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Transit of Rahu in 2018

Rahu is transiting in Cancer from September 9, 2017. It will remain in Cancer for 18 months i.e. till March 6, 2019. As Ketu always remains in 7th house from Rahu therefore with the entry of Rahu in Cancer Ketu transited in Capricorn. We all know that Rahu & Ketu are shadow planet but they are known to leave special effects on human life. Among all the planets, Rahu is known as a shadow planet that creates fear in the minds of natives when bad and gives the courage of conviction and conviction of courage when strong. It is most cruel among all planets. With the influence of Rahu, the mysterious, unforeseen and unexpected changes take place in human life. Through this article, we are going to tell you that how the transit of Rahu is going to change your life. Let's know-

Rahu Transit 2018 for Aries

In the year 2018 be cautious regarding problems related to lungs and respiratory disorders. Rahu will also be causing tensions regarding the health of your mother. You are likely to get relocated. People associated with the business of property or vehicles might get into losses.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Taurus

As a result of the transit of Rahu on the third house, consultancy services, internet, media and sports people are likely to have immense success. Rahu's fifth aspect on house of marriage and business and also on house of religion indicates good results especially an increase in confidence and your social influence.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Gemini

With the presence of Rahu in the second house, there will be many ups and downs in the economic level. There can be health problems related to eyes and teeth especially. Changes in bitterness and attitudes in speech can cause many problems. The possibility of some unpleasant happening in the family is indicated.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Cancer

Rahu's transit will end the disputes related to the family. The darkness of the enemy Rahu on your Rashi shall cause anxiety, mental tensions and unnecessary worries. Rahu will bring negativity in thoughts. There can be disruption in education; subject change is probable and you shall get inclined towards technical education.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Leo

Rahu can make you travel abroad and increase your expenses. Rahu is giving an indication of extra expenses on health. Intestinal problems can remain. Indications of foreign trade are also there. Rahu can take on your happiness. Injuries, accidents, defects in the vehicle with sudden cracks in the walls of house are indicated.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Virgo

Rahu will improve economic growth and chances of success. The transit of Rahu in the profit house is considered to be auspicious. The transit of Rahu is something special for you. There will be new opportunities from financial perspective & those successes will boost confidence. Friends will increase their dominance &interference in your family.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Libra

The position of Rahu on the house of profession shall equip you with strategic and technical skills. Time is right for business and job change. Foot and knee problems may remain. Somebody is eying your savings. Do not put your savings in business. Differences from father are also probable. This transit will be very favorable for the students. The trips will be frequent.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Scorpio

You might have ideological differences with father. This Rahu will take you towards the spiritual path. You will be taking special interest in knowing different religions and cultures, the depth of knowledge will attract you. You shall be travelling extensively. You shall have to struggle very hard.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Sagittarius

Rahu of eighth house shall increase your inclination towards the study of occult sciences. Your own people shall oppose you and the health problems are also indicated. You shall be feeling very tired and weak. You might find yourself unable to face situations and might run away from the battle ground.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Capricorn

There are indications of difference of opinion with spouse. You might have to face difficulties in married life and business. It is becoming bit difficult for you to decide that where to go and what to do. In business you would be creating new ideas and new connections with your innovative approach. The health of spouse might get deteriorated.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Aquarius

The Rahu's transit shall give you the abilities to fight with the challenges coming from opponents. You shall be giving new height to your career with the help of your strategies, confidence & hard work. You won't mind spending money for the accomplishment of your tasks. People shall contact you and take the benefit of your experience.

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Rahu Transit 2018 for Pisces

Although the transit of Rahu shall give birth to new ideas but it shall also create obstacles thereby creating restlessness and disturbance of mind as it would be probably punishing you for some sins of your past life. The biggest reason shall be poor performance of children in studies. Stay away from share market and speculation as you will not be able to make the right decisions at this time. Opportunities will slip from your hands again and again.

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