6 Planet Conjunction with Year’s Biggest Solar Eclipse: 26th December 2019

By: Future Point | 20-Dec-2019
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6 Planet Conjunction with Year’s Biggest Solar Eclipse: 26th December 2019

The year 2019 is closing with a very powerful cosmic event. An intense Solar Eclipse on the heels of a very rare 6 planet combination is going to affect your horoscope. The Solar Eclipse & 6 planet combination would form in your horoscope from 25th to 28th December 2019. It will kick off with a 5 planet combination of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu & Sun initially on 25th December in Sagittarius sign and Moon would join in intensifying it further, causing a 6 planet combination. All the 6 planets would be affected by the powerful Solar Eclipse on 26th December leading to a tremendous pull on your destiny. The Solar Eclipse would suck-in energy from the 6 planets creating an exceptional energy field. The Solar Eclipse & 6 planet combination would together bring about financial, professional, family & health-related changes too.

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Last Solar Eclipse of 2019: Why is it Important?

When the moon comes between the Earth and the sun in the Solar system, the sun gets overshadowed, thus creating an Eclipse or a period of Darkness. The occurrence of Surya Grahan occurs on the day of Amavasya which is No Moon. In 2019, when the last Solar Eclipse is about to happen, the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac sign, i.e. Sagittarius sign this year. The last Solar Eclipse for the year 2019 is going to be on 26th December (Paush Amavas).

This Solar Eclipse is very special. Because on this day, 6 planets are going to be in Sagittarius Sign which is an Airy sign. This is a very rare coincidence and the impact will be overall vast from a single person to overall on a country. In this Six-way Yoga forming due to the conjunction of planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Ketu are in a single zodiac sign. The conjunction of these planets will create some auspicious yoga and many inauspicious ones too.

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Such as Gajkesari Yoga, Buddhaditya Yoga, Amavasya Dosha, Pitradosha, and Gur-Chandal dosha; these formulations will have an effect on every amount of misappropriation. But the auspicious effect of this scheming yoga will be low, as the sun moon mercury Saturn and Ketu are malefic planets in this conjunction. Only Guru (Jupiter) is a benefic planet in this conjunction. However, with all the malefic planets surrounding him, Jupiter will not be able to help much in providing respite from the situation. The bad effects of these planets will strengthen further due to the Solar Eclipse on the scheming conjunction. Therefore, all 12 zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces will see a very sharp good or bad effect of this scheming yoga.

The Solar Eclipse will be visible in India as well as Asia, Australia, and Africa. It is an Annular Solar Eclipse. This time the sun will appear in the shape of a ring filled with fire during the Solar Eclipse which is called the Annular Solar Eclipse.

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Things You SHOULD AVOID During the Annular Solar Eclipse 2019

  • It is advised that you should refrain from cooking during the Sutak Kaal of the Solar Eclipse. It is considered a bad omen if you cook or eat during the Eclipse.
  • The power of gastroesophageal, eye and bile is weakened at the time of Solar Eclipse, which is why pregnant women should not see the Solar Eclipse especially with the naked eye or unaided eye. The side effects of this can make the infant blind and disabled, increasing the likelihood of miscarriage.
  • During the Eclipse, pregnant women are forbidden to cut anything with scissors or knives and not sew anything. In ancient times, it was believed that if women sew anything during the Sutak Kaal, the baby’s limbs are either cut off or connected.
  • Oil should not be massaged during the Eclipse period, as doing so can cause skin diseases.

Things you MUST DO During the Solar Eclipse:

  • A lot of negative energy spreads and scatters all-around the environment during the Solar Eclipse, which is why one must wash utensils with a concoction made of water, curd, milk, yogurt, etc with Tulsi leaves or Duba.
  • Before the Solar Eclipse, you should bath in the river or the water available in the house and worship the divinity. You can also perform hawan and chant auspicious spiritual hymns to cleanse the surroundings.
  • The temples or the place of worship should be covered before a few hours of the Eclipse.
  • You should worship and pronounce Surya Dev's mantra which will ward off the negative energies present in your vicinity.
  • Surya Dev's mantra – OM GHREENI SURYAY NAMAH:

Eclipse and Sutak Period -

The Sutak of the Solar Eclipse will begin at 5:30 p.m. on December 25, 12 hours before the Eclipse, ending at 10:55 a.m. on December 26. No new or auspicious work should be done during the span of this period. The Solar Eclipse will occur from 8:17 a.m. in the morning and will end at 10:55 a.m. on December 26. The duration of the Eclipse will be 2 hours 40 minutes in total.

