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Sarva Manokamna Prapti Yantra

Sarva Manokamna Prapti yantra

“As the name suggests sarva Manokamna prapti yantra in the yantra which accomplishes one's all desires. The auspiciousness of the yantra at home/shop/work place increases the auspiicousness of that place where it is established and decreases the negative energies of that area. This yantra has numerical grid and the magical effects of the numbers used in the grid opens the new avenues for wealth, success, prosperity and happiness.

Sarva Manokamna Prapti Yantra Utility

“In Hindu religion, worshipping various yantras for various purposed has been a sacred precept. Sarva Manokamna Prapti yantra is one of them. This yantra is the most powerful because it observes all auspicous powers into it. If the worshipper establishes this yantra in Ishan kona and worship it daily, all his desires and ambitious are accomplished and removes all the hurdles in that retard the growth of destiny.

Sarva Manokamna Prapti Mantra

“Aum gram greem groom sah guruve namah“

Size Quality INR USD Festival Discount(INR) Buy
4"x4" Coloured Copper in Gold Polish 150 3 45
4"x4" Coloured Copper in Gold Polish(with Stand) 250 5 75
4"x4" Silver 2100 39 630
4"x4" Silver(with Stand) 2700 50 810
7"x7" Coloured Copper in Gold Polish 600 11 180
7"x7" Coloured Copper with Gold Polish(with Frame) 1100 20 330
12"x14" Coloured Copper in Gold Polish 1500 28 450
12"x14" Coloured Copper with Gold Polish(with Frame) 2100 39 630
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