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Transit of Jupiter in 2018

Guru (Jupiter) is considered to be the most auspicious planet in astrology. The Jupiter primarily is the chief significator of developing the spirituality. It connects the native with temples, places of pilgrimages, holy rivers and religious activities. Apart from it the same Jupiter is also the significator of teachers, astrologers, philosophers, children, life partners, wealth, educational activities, intelligence, education, astrology, logic, artistry, good qualities, faith, renunciation, prosperity, religion, administrative work and reputation.

Since October 12, 2017, the Jupiter has been transiting in Libra and after 11th October 2018 it is going to transit into Scorpio.Here are the results for you.

Read this Article Jupiter will transit in Scorpio on 11th October 2018

Jupiter Transit 2018 for Aries

Health shall improve and you would be getting protection from negativity. You will experience mental peace. Fathers income will increase. Business institutions and partnership areas will get opportunities to do business from abroad or remote locations. Short trips will be beneficial.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Taurus

Jupiter will give you victory on the enemies. Expenses on religious visits will increase. Careers will get a positive turn and economic benefits will be better than ever. Problems related to stomach can be a reason for lack of health. In addition, the accumulation of wealth will be better.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Gemini

Your Guru is transiting at the fifth house, this will change the job. It shall improve the married life, love life and the children's performance in studies. The business persons shall earn more gains from remote areas. After 11th October you shall earn gains from maternal uncle and aunt. Parents can go on a religious journey.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Cancer

Jupiter is entering your fourth house. This will give you the opportunity to prove your competence in the area of work. Do not expect much favor of luck. Those in job will get opportunities to attain progress. Those in government job shall get higher post. The problems which were chasing you from a very long time shall com e to an end.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Leo

The favorable transit of Jupiter will bring affection and harmony in your marriage. Unmarried people are likely to get married. You will also get good success in business. You will also get new relationships which will be very useful for you later. The obstacles coming in the way of income shall get reduced. The pending tasks shall get accomplished.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Virgo

The transit of Jupiter in the second house will increase the number of family members. Suddenly there can be some great success. You might take or give loan. Accumulated wealth will increase. There will be lack of harmony in marital life. You will be having additional income may be in the form of rent of land-building.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Libra

The transit of Jupiter on your Rashi shall enhance your marital happiness. You will become more positive in your outlook. You shall be getting full support of your luck. Trade and partnership areas will flourish. There shall be an improvement in finance and family life. Health problems shall get rectified.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Scorpio

The transit of Jupiter in 12th house is good for abroad related activities. The feelings of lovers might get hurt. Expenses will increase. There will be opportunity to go on religious pilgrimage. Investment shall prove to be beneficial. Ups and downs in married life are indicated. You are likely to face obstacles in trading and partnership work.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Sagittarius

Jupiter will improve your income and give new means of profit. Relationships with friends will be strong. Business trips will bring in benefits. The stress of love relations will go away. Students will get desired results. Unmarried people are likely to get married.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Capricorn

The transit of the Jupiter in 10th house is indicating betterment in work area after going on some journeys and making investment on work related activities like marketing etc. There will be an increase in your savings. The family related disputes shall come to an end. You are likely to earn gains from ancestral property.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Aquarius

The transit of Guru on the ninth house will give enough benefit to your destiny, social life and children. Financially it shall be a better year as compared to the previous year. You will be finding stability in love relations. Social dignity will be achieved. After 11th October there shall be an up gradation in career.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 for Pisces

During this year you may have health related problems. There will be problems from seniors at the workplace. Sudden gains are also indicated. Obstacles in accomplishing tasks shall be giving you anxiety. Be cautious in your financial transactions. Students will have trouble in concentrating on studies.

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