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According to Hindu Panchang, the Eclipse is going to occur in the Mool Nakshatra (constellation) in Sagittarius sign on the day of No Moon on 26th December.

The Effect Of This Solar Eclipse On All Zodiac Signs Based On Ascendant Or Lagna Sign Are As Follows:


For Aries, the effect of this Solar Eclipse will be ominous. This Eclipse is going to take place in the 9thhouse of luck for Aries ascendant. The ninth house is the house of fortune. With the Six-planetary conjunction in place in your 9th house, your destiny and luck will play hide ‘n’ seek with you. Your overall fortune and prosperity will take some dent. There are slight chances that your mother’s health might have to suffer in this duration. Troubles will increase if you believe what others say, so make sure that you don't believe anyone since it’s easier to get betrayed during this period. It will be better for you to work in view of the current time and circumstances. Launching or initiating any auspicious endeavor or a new task or making a hasty decision can be detrimental for you.

Your younger siblings may also have some kind of physical problem at this time. Try to maintain harmony with all family members. Marital life can cause a little bit of stress. There will be ups and downs in business. Those in private Jobs can expect a promotion. There may be certain health problems, with the probability of a head or knee injury so take extra precautionary measures.

Special Measures & Remedies to follow-

It is advised that you do not look directly at the Solar Eclipse. Perform a Sunderkand Paath in your house. Bathe with the Red Sandalwood mixed with water.

Chant the Mangal Beej Mantra 108 times- “Om Angarkay Namah:”

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For Taurus natives, this Solar Eclipse is going to take off or occur in the 8th house. With the conjunction of six planets in the 8th house of Taurus ascendant, Taurus natives need to be extremely cautious and careful because at this point in time of crisis. Special precautions should be taken while driving, as you might become a victim of an accident in this time period. Your health can suffer or deteriorate and chances of surgery may occur. Although, there will be some improvement and betterment in the economic & financial condition of Taurus native. Keep a tab on all electronic and communication equipment like phone, mobiles, television, lights, broadband, etc. as there might be some need for repair, rectification, or change. Expect a lot of family drama as any sibling or parent may choose to make a life-changing decision. Be patient and positive towards your loved ones.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

Do not see or sight the Eclipse. To avoid bad effects, recite Durga Saptshati or perform a Durgasaptashati Pujan.

Bathe with saffron-infused water when the Eclipse is over.

"Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini
Durga Khasmaa Siva Dhatri Swahaa Swadhaa Namostute "

Chant this mantra 108 times.


For Gemini Natives, the Solar Eclipse is going to occur in their 7th house. This conjunction of 6 planets in their 7th house can hamper their spouse’s health and halt their business contracts and transactions. The time is not suitable for the health of Gemini ascendant natives. There may be some disagreement, tussle, or chaos in your family and you may have some kind of quarrel with your spouse.

You may also complain about a headache at this time. On the other hand, there will be losses in business, especially in partnership as your partner may dump you or deceive you. For employment or service prospect, you will have many different options with job prospects, as opportunities will knock your door with a brighter prospect as a change in the working environment and sector is quite possible. Be careful while driving. There might be some unplanned expenditure during this time, so keep a vigil over it and do not indulge in any extravagant activities.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

Do not see or sight Solar Eclipse. Chant and perform Pooja of 108 lessons of Vishnu Sahastranaam in your home.

Take a bath with honey mixed water after the Eclipse period is over.

“Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah: Buddhaye Namah”

Chant this mantra 108 times.

Perform SatyaNarayan Puja to please Lord Vishnu and get his blessings in life this new year.


For cancer ascendants, the effect of this Solar Eclipse will be somewhat auspicious. This Eclipse is going to happen in your 6th house dear Cancer sign native. With the 6 planet combination and conjunction in your 6th house, you will ultimately be going to suppress and destroy your enemies. As a strong competitor, you will have an upper hand while dealing with your enemies. And if you have a court case, you can also get success as the decision may be in your favor. But this time, you need to pay special attention to your health because there is a high probability that you may have to face health problems or issues. Take special care in your diet and food activity. This time will be moderately favorable in terms of wealth especially liquid money. You will have a variety of options in your career or professional sector.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

Donate white clothes, rice, white sandalwood, white flowers, sugar, yogurt, milk, pearls, etc. Wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and bathe in panchanmirit diluted with water.

