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Horoscope Matching DVD

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Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching has become an important component of marriage in Hindu society. There is description of Horoscope Matching in Astrological texts. Today when the society is pleading for the women empowerment and women are also ready to move together with their male counterparts, it has therefore become essential to match the horoscopes of a boy and girl to judge their compatibility, attitude, behaviour, qualities, liking/disliking and mutual understanding so that everlasting love & harmony can be ensured between them.

The topics incorporated in this lecture are as follows-

# Introduction

# AshtakootMilaan

# VarnaKoota

# VashyaKoota

# TaraKoota

# YoniKoota

# GrahMaitree

# GanaKoota

# Bhakoota

# NadiKoota

# MangalDosha

# Shub-AshubhVaivahik Yoga

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