Aftermath of Partial Solar Eclipse of 6th January 2019 on 12 Signs of the Zodiac

By: Future Point | 05-Jan-2019
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Aftermath of Partial Solar Eclipse of 6th January 2019 on 12 Signs of the Zodiac

A Solar Eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that occurs when the Earth, Moon and Sun all align in a straight line in the cosmos. In a Solar Eclipse, the Moon blocks the Sun by coming in between the Earth and the Sun. However when the Moon blocks the Sun partially, this phenomenon is called a Partial Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses of both kinds (full as well as partial) are not only occurrences of astronomical significance but also find their crucial mention in the ancient & divine science of astrology.

Astrology since times immemorial, has been revealing the impact of Solar Eclipses on humans and suggesting highly powerful remedies through Holy Vedic Rituals which safeguard people from the malefic effects that these highly influential occurrences have on people. Few people know that a Solar Eclipse has its impact on a human for '30 days' from its occurrence. This means a Solar Eclipse is not a one day celestial event. The year 2019 has started off with a Partial Solar Eclipse staring right into its face.

On 6th January 2019, a Partial Solar Eclipse will happen in the skies from around 5 am to 9 am IST. It will be visible in parts of North-East Asia and select Northern Pacific Region such as China, Mongolia Siberia in Russia, the Korean peninsula, and Japan. This Partial Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India so, the rules of 'Sootak' will not be applicable in India. However this occurrence will have its impact on every one irrespective of their location. The magnitude of its impact will differ though, as per the overall planetary positions in the natal horoscope of every individual and the way in which the current Transitory movements or placements are affecting that individual.

जानें कब से कब तक होगा ग्रहण और कब लगेगा सूतक

Let's see what effect this Partial Solar Eclipse is inflicting on people of all 12 Ascendant Signs:



You will find some disturbance in your family bliss. For the next 30 days, you must not do anything in extreme enthusiasm and avoid getting into tasks that have high dependency upon luck. Take care of the health of your parents.



You will find yourself betrayed by your near & dear ones. Some inauspicious events might take place, hence be cautious. You must not let your spirit go down at any cost because chances are that your self confidence might get negatively affected. Keep important information to yourself as it can be misused.



You must take special care of the health of your life partner as the health of your spouse seems to be prone to get negatively affected. Avoid doing any task in partnership for the next 30 days as there can be problems in it. Your married life can be problematic during this time.



This period will disturb mental peace and you can be mentally restless. You will experience a reduction in happiness and might face some painful emotions. This period is prone to bring financial losses therefore, take any financial decision after performing due diligence.



This period will badly affect your decision making power so postpone taking any big decision that can bring a U-turn in your life. There can be some problems in the love & relationship related matters of your life. Parents may have problems in the life of their children during this time or problems because of their children.



There is a very strong chance that you have to change location during this time and there can be a shortfall in income. Do not invest in property or make any kind of fresh investment for the next 30 days.



This time can be problematic for your siblings. You can have differences in opinions with them and that can bring mental stress & emotional unpleasantness in you. A combination of loss of assets is getting formed during this time. However, this malefic combination only applies to assets that are already in dispute.



You can get agitated suddenly so, keep a check on yourself. Do not take a decision after getting provoked or agitated by someone. This period will create health trouble so take good care of your health.You will witness a reduction in your self confidence and will feel confused & directionless. This time is creating blockages in your earnings.



Fortune will not favour you during this time and you will face shortage of luck. You will have to put in a huge amount of hardwork to get success in an endeavour. Therefore if you want success, then work hard. Also avoid bad habbits & bad company during this time (although one should avoid them always) as they can bring severe damages to you.



This period will pose obstacles in your life, infact this is an eclipse on your goals. You will find a decrease in your speed & ability to do things. There can be a long travel during this time and you can witness or make a big change in the area of your profession.



You will witness a gain in your income and this time will bring success in certain endeavours of yours. However this is a very tricky time for you as there may be some sudden & big situation emerging in your life, due to which there may be loss of wealth during this time as well.



This period can raise the fear of insult within you and may result in a loss in your reputation in society. You may also relocate during this time. People who are in the job sector must remain cautious during this period. Be careful in office and maintain a good relationship with your boss. Worship Lord Sun and Lord Ganesh to pacify the ill effects during this period.

These were in-general effects that this Partial Solar Eclipse can have on people as per their ascendant.

However, it is advised to consult with an experienced and learned Vedic Astrologer to know the exact impact of any major celestial event and get specific remedies that will protect you from any & all ill effects that can emerge in our life. is providing guidance and solution to the customer contacting us. We have been successfully providing assistance using principles, provision of Vedic Astrology since 40 years. Accuracy and reliability are our main concern.

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