Mantra:- Chant Mahamrityunjay Mantra or perform Shiva Pujan with chanting of Mahamrityunjay mantra for about 31,000 times.

“Om Try-Ambakam Yajaamahe
Sugandhim Pusshtti-Vardhanam
Urvaarukam-Iva Bandhanaan
Mrtyor-Mukssiiya Maa-[A]mrtaat ||”

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For Leo ascendant born natives, the ominous effect of Solar Eclipse will be high because this Eclipse is happening in your 5th house. Sun is the lord of 5th House and during this period, it will be in its own sign. The 6 planets amalgamation and combination have further aggravated the ominous effect of the Eclipse which is mainly negative. Your values and respect and prestige may get hampered and get affected in this period. Don't be too angry at this time otherwise, business-related losses may occur. You can be disturbed because of your progeny and child’s health in the family. So, pay special attention to their wellbeing. This time is not good for love and romantic relationship. Since the planets are not in your favor, pursuing love interests in this duration could turn out to be for the worst and result in separation or break up.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

Do not sight or see the Solar Eclipse.
Pour jaggery into bread and feed the cow.
When the Eclipse is over, bathe with red sandalwood mixed in water.

Sun Mantra:-
Chant 108 lessons of "Aditya Hriday Strotra".
Chant the “Hram Hreem Hrom Sah: Suryaye Namah” at least 7000 times and a maximum of 28000 times regularly.


For Virgo ascendant natives, this Solar Eclipse is going to take place in your 4th house whose effect is going to be ominous for you dear Virgo people. Because of the cluster combinations of six planets in your 4th house, there are high chances of issues erupting in your mother's health and pleasures in the fourth sense. If you want to buy a house or vehicle then keep this on hold till January 2020, since the time is not favorable till then. And at this point in time, you also need to be vigilant and careful and alert about your love relationship and marital life.

At this time, your job and business need special attention and dedication. You may have economic constraints and chances of an increase in your debts due to a lot of expenditure. Control your anger, otherwise, your dignity and respect may decrease. Your inclination towards religious practice and spirituality will increase.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

Don't look at the Eclipse. It would be good and auspicious for you to give green fodder to the cow and green robes to the eunuchs. When the Eclipse is over, bathe with nutmeg mixed in water.

Chant the mantra “Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah: Buddhaye Namah” for at least 9000 times, and a maximum of 36,000 times.

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For Libra ascendant natives, the Solar Eclipse is going to take place in the 3rd house. The third-place or house in the horoscope belongs to valor and siblings of the individual. The Six planets conjunction and combination in your 3rd house with Solar Eclipse will imply and impact and will hamper your relationship with your siblings. Your relationship with your siblings might be a little sour in this period. Your anger and agitation can increase more due to this Solar Eclipse. During this time, you may indulge in a useless debate or confrontation and controversies that can bother you for quite a long time. Financial crunches will be there, so make sure you do not spend more than your savings can cover.

On the other hand, your destiny will also not be able to support you. Keep tabs on your anger & frustration. Your every decision must resound with your thinking, otherwise, it might come to bite you in the neck later! To avoid the ominous effects of this Eclipse and to ensure good results, perform some religious ceremonies in your home on the day of the eclipse.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

Do not look at this Solar Eclipse.

Before eating on this day, remove one of your chapatis or bread for the cow, crows and a dog and feed them.

When the Eclipse is over, mix white sandalwood with water and bathe with it. By doing so, you will receive good results and skip all the bad omen the transit brings with itself.

Chant the mantra "Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah: Shukraya Namah" 16,000 times regularly.


For Scorpio ascendant natives, the effect of this Solar Eclipse will be ominous. This Eclipse is going to take place in your 2nd house. The second house in horoscope belongs to the family and overall wealth and luxury in your life. The 6 planet conjunction and combination in your 2nd house will impact and hamper your financial sector also well- being of your family members. Due to this Eclipse, you may have to face some trouble money wise and also health-wise. Your money can be stuck somewhere, so exercise restraints on expenditure. A lot of new profitable opportunities will come as far as your career is concerned.

On the other hand, you may have a quarrel with someone in your family at this time, which can worsen your mental peace. So keep the mind calm and try to avoid debates and confrontations. Do not consume alcohol at all during the Eclipse period. Otherwise, you may fall victim to a serious illness or economic distress at this time.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

Don't look at the Eclipse at all. Offer jasmine oil to Hanumanji. When the Eclipse is over, bath in water that is infused with red sandalwood. You are also advised to wear a 12 Mukhi Rudraksha or carry it with you at all times.


