates corresponds to 6th September 2018. This Ekadashi is also popularly known as “Ananda Ekadashi”.

Now, hear again, there is a slight difference in observing Aja Ekadashi. In the northern parts of India, the month of Bhadrapada is given importance, however in the rest of India, Sharavan month July-August is given importance.

The Paksha will be Krishan Paksha only in both these months. On this auspicious day, it is believed that Vrat should be observed.

Significance of Aja Ekadashi:

The significance of Aja Ekadashi has been known since the days of Puranas. Lord Krishna in the ‘Brahmavaivarta Purana’ stated the importance of Aja Vrat to Yudhishthira, the eldest of Pandavas. It is believed that the Pandavas observed this Vrat for the victory in the epic battle of Mahabharata. Also, this Vrat was performed by Raja Harishchandra, and as an outcome he got back his dead son and lost kingdom. This Vrat thus motivates a person to choose a path of salvation and ultimately achieve freedom from the cycle of birth and death. The observer of the Aja Ekadashi Vrat must keep control on one’s body, emotions, behaviour and food. The fast will purify the heart and soul completely.

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It is mentioned in the Puranas and other holy scriptures that when a person keeps the Aja Ekadashi Vrat with full devotion, all his sins of the present life will be pardoned. The native’s life will also be filled with happiness and prosperity, and after death they will be taken to Lord Vishnu’s abode which is ‘Vaikunta’. It is also believed that by observing the Aja Ekadashi Vrat, the person gets the same benefits as those by performing the ‘Ashwamegh Yagya’.

What is Aja Ekadashi Vrat is observed?

The Aja Ekadashi observance is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, His consort. Hindus believe this Vrat to be most beneficial of all. Aja Ekadashi is observed with complete zeal and dedication across the country. It is believed that any one following this Vrat is free from debt, money problems, happiness is assured in the family and more so, there is good progress in overall life in one’s Life. A Native will find a permanent settlement and overall prosperity is assured. Though this ritual would attract certain discipline the following have been detailed down for the benefit of our readers.

Rituals of Aja Ekadashi:

Native interested to observe the Vrat of Aja Ekadashi, must follow the prescribed rituals mentioned below.

  • On the day of Aja Ekadashi devotees observe a fast in the honour of their deity, Lord Vishnu. The observer of this Vrat should also eat very light food like Milk, fruits, roots etc., even a day before, that is on ‘Dashami’ (10th day), in order to free the mind from all negativities. This should be practised even on the day of Ekadashi.

  • जरूर जानें: कौन सा ग्रह किस रोग को देता है आमंत्रण

  • The observer of the Aja Ekadashi Vrat should get up during sunrise on the day and then takes a bath with mud and sesame seeds. The place for puja must be cleaned. On an auspicious location, rice should be kept, over which the sanctified ‘kalash’ is placed. The mouth of this kalash is covered with red cloth and an idol of Lord Vishnu is placed on top of the same. The devotees then worship the idol of Lord Vishnu with flowers, fruits and other puja essentials. A ‘ghee’ Diya is also lit in front of the lord.
  • On observing the Aja Ekadashi fast, the devotees should refrain from eating anything all through the day, even a drop of water is not permitted. Nonetheless in the Hindu scriptures it is mentioned that if the person is unwell and for children, the Vrat can be observed after eating fruits. All kinds of grains and rice should be avoided on this holy day. Eating of honey is also not allowed.
  • The devotees on this day read sacred books like ‘Vishnu Sahastranam’ and ‘Bhagwad Geeta’. The observer should also keep vigil all night and spend the time worshipping and meditating about the supreme lord. The observer of Aja Ekadashi Vrat is required to follow the principles of ‘Brahmacharya’ to get maximum benefits.
  • The fast is broken on the next day, ‘Dwadashi’ (12th day), after offering food to a Brahmin. The food is then eaten as ‘Prasad’ with family members. One must abstain from eating brinjal on ‘Dwadashi’.

Thus, the Aja Ekadashi is observed on the lines as explained above. To know more on such rituals and the significance of any Vrat, readers can write to us for consultation at mail@futurepointindia.com. or Visit our Website at www.futurepointindia.com for more details. We at Future Point are a team of expert astrologer fort he past three decades. We have been working provide services online and interested candidates can avail the same.

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