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Phylosophical, Motion, Experimentation, Optimism

Lucky Gem: Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Color: Yellow
Lucky Number: 6
Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Eng(Transliterated)    हिन्दी में पढ़े

General Characteristics Sagittarius

They are highly attractive, active, knowledgeable, generous, straightforward and dynamic but tactless. The speed of their emotions is very high and sometimes it becomes little difficult for Sagittarians to control their emotions. They are deeply religious and are pandits of religion and politics. They can become successful evangelists, professor and educationists. Free, generous, honest, reliable, god-fearing. Alert, intuitive and burrows to the point easily. Short sighted or hunchbacked. Straight forward in dealings and has high sense of justice.

Too conventional and business like. Sometimes restless and overanxious. Dual temperament. Versatile desirous to know something of everything. Disposition is happy and cheerful. Adaptable, content with simple life. Lover of art and poetry has creative ability. Respecter of law rarely gets involved in legal affairs. Desire for learning philosophy and occult subjects. Exercises strict control over food, drinks and relation with opposite sex. Neatness, orderliness, being methodical, and diligence contribute towards success. Has self-confidence. Never leaves off the work on hand unfinished. Gets favour from Government, inherits property. Successful as a teacher, public speaker, heads of religious institution, judge, advocate etc.

Liable to suffer from Sciatica, Rheumatic pain, Hipbone fracture, Gout, Lung problems etc.

Physical features

Well developed and handsome figure, almond eyes, brown hair, high and bushy eyebrows,long face, long nose, graceful look, not a straight walk, thick nose / ears / teeth/ lips.

Auspicious years sagittarius - 19 to 37 and 61 to 69

Inauspicious years sagittarius - 2, 10, 18, 31, 38, and 42

Their lucky gem is Yellow Sapphire.

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Suitable Profession Sagittarius

Sports, Law, Education, Teaching, Preaching, Profession Related To Academic

Friendly Sign Sagittarius

Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries

Element Sagittarius


Related Chakra Sagittarius

Sacral Chakra (Swadisthana)

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Prediction Sagittarius

28-10-2016 Friday

Your working condition will improve. Your anxiety shall get removed. Your father’s health shall improve. You will be in touch with important people who will help you to make your career or working condition. Be cautious about the health of mother. Students can concentrate in their studies. You can get the property on the name of spouse. You will be busy in your work. Your mood will be romantic. You will enjoy the company of your spouse.

Weekly Predictions (23/10/2016 To 31/10/2016)

The beginning of the week won't prove auspicious for your health at all. You are advised to be cautious about your health so that the opposite situations don't deteriorate it further. Postpone the Muhurat of starting any new venture. You might suffer from the problems of mood swings because of continuous intervention of obstacles in accomplishing important tasks. The mid part of the week is favorable for your father, long and beneficial work related journeys and religious inclination. During this time you are likely to get the blessings of your spiritual guides. You would be taking interest in regular prayers, meditational practices, breathing exercises, Yoga, higher education and social activities. The concluding part of the week is perfectly fine for your work and for getting desired support from subordinates. Your bosses would favor you for your excellence at work. The business and gains would increase.



Take decisions about important tasks carefully. Do not lose your patience. You are likely to succeed in making good relations with socially reputed p[eople.


Your health will be in good stead in this month. Manage your routine with agility so that you could feel healthier. Be cautious about problems like breathlessness, asthma, bronchitis etc. Don't involve yourself in unnecessary arguments.

Wealth and Property

Take the final decision with utmost care while dealing in land or building. There will be improvements in economic matters. Your capital will increase. You will aspire to invest in economic plannings. You will also plan to buy a new vehicle.

Work and Profession

People have top face ups and downs in business. Improve your labour and skill. Continue your efforts to accomplish your old pending works. you will get help and cooperation from your co-workers.

Love and Relations

There shall be sudden eruption of difference of opinion in love relation so be cautious.

Matrimonial Relations

Difference of opinion in married life is indicated very strogly.


Chant Om Draang Dreeng Draung Sah Shukraay Namah Mantra on Friday.

Health Problems

6, 15, 16, 24



This year Saturn shall remain in Scorpio. On 9th January Rahu shall enter into Leo. Jupiter shall remain in Leo in the first half of the year and would be entering into Virgo on 11th August. Retrograde Mars shall remain in Scorpio from 20th February till 17th June. Venus shall remain combust from 2nd May to 1st July. This year Saturn shall remain in 12th house. On 9th January Rahu shall enter into 9th house. Jupiter shall remain in 9th house in the first half of the year and would be entering into 10th on 11th August. Retrograde Mars shall remain in 12th from 20th February till 17th June.


This year shall bring in mixed results for professional life. The first half of the year shall be highly beneficial. You shall get recognition and happiness at work place. This shall be happening because of your optimistic outlook. There is probability of change in business or progress in job. But you are advised not to leave your job in a fit of anger without having any job offer in hand. You shall be getting cooperation of experienced & senior people because of which you can expect rise and gains. The planetary transit is better in the latter half of the year and you shall be able to get better solution for your troubles related to professional life. In business avoid taking risk as otherwise you might get into bigger losses.

Wealth and Property

Financial condition would be average in this year. There are indications of financial investment in the first half of the year and this investment would prove to be beneficial for you. You are advised to invest sensibly as otherwise you are likely to face financial difficulties and losses. Don't make investment in any such venture where risk is involved. There shall be an increase in your expenses as a result of which your saving potential shall get affected. The latter half i.e. after 11th August there are indications of getting ornaments etc but income and expenses shall remain equal. The transit of Jupiter might bring in financial gains from parents.

House, Family and Society

This year shall not be very auspicious for your family life. The aspect of Saturn on second house can create problems in family life. You might suffer from difference of opinion with some family member. The first half of the year indicates trouble to mother and the people of maternal side. Newly married couple can expect the birth of a child. After 11th August the aspect of Jupiter on 4th house indicates that there shall be an atmosphere of love, laughter, peace and harmony in the family. There are possibilities of child birth and your children would be doing reasonably well in their higher education. This year is beneficial for the happiness, education and destiny of children.


This would be a good year for your health. The transit of Lagna Lord in 9th house is an auspicious indication for your health. Except few trivial health troubles it shall be an auspicious year for your general health. If some old illness is troubling then there would be a substantial relief from it. The transit of Rahu might prove slightly problematic to the health of your parents. Therefore you need to be cautious about their health.

Career & Competition

Travel and Transfer

There are possibilities of your going on journeys in this year which would involve business related and religious journeys as well. Those aspiring to get higher education might go abroad to achieve this objective. During these journeys you might have to face few troubles too. It is going to prove auspicious year for those who have greater inclination towards pilgrimage and philanthropic activities.

Religious Deeds and Propitiation of Planets

This year you shall be interested in performing various religious activities and in the process might do Pooja, Anushthan, Yagya, Charity, Fasting, Yoga, and Meditation and might visit the place of pilgrimage. Donate black articles of use to poor people on Saturday. Donate black blankets to poor people. Take the blessings of your elders.

* These characteristics of Zodiac signs are general and should not be accepted literally because for complete analysis of the personality and nature of a person the Moon sign, ascendant sign and ascendant lord should also be analysed for which horoscope reading is inevitably essential.To get your free personalized horoscope click here

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