1st March 2019 - Today's Horoscope

By: Future Point | 01-Mar-2019
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1st March 2019 - Today

Bid adieu to February and welcome March! The first day of March is here and with it comes the fascinating and beautiful energy of Venus. Before starting your day, Read Free Horoscope Predictions for Today and get acquainted with all the drama that will be unfolding in your life. Read 1st March Horoscope Predictions for Free. These predictions are based on your moon sign.

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Today would be a day where you will feel the need to feed your soul first. You may stick to your prescribed task at work and keep your focus on that only. Not a socially active day for you giving way to keeping yourself occupied with work ...Read Complete Free Aries Daily Horoscope.


You have been splurging on useless things for a while now, which changes today. You will be faced with a choice to either eat healthy in small portions rather than wasting your resources. Focus on getting better and in shape instead of ...Read Complete Free Taurus Daily Horoscope.


You are ambitious and owing to this- you get carried away easily. This changes as the planetary alignments for today will bestow you with a one track mind to champion all your energy in one single direction, instead of overworking yourself ...Read Complete Gemini Free Daily Horoscope.


Your attitude to always find the worst in people so that you do not fear them will land you in trouble today. The day would beckon you to dream about a plan of action for the future. One where you do are happy, prosperous and can see yourself actually having a ...Read Complete Free Daily Horoscope for Cancer.

Rahu & Ketu Transit


Today's your day to dwell on the past and rethink your choices. You have always had a strong exterior but today you will have a hard time keeping it up because you will be brimming with emotions today. As the day goes by you will start making plans for the future and how you are going to execute ...Click here to read complete Leo Horoscope for Today!


Your sound thinking will be put to test today as time will change for you. The beginning of the month is brilliant for you to change your schedule and draft that perfect time table to follow to the T. Despite the challenges you will face at the ...Click here to read Free Virgo Horoscope Predictions for Today.


Your extravagance will have to stop today! Pull up your game and get ready to face the music of your own doing. You have spent most of your income in materialistic luxuries, which needs to stop starting from ...Click here to read Complete Libra Horoscope for today.

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Everyone knows you enjoy a good gossip! But today is surely not the day you gossip about people at home or at work. Things might go down the drain taking your reputation along with it if you risk it all and try to talk behind people’s back. Refrain from doing anything stupid today to protect yourself from ...Click here to read complete Scorpio Horoscope for today.

How will the transit of the most powerful planet in Vedic Astrology pan out for you: Get Saturn Transit Report


You need to understand that slow and steady wins the race. Focus your energy on producing quality work; you going out seeking adventures or thrill in life would only complicate things, not get you ...Read Complete Free Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius.


No matter how many restrictions and distractions mar your way, stay focussed and work on getting all your tasks done in their stipulated time. If you can keep your eyes converged in a single direction you will be able to get ...Read Complete Free Capricorn Horoscope for Today!

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Security and stability matter way too much for you. No matter how many times you deny it or refuse its existence in your life- you are a planner who likes to keep it all in through safety that the work done will be taken into ...Read Complete Aquarius Horoscope for Free.


Today is the day where you must showcase your courage and valour. The moment you decide that you are confident enough, you will be able to make a change in your life. Not before ...Read Complete Free Pisces Horoscope.

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