Chanting Hanuman Chalisa 11 times in a day will bestow prosperity and richness in your life.
“Om Kram Kreem Kroum Sah: Bhaumaya Namah”
Chant the above-mentioned Mantra 10, 000 times daily.


For Sagittarius ascendant or Lagna, the Sun Eclipse is going to happen in the ascendant of your own sign. The ascendant is the universal nature of being, the personality of a person is considered in this spirit. Sagittarius natives will be the most affected by this Eclipse since it is going to happen in their own sign. With the 6 planetary combinations and conjunction on your 1st house on Lagna, you might suffer from mental anxiety and agony. Furthermore, you may also face health troubles in this period, so keep tabs on what you eat. You may suffer from ailments related to the liver, heart, intestine, thigh, etc. This Eclipse period could not only worsen your health but also the health of your spouse. Do not lose patience, keep a balanced state of mind. There can be some legal tax issues that crop up in your financial sector.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

Do not see the Eclipse. On this day, light a lamp of ghee and worship Lord Vishnu. Take the blessings of your parents and guru on this day. After Eclipse, take a bath with turmeric-infused water. And recite the Vishnu Sahastranam Strotra 108 times.

“Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah” || Chant this mantra 1100 times regularly.


For the people of Capricorn ascendant, this Solar Eclipse is going to take place in your 12th house. Due to the combination of six planets in your 12th house with Solar Eclipse impacting it as well- your expenses might skyrocket in this period. Expenditure on medication will be high. There can be unsafe trips planned in this duration. There can be internal strife between husband and wife. On the other hand, at this time you may have to visit hospitals or court offices. Not only this, during this time one of your hidden enemies may try to harm you. Avoid debate or aggressive talks, and do every task thoughtfully, carefully and precisely. But if you are willing to go abroad, then this period is going to prove highly beneficial for you.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

The native of this zodiac should not see the Eclipse.
Donate a black blanket after the Eclipse period is over.
Also, additionally, you are advised to take a bath with black sesame infused water after the eclipse.

“Om Pram Preem Prom Sah: Shanischaraye Namah”

Chant this mantra at least 23,000 times during the transit & eclipse period.


The effect of this Solar Eclipse will be a mixed bag for Aquarius ascendant natives. Some auspicious events will take place, however, they might be marred with some inauspicious ones, unfortunately. This Eclipse is going to be in the 11th house, which represents earned wealth and money and profit house for Aquarius. This Eclipse may imply to be of major benefit occurrence for Aquarius natives. Due to the combination of six planets in this house, the income of the natives of this sign may increase. And there can be a refund and transfer of the money which was held back. All the obstacles and hindrances on your path or in the way of your goals will come to an end or get settled with.

Aquarius natives can also get some kind of benefit from their elder brother. This is the time to fulfill all your wishes. Therefore, you should take more advantage of this time. But they may have some concern from the child side especially their health. And in cases of love affairs, there can be some kind of tension.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

The native of this zodiac should not see the Eclipse. Get Sundarkand recited on this day in your home. And after the Eclipse period is over, take a bath with Gangajal infused water; By doing this you will get auspicious results.

“Gram Greem Grom Sah: Guruveh Namah”

Chant this Mantra 108 times during the transit & eclipse period.


For the people of Pisces ascendant, Solar Eclipse is going to take place in your 10th house i.e. the house of Karma. On the day of the eclipse, the 6 planets in conjunction are going to be present in your 10th house. Due to which the natives working at this time may have to face extreme problems. You may have a debate with your higher officials at work. Furthermore, at this time, your job can also go or you can get a transfer or change of job somewhere else. During this Eclipse period, your honor and respect may also decrease in society. Since your house of Karma is affected by the presence of such malefic planets, you may be accused of wrongdoings by people you deeply care about. Family discord and mental stress may increase. So take special care of yourself and your family during this time.

Special Measures and Remedies to Follow:

Do not see the Eclipse. On this day put gram lentils, jaggery, and turmeric in the bread and feed the cow. Put a saffron tilak (or a little dot) in the middle of your forehead. And wear Panchmukhi Rudraksha. After Eclipse, grind sandalwood and put it in the bathwater and take a bath.

Chant the mantra “Om brim Brihaspataye Namah” 19,000 times.

Future Point hopes that you stay vigilant during the Biggest Solar Eclipse of the Year and its union with the Major 6 Planet Conjunction in Sagittarius. This could turn out to be a difficult time if proper measures and remedies aren’t followed.
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