2017 Astrological Analysis of GST

By: Future Point | 11-Aug-2018
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2017 Astrological Analysis of GST

In the editorial of Future Samachar of January 2017 Mr. Arun Bansal had predicted that India will witness the increase in respect and honour in world politics. In the latter half of the year there will be reform in economic policies of the government.

The implementation of GST proves that this prediction of Mr. Bansal was not incorrect. In order to know the impact of GST it shall be necessary to study the planetary position of that moment when GST was implemented. According to the planetary position of GST horoscope the position of significator of finance was very strong.

At the time of implementation of GST the Lagna lord and 10th lord Jupiter is very strongly placed in Kendra thereby forming Gajakesari Yoga. This Jupiter is the lord of two Kendras and aspects third Kendra. In this horoscope the position of the significator of economy, commerce and financial management Mercury is also equally significant as it is also forming Bhadra Yoga and out of four the three Kendras are coming under the direct influence of Mercury.

In nutshell as the significators of financial management i.e, Jupiter and Mercury both are controlling all Kendras therefore the Muhurat of implementation of GST was very very strong which certainly predicts that GST shall shape the future of Indian Economy for sure.

GST Muhurat Horoscope

GST 2017

After 12th September the transit of Jupiter in 8th house might bring hike in the price of commodities. Thus we can say that it will take almost 1 year before the real benefit of GST will come to public and both government & public get relief due to GST. It is quite probable that public might not welcome this step of the government easily however later with the passage of time after seeing an improvement in the financial position of the country the leading economists of the country shall certainly appreciate it.

After one year the transit of Jupiter in 9th house shall bring some relief from increase in price hike. The economy of the country shall become more and more stable day by day because after 26th October the transit of Saturn in tenth house would continue to bring beneficial results for government till January 2020.

After 1 year the price of goods shall decrease and the government would also be able to earn lot of revenue. The common man would not only be able to accelerate his business as the transportation of international goods shall become an easier affair rather there would be an increase in his income and in addition to that there shall be substantial reduction in bribery.

It shall create a cascading effect because of which the price of goods shall get reduced. Therefore it shall take around one to two years' time in earning the net gain of GST. The implementation Muhurat of GST would prove beneficial for the nation and citizens